One day, people who like Fred are going to be in charge of the world and they’re going to ruin it. Just kidding. THERE WILL BE NO WORLD FOR THEM TO RUIN. Phew, that was a close one!

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  1. Wait, where is it?

  2. Some hyperlinks may be caught in yoghurt pots

  3. Would anybody like my eyes? I don’t need them anymore if someone wants to make a soup or something.

  4. Now why did I watch that? I knew what I’d see. Fucking masochist, I am.

  5. I shouldn’t have clicked the link. I don’t know how to feel right now.

  6. I’m tired of these reboots of classic films:

  7. apparently I’ve been living under a rock and had no idea how Fred was so I went to Youtube. How does this dude have millions of views?????? HOW?

  8. File this under: NO NO NO!

  9. From the New York Times:

    “Mr. Robbins said that his young sons and their friends helped convince him there was film potential in the character, which also scored high with potential audiences in research testing.”

    So tiny children had to convince an adult man that this was a good idea, which explains a lot.

  10. I take it back. I am NOT sad that I clicked on the link. It lead me to all the videogum related posts on Fred. (He dates back to like 2 years ago on here! ) and they were HILARIOUS!

    You’re done it again FRED!

  11. I can’t wait until this kid ends up on Celebrity Rehab, or whatever reality show for drug-addicted former teen stars they have in the future (if we live that long!).

  12. You know what? I am not the target demographic and this is not quality viewing, but good for a thirteen year-old kid to make something up on the internet and to be so successful that he must star in his own movie about his own character before even making it out of puberty.

  13. So did the Fred kid’s voice change or did they make it lower so people could leave with eardrums intact?

  14. Ouch, my balls!

  15. I truly thought this was just a creation of iCarly and that he wasn’t a real “internet celebrity”. :( .

  16. Are Old Fred and Asian Fred going to be in the movie, too? Or are those being saved up for sequels?

    Inquiring minds…

  17. Ha. I worked on this movie and that kid who plays Fred is gayer than the gayest gay, but doesn’t know it, yet. He will soon, though.

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