Do you guys ever wish that your dad was a hotel magnate who was deliberating to whom to relinquish control of his company, and because of your aimless, indulgent lifestyle, he offered to give the company–your heritage and inheritance!–to his unethical and dastardly business associate unless you went back to school, starting with kindergarten, and completed your entire education in a year to prove you were serious about continuing the family tradition of hard work and entrepreneurial enterprise? Do you guys ever wish that, too? It just seems like you could do a lot of things differently, you know? You could correct past mistakes, and go to any school you wanted. Any school at all. The University of Georgia or just wherever, it doesn’t have to be the University of Georgia, but it could be the University of Georgia if you wanted it to be, which why wouldn’t you want it to be? What a fun neat school. I hear the meal plan’s amazin. Yeah, sometimes I just really wish that my dad was in charge of a fortune 500 company and I was a total disappointment and I could go, as a full grown adult, to the University of Georgia, to prove him wrong. See, dad, I’m smart! I make smart choices and think about smart things! (Thanks for the tip, Candice.)

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  1. O’Doyle rules!

  2. Lindsay was right, people from Georgia Rule!

  3. So I guess performing arts is not UGA’s strong suit?

    • No, but it has great beer bong and racism programs.

      • I was hoping they would reflect regular college brochures. Like shaking hands with an indian and hanging out with a guy in a wheelchair.

      • “I went to UGA”- You

      • Don’t be modest. NYU’s racism program is ranked much higher. I attended a symposium there on creating institutions that suppess the lower races while superficially appealing to social justice that really changed my perspective on the power of being white.

      • and at Kappa Alpha’s annual Confederate ball, you can practice both!

        • Related to KA, the KA at my school (a liberal arts school in North Carolina that isn’t Duke or Chapel Hill…) has a picture of Robert E. Lee on the mantlepiece in their lounge because he is their “spiritual leader.” Yup. 2010.

    • No way these kids are involved in the performing arts. These are all those wicked annoying administration kids, cheerily giving tours, running for student council, always being look how awesome and nice I am and involved in the school because I am awesome and nice. Then they procede to be drunken douches every night.


      • (You can tell by their khakis.)

      • I think 85% of the students at UGA are like that. My cousin goes there, and they do many things a lot differently than we did at my alma mater (in the North). For instance, all the girls wear red dresses to home football games, and the guys wear shirts, ties, and Ray Bans attached to sunglass holders draped around their necks. It’s like church meets Williamsburg meets 1991.

        • The sundress thing has been a mystery to me since the day I moved here 10 years ago.

        • It’s true, but it’s not unique to UGA – I think that fraternities and sororities dress up for football games at most SEC/Southern schools with big football programs. And I know plenty of people at UGA who went to games in jeans and t-shirts.

          Frat/sorority style is pretty hilarious in general, though.

        • Yup, I go to Wake Forest and they do the same things. The sunglass holders are called croakies (the more you know!) and they wear pastel colored shorts which normally match their bow ties. And the girls all wear sundresses, of course, which, as a straight male, I’m obviously not complaining about. Needless to say, when I walk up in black jeans, they look at me like I have three heads: a black, Hispanic, and Asian one (get it? because racism).

    • Or AV programs, that mixing was just AWFUL!

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    • Relax, Unionman! Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!

      • He Just Really Loves the Union (’tis in his name, after all – he is but a Union Man), Damn to the Confederacy!

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      • Downvotes are an expression of love? I’m concerned unionman. I know that be what your family taught you growing up, that punishment or mockery, or even physical abuse, was because of their love for you, but that’s not true, that isn’t real love or compassion. You’re better than that, worth more. If you continue to believe that, you’ll just seek out more disapproval, more absuse, believing it to be love. That is a dark path, please turn away. Love is approval, love helping someone work past and through their flaws, not degrading them.

      • You got it all wrong. This is videogum not weakasstrollstryingtousincendiaryanddivisivenamecallingtomakepeoplenoticemegum.

      • Listen, unionman, I’m going to talk to you like a real person in the off-chance that you are not a troll. I don this not for you but for the VG community. The reason most people ridicule the Tea Party is not because of political reasons, but for their bigotry. Calling them “faggots” shows the same, if not worse intolerance, on your part. I for one am an outspoken liberal and I can’t speak for the rest of the community but I rather hang out with a reasonable right winger than a hateful left winger.

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          • “first of all, thank you jeffdunham” – unionman

          • Teabagging is homophobic? What if you enjoy it?

          • ok dude, I’ll downvote you, cause I hate that devil’s advocate argument you’re starting to make here – that people that point out that there is racism in the south are being intolerant of southern culture. I’m not intolerant of southern culture, nor am i talking about any one person in the south in particular. But here’s a fact: on a macro level, the south is and has been a more racist place than the north, for a LONGGGGG time. that’s why the term “the southern strategy” refers to acting “subtly” racist in your campaign commercials, with code words and things, to win southern states. Do you deny that that happens? Do you object to the term “the southern strategy?”

            I’m not intolerant of individuals i don’t know. I give anyone from the south the benefit of the doubt that they are nice, smart, mentally healthy people that have made good choices and aren’t racist.

            But that doesn’t mean the south isn’t doesn’t have more of the fucked up people that are racist than other parts of the states. It DOES dude.

            if you’re tolerant of tolerance, you’re tolerant
            if you’re intolerant of intolerance, you’re tolerant
            if you’re tolerant of intolerance, you’re intolerant

          • i see where you’re coming from, i will admit that there is more racism in the deep south than other parts of the country. what i object to is this baseless elitism that most people feel towards the south. i feel it comes from and ignorance and really unfair to the millions of sensible, hard-working, and non-racist people that live in the south.

          • Yeah, I know what you were doing. I know they do on FOX news every day, and I know (even though you’re tryinig to be diplomatic about this now) what you’re still doing. Trying to negate a perfectly statistically valid point about geography and demographics with the line that the “elitists” are ignorant, closed-minded, and they don’t understand the south.

            Nobody CAN’T make that kind of point about any giant group of people. “Some of the people in that group are not correct!” Tell me something I don’t know.

            Instead of shouting “ELITIST!” at anyone who correctly points out statistics and expresses disgust with southern racism, why don’t YOU give THEM the benefit of the doubt that they understand the subtleties of their own argument. Instead of playing devil’s advocate, why don’t you acknowledge that they are correct, and give them credit for having the courage to say something that they know is true, but they know will be purposefully misconstrued to make them sound like THEY are the bigot.

            After getting the republican nomination in 1980, Ronald Reagan purposefully started his campaign a few miles from Philadelphia, Mississippi, where 3 civil rights workers had been murdered by white supremacists in 1964. That was Lee Atwater’s idea.

            Lee Atwater, 1981:
            You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger”—that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites.
            And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me—because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger”.

            I know what I am saying: FUCK the fact that the south is the place where using racism to get what you want works best.

          • They started calling themselves teabaggers first. No homo(phobia). The fact that it’s funny as hell is just a bonus,


            Technically, we’re just honoring their original intention…kinda like they want to do with the Constitution.

          • How is calling them “teabaggers” homophobic or counterproductive? They gave themselves that name. They started calling themselves “teabaggers” because they were “going to teabag the big spending liberals” or some such nonsense.


          • I don’t really understand your earlier tactics, but I’m glad at least that someone will say “hello, all southerners aren’t racist.” Yes, there is a “Southern Strategy”, but trying to quantify the amount of “racist” that can be applied to each state of the union is pointless, and only serves to minimize the rascism and bigotry that goes on in other parts of the country. Yes, Southerners say and do terribly racist things. But so does Arizona. And I’m guessing so does Alaska, New York and Missouri, as they have produced Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly and Rush effing Limbaugh. It’s really lazy to make easy southern=racist jokes, it’s a lot harder to confront what happens in your community every day.

  5. Being from georgia, I am sad to say that people genuinely view this school as the promised land. It might as well be Harvard in the eyes of a lot of people I went to high school with.

    • You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    • Here’s the thing about that, though. The HOPE scholarship is a pretty damn (or should I say “dern”?) good incentive to stay in GA for college, and there aren’t really other good public schools. There’s GA Tech, but that’s not going to be appealing to everyone. There are no other public liberal arts schools on par with UGA in Georgia, in terms of academic and social life. I didn’t want to go to UGA because of shit like this, but I did because what else was I going to do? Go to Georgia Southern? Bitch, please. UGA does almost look like Harvard in comparison.

  6. Ludacris is so pissed that these guys stole his rhyme book.

    • “It’s a party in the UGA- LUDA!”

      • Me and Luda
        puffin’ buddha-we in U-GA -ATL!!
        drop tops i’m hittin your hot spots i’m top notch
        my monstahs never listen but i told ‘em
        when i catch you at the game runnin game at Video-G
        that later on we be bonin
        fat cats i’m ready to tap that, so back that
        no wonder why you wakin up swollen
        -I’m feelin you Luda, smokin my buddha, lurker recruiter comin at the fatty in
        the platinum caddy so back in the back
        College Park!!

  7. sure – this seems fun and innocent and maybe a bit nerdy. but never forget, these kids sxt like crazy

  8. I come from a Georgia Tech tradition, so I am expected to have antipathy toward UGA, but this just seemed like some kids having a bit of fun. Don’t tell my father I said this, but it’s even a pretty good school.

    • you’re a yellow jacket?

    • I think my cynicism bone must be broken, because I also thought this was charmsville! I’m going to have to go to the hipster doctor and get an irony cast.

    • Thank you, Godsauce! I went to UGA for graduate school (Romance Languages), and that shit wasn’t easy. I also taught undergraduate classes while I was there, and I taught some of the most wonderful, intellectual young people I’ve ever met. Are there rednecks and waste cases at UGA? Of course. Are there rednecks and waste cases everywhere else? Absolutely.

  9. Every time they sang UGA I heard UTA which automatically led me to think UTI which is probably something that you will most likely get at UGA….or any other college for that matter.

  10. Boy does this make me glad I went to Georgia Tech. (I’ll just continue to pretend like this doesn’t exist:

  11. This wasn’t HORRIBLE. At least it wasn’t fake parody rap.

    Well, it kinda is, but it isn’t at the same time? Genre-wise?

    You know what, Nevermind – Parody Rap is awful, this is similarly wahjah inducing and bad.

    In Other News, what’s the deal with the IRRITATING Anti Irritation Zone Commercials and Pop outs And Caparulo… They Chose an irritating comic with an irritating voice for their irritating commercial.

    Gotta put food on Birdie and Buzzmedia, we know, jussayin. I use a gourmet lathering soap and brush/cup to lather for a shave.

  12. Grrr… Every time there are shitty raps being shared on videogum I always want to post a screencap or a gif of the Mr. Show rap battle at fat camp with Bob as the Dalai Lama. Unfortunaly, the internet doesn’t have one. A rap-a-rap rap!

  13. I worked at a hookah bar for about 5 months last year. This guy came in wearing a UGA letterman jacket (I didn’t even know they made these for college!) and proceeded to get shithammered. Like, I served him 8 beers by myself, and he had been there for two hours already. Long story short he started creepily following one of the female wait staff around, and me and the other two guys working had to intimidate him into leaving so we wouldn’t have to call the cops. Dude was 45 (left his ID). He was the only UGA alum I’ve ever met. Well, him and my dad. So it takes all kinds!

  14. this video was reason UGA just got named number 1 party school in the country. Go Dawgs!

  15. Top party school in the country, kids. (

    Although, after this, they might lose that title. Like the nude photos that constantly bring down Miss America contestants.

  16. I bet your parents are so glad they’re paying for you to do this shit.

  17. I’m sure that this would be loads funnier if I actually went there.

    “Ahahahah, the bell DOES ring all day long!”- Me, if I went there.

  18. Awe how rough is everyone feeling this morning that they want to dump their misery onto college kids who made a little video about their school pride…

  19. This is so disrespectful towards Hannah Montana and the team of scientists who wrote the original song.

  20. I really glad UGA is covering “The Right Stuff” in their Film Studies 101 class.

  21. Try taking 30,000 people from lower Manhattan or Brooklyn and see how many of them are shit-heads that make stupid videos.

  22. what a bunch of fucking losers! no, i’m kidding, this is amazin, but lame! imagine filming this!

  23. This reminds Gabe of when the people at his college wrote a rollicking remake of Dixie

  24. No wonder Georgia is America’s top party school! Those jams are fresh!

  25. I’ve seen better dubbing on old-timey Godzilla movies.

  26. Gabe, I’ve had that same dream! In my version, my dad is Basil Marceaux-dot-com, and he gives me and my classmates guns.

  27. I would just like to say that I love this:


    Am I proud of my alma mater right now? Am I embarrassed? My feelings that I’m feeling are too complicated to say for sure!

    However, I am absolutely bummed for sure that we didn’t get anything comparable in 2005.

    • I like to think that it was the legacy of the classes that came before (ours, to be specific) that allowed UGA to evolve into the TOP PARTY SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY.

      (WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF I want to start an internet dawg call.)

      • That’s the ticket! We, the dawgs of the mid to late 2000s, enabled the arrival of this proud, proud, proud, proud, proud day. And that proud #1 party school day, too.


        • i remember orientation (class of 09, hypothetically!) and how much i wanted to die for not just seeing how a few waiting lists played out.

          but there i was, and i wish i could show you all my id picture because i was so sunburned and so PISSED OFF.

          and yet there was nothing even approaching how enraging this video would have been to 18-year-old me.
          i can picture 18-year-old me listening to fugazi as loud as possible on my portable compact disc player and maybe crying a little. maybe attempting to suffocate myself with a ‘dawgs for saxby’ sticker.

          god, i miss georgia.

        • oh, um… were you on wuog?

      • WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF Sic’em. It took this UGA post to finally get me chattingGum to you guys. See you this fall.

        (Am I doing this right?)

        • I’m long graduated and gone from Georgia, unfortunately. I never thought I’d miss it as much as I do! I even miss the super obnoxious tailgaters on gamedays.

        • Hey! I’m currently on WUOG, and I hadn’t bothered to join before today too. I’m going to regret this username the next time I want to comment on something.

          • Oh wait, funcook wasn’t responding to the WUOG thing. I am failing at this internet thing today. Maybe I hsould have eaten before I started drinking…

          • Hey! I am a UGA student too… and i work at WUOG. I don’t know about you but I am THRILLED to find another current student on videogum… even though we rarely comment.

    • I’m from Canada, but my mom lives in GA…. I kinda wish I went to UGA, if it was just to spend some time with the mascot.

  29. the girls arepretty and exactly the type I would avoid during my college years.

  30. Is this an Elephant Six band?

  31. From the YouTube comments: “Are these all Quik Trip employees?”


  32. Canadian version:

    This was a ‘campaign video’ for one of the teams running for student government. Sadly, they won.

  33. I’m willing to bet every institution of higher learning has some form embarrassing admissions video on their website. This is tame.

  34. maybe i’m just expecting too much because my college had a musical theater major, but that was rough.

  35. party in the UGH

  36. holy shit, I know Hannah Drum from the 3rd grade. good job Hanna Drum, good job.

  37. There is seriously no excuse in 2010 for an audio mix that bad.

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