This guy should stop running for the Governor of Tennessee and focus his attentions on the campaign for Governor of Everything. Or at least, Governor of Cheap Sausage and Always Wearing Fake Police Badges. (What is THAT all about?) Basil Marceaux is our generation’s Alvin Greene! FOUR MORE YEARS! (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. It always amuses me when overweight people share a name with food. But basil is just a seasoning, so it’s like this guy is just a weak imitation of something hilarious.

  2. Now Jimmy Kimmel has to give equal time to Basil’s strong-polling opponent, a can of Wolf brand chili.

  3. It concerns me that Jimmy Kimmel’s audience is super excited about everyone being legally forced to carry guns.

  4. Guy Getting Hit By Ice Cream Truck was on Leno last night and got blind sided by one of Jay’s Duesenbergs.

  5. Great, now when I’m getting ready in the morning I have to decide whether NOT CARRYING A GUN AROUND AT ALL TIMES is worth $10.

  6. Well, Basil Marceaux already holds the prestigious position of Governor of MY HEART (my heart apparently is really into guns, I guess? And apparently wants to bear arms against my government? Yikes, my heart is a little scary.)

  7. C’mon guys! How is selling grass-covered vacant lots to pay for [unintelligible] NOT a good idea?

    • Oh he’s filled with good ideas. And probably deep fried Twinkies and Tab. With the charisma of Lenny from “Of Mice and Men” and the charming good looks of a young Richard Griffiths, how can the man lose?

  8. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to equip all of those unborn babies that he’ll be saving from abortion with tiny guns. He’ll have to wait until they develop fingers, though.

  9. I would find this funnier if my attorney general wasn’t Ken Cuccinelli.

    • What’s wrong with Ken? I met that dude when he was just a representative, talked to him a little bit. He has great hair, and probably one of the best faces in Virginia politics. Dude’s gonna be governor one day.

    • POOR MANS! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – every day I thank myself for having the good sense to get out of that god-forsaken, backwards state.

      • I’m just waiting for some crazy-ass to pop up in the North Carolina election. If you follow the pattern, we’re next in line. And there’s already been a guy who commanded “the state militia” to kill the president. It’s just a matter of time.

  10. “Would you put Lindsay Lohan to death if you were the governor of California?”

    “….(pause)….(thinking about it)….No”

  11. Candidate Marceaux doesn’t get my vote until he has AT LEAST 37 pieces of flair.

  12. “Don’t buy cheap sausages”- Basil Marceauxs’ tombstone after the worst exploding sausage tradgedy of the last 100 years

  13. I think my feelings on this story can best be described by this animated gif of Basil Marceaux.

  14. I have a sneaking suspicion that 1.5 % will tear Basil and his son apart.

  15. He’s wearing a tie for the school I attend. I feel so honored.

  16. Between Videogum and Wonkette, I’ve seen so much of Basil Marceaux recently that I’ve started taking him seriously, which is scary and depressing. Ha ha, he’s a “serious” candidate for governor! He is one of a number of candidates for political office this year who are sincerely running on an anti-government platform–they fully do not see the irony in seeking a position in government by saying things like “government is the problem” or “all citizens should have guns to rise up against the government.” How can so many people be so oblivious?

  17. I’m confused. Is this guy the same guy as Basil Marceaux dot com? That guy was very adamant about the “dot com” part of his name, but this guy … this guy!

  18. At last, I am breaking my “notorious” silence on Basil Marceaux…Somehow his campaign is reminding me of high school student council elections, “Hey, you guys, if you vote for me for class prez, everyone will get free Butterfingers for lunch for the rest of the year!”

    • I’m not idiot, I voted for the kid who threw out candy as his election speech. I knew that was the only way I’d get candy, the promises would never be fulfilled

      (Alternative comment: Fuck you! I never got those Butterfingers.)

  19. Good points Bill, but I wouldn’t want every 80 lb pencil neck carrying a gun they aren’t even strong enough to lift.

  20. I don’t know about you but I’m voting for the sausage.

  21. Holy crap I just realized I live in this man’s district, and I can vote for him for governor and House of Representatives. Ladies and Gentleman, life is good.

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