Hold on, let me check. Yup, still the worst!

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  1. And yet James Franco STILL can’t get a movie deal from his writing! What a crazy, mixed-up world!

  2. Nicholas Sparks pulls a copy of The Overton Window by Glenn Beck off his shelf
    This, this is what I write

  3. Ha ha, his books have taglines?

    • I think all books should hall Hallmarky tag lines.

      Moby Dick: “To find a white whale, you’ve got to sail the extra mile.”

      Great Gatsby: “When your true love marries the wrong man, you must use your love to throw a party… called life.”

      • i’m hiring you as a comedian on my literary themed cruise ship.

      • Grapes Of Wrath: “The bank can take your house, but they can’t take your family”

      • The Sound and the Fury: “This Easter, a family will face the past and learn the healing power of love.”

        Lolita: “After losing her mother, Dolores Haze turned to the only man she could trust…and had the time of her life.”

        Gravity’s Rainbow: “Sometimes the only way to find out who you are is to follow the arc of the rainbow.”

        Death in Venice: “It is never too late to find the love of your life.”

        • Heart of Darkness: “Sometimes the hardest gift to give is the truth.”

          King Lear: “On the heath of life, an old man will learn that the daughter he didn’t trust was the one person in the world who loved him more than anything.”

          The Stranger: “Where you see two sets of footprints on the beach, that is where Meursault and his Arab friend walked together…”

    • All books that are immediately released in paperback and are bestsellers at the airport have taglines. See: Koontz, Dean.

  4. Times like these I am glad I called him for my Fantasy Worstball league. No way I’m going to lose with Sparksy on my side!!!!

  5. It was us! The story about you ramping the police car into the helicopter was about us!

  6. The Nopebook

  7. Love is rarely effective in warding off bears.

  8. Hooray! My favorite blog linking to my other favorite blog! *puffs inhaler*

  9. Nicholas Sparks? More like Nicholas Farts! Amirite?

    *quietly goes away*

  10. If you google image search Nicholas Sparks is the worst, this is the fourth image:

    There are also other videogum related images. I am glad videogum is taking the lead in all things “Nicholas Sparks is the worst.”

  11. The war is actually like a game of hot potato, where companies are offering Sparks money to not have to produce another book-to-film of his.

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