Two bits of good news from F/X today: Louie has been picked up for a second season, and the Reno 911 boys are developing a new show IN SPACE. We will continue to bring you the latest Hollywood Showbiz News at random intervals whenever it interests us and there’s nothing else to talk about. JOURNALISM!

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  1. If this is what we have sunk to, I formally put forward the motion that Gabe resume watching terrible movies and chronicling them in classic WMOAT format. April 26th was far too long ago.

    How about it, gang?

  2. another piece of great news: I have access to the internet again.

  3. So does this mean no The Strip? That sounded like a good show, but space is cool too

  4. Technically, this can be filed under The Louis C.K. Promise, so journalism is still on track.

  5. Since I don’t have cable, can you do more posts specific to Antiques Roadshow and my local news?

  6. Fucking eXcellent

  7. What about a Showbiz PIZZA Tracker?

    *man Steve Winwood looks like a creep here

  8. There is an elephant in the room that nobody is mentioning and that elephant is Louie. I can’t believe they gave him another season. The show is a big disappointment.

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