Apparently, it used to be called Mutual Savings Bank before it changed its name to 1-900-OK-FACE.

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  1. Just think how famous she could have gotten if she’d advertised for TomatoBank instead.

  2. We should all be so lucky as to never age a fucking day in our lives.

  3. I still think she seems generally cool in this. I bet she did this way back in ’95 knowing it could be used to promote the upcoming season of 30 rock with some authentic viral marketing. She’s savvy like that.

  4. Everybody has that awkward phase before their comedy career takes off where they dress like Aladdin.

  5. Ah, the mid 90′s, when everyone hung around in spacious warehouse lofts and it was always sunset.

  6. Hi, baby Tina Fey!

  7. She is in fact pretty.

  8. Is this the same place they filmed the Lisa Loeb video for Stay?

  9. This reminds me, I saw an Excedrin commercial the other day from a few years ago that they are still airing during my fav daytime TV program (I won’t tell you what that program is!) and I realized that the girl with the migraine was Elizabeth Moss! Her hair was really long and she didn’t have bangs, so it threw me off at first.

    • That airs on during prime time on Lifetime, too, or at least during Project Runway because otherwise why would I have LIfetime on? It is uncomfortably reminiscent of tampon commercials, and no matter how many times I’ve seen it I’m always surprised that it’s Peggy selling headache medicine.

      • It surprises me everytime too, but it also excites me seeing a “before they were famous” celebrity. I had to pause the DVR so I could show my husband, because I am lame. Also, in today’s Gambit Weekly there was a local ad for Jos A Bank and Bryan Batt was in it (which really shouldn’t surprise me since he is from New Orleans). That excited me too, so I cut it out to it home to show my husband. Because, again, I am lame.

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  11. 2010 Halloween costume idea? Check.

  12. So basically Tina Fey lived “She’s All That.”

  13. Hi.High.Heigh.

  14. I’m Pretty High.

  15. Background music provided by Seinfeld. Everything about this is 1995.

  16. Hmm yeah, looks to be about the same year as 1-900-OK-FACE

  17. She also did a voice for the greatest pinball game ever, Medieval Madness:


  18. OMG – So when Liz Lemon has time-capsule flashbacks on 30 Rock, Tina’s pulling from real life!

  19. Is it me or does Tina Fey look like un-retired Amanda Bynes dressed as a man from appropriately titled “She’s the Man” ?

    (I don’t know how to post pictuers here…also sad, I remember the movie “She’s the Man”)

  20. I like how all famous people have one shit commercial in their past.

  21. I can’t wait for Jack to make some off-hand remark to Liz about how many different ways you can say “Hi”.

  22. That’s not even enough numbers!

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