I’ve never seen any Harry Potter movies or read any Harry Potter books, but I do have the same innate curiosity about the private parts of famous people as anyone else in the world, probably even Morrissey, so when someone sends me an IM that says “Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis: (link)” I click on it asap. And because we’re all about cameraphone pics of full frontal male nudity that reveal almost no visual information, here’s one of young (but adult) actor Daniel Radcliffe’s area, which he made the choice as a grown-up to reveal in that play people care about for that reason only, Equus. NSFW, unless your boss is one of those Harry Potter freak ladies, in which case getting caught looking at this means getting a raise:

Wang: check! Balls: check! Hair: check! Looks like all the parts are there. I’d like to thank the good folks at Queerty for being cultured, mature grown-ups who went to a fancy Broadway play preview, took out their cameraphones, and took some peenpics that the rest of us could then steal.

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  1. The comment section is gonna turn into how many Harry Potter/Magician puns we can make for his junk.

    I just know it.

  2. i have no interest in harry potter or daniel radcliffe (samsies?)… but the girl on the right has a great a$$!

  3. Josh Rosen  |   Posted on Sep 10th, 2008 +1

    According to Mr. Ollivander, the wand chooses the wizard.

  4. mhelnard  |   Posted on Feb 14th, 2009 0

    nice wang

  5. Angehhhhhhhhhhh  |   Posted on Sep 8th, 2009 0

    he’s not even that nice looking pffft

  6. arif hendrawan  |   Posted on Sep 10th, 2009 0

    i dont speaking english…. so, i can speak indonesian.. daniel lo koq telanjang sih kan kontol lo keliatan malu tao

  7. harrish  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2009 0

    tu owl ka patha haaaaaaaaa

  8. cookiemonsterPEACE  |   Posted on Oct 20th, 2009 0

    his wand looks BIGGER in theaters…

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