Last week, a local news report about a potential rape featuring an effeminate black man giving an on-air sassy retort to the would-be attacker became our generation’s Double Rainbow Guy. The video was featured widely on various blogs that feature that kind of thing, and re-Twittered and re-Tumbled, and everything. A few years ago, it might have taken a few weeks or even months for a viral sensation to develop into a full-blown meme, and then peter out, and then forgotten, and THEN picked up by the traditional media as a hot new Internet trend. But with the looming threat of 2012 putting errbody on an accelerated timetable, Antoine Dodson has already completed his Internet cycle in just a few short days. Since last Thursday, he has become the subject of Facebook fan page, two different Zazzle tees, and an auto-tune remix (after the jump). But most importantly, the same local news team that first captured Antoine Dodson’s reaction to the attempted rape, did a follow-up piece about Antoine Dodson’s Internet celebrity. And as we all well know, if the traditional media discovers an on-line trend, that means the on-line trend has been over for a long time.

Goodbye, Antoine Dodson meme. (July 28 2010-July 30 2010).

Herstorical Reference Materials Below:

Antoine Dodson Auto-Tune Remix (July 30, 2010)

Original Antoine Dodson Broadcast (July 28, 2010)

(Follow up news piece via Dlisted, song via HighDefinite.)

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  1. I wear an Antoine Dodson t-shirt as a nostalgic nod to a bygone era.

  2. I know that everyone giggled and scoffed when Prince said that the Internet was dead, but maybe he was a genius? Like, he actually was very plugged in to the internet, regularly posted on 4chan and used to post ASCII art on digg, but now he feels like the Internet is mainstream and has lost its edge? Because now we give immediate follow-up interviews to double rainbow guy and Antoine Dodson, which says that everyone is in on the joke now.

  3. I’m gonna be a downer-gum again, but I saw the original video and there was way too much talk about attempted rape for me to laugh at how pissed this lady’s brother was… at having someone break in and try to rape his sister. I just don’t think, in it’s context, that it’s funny. Also, rape-rape.

    • I think it’s the good kind of laughing though. Like, this dude is being awesome and the manner in which he is expressing his awesomeness is at the same time sort of amusing. I think it matches up well with what my former roomate (Hey there! How’s Prague!?) terms “laughing around” someone. Not laughing at, not laughing with, but around.

    • I am right there with you, krasdale. We can hang out in the corner and harsh everyone’s buzz.

    • Well I thought it was not that funny way before everyone else thought it was funny. Does that mean that the meme was dead before it even became a meme?

    • Don’t worry, as soon as this is over everyone will go back to caring about rape again. And by that I mean letting tens of thousands of rape kits go untested. I guess this woman was lucky she had such a cool brother. And she fought back. And this was a stranger who attempted to rape her rather than a good-looking friend everyone loves or a charming relative.

      Wuh wuhhh.

  4. That’s so funny, I was just wondering whatever happened to this guy!

  5. Goodnight meme.

  6. Snickered at people complaining about “people like Antoine”

  7. If an Internet trend can start, reach its peak, and then be reduced to nothing in the space of the weekend, how can Videogum keep up with it?
    Only one way. I’m sorry Gabe, but you’re going to have to sacrifice your weekends off. No more trips to the zoo and Sunday morning sponge baths for you.

  8. I’m going to try and explain this whole ordeal to my grandmother, just for fun.

    “So this one chick fights off her violent rapist, right?”

    “Good god.”

    “And her concerned yet androgynous brother is all upset and whatnot.”


    “Yeah, that’s about it. I love you Grandma.”

    “Please just go.”

  9. Maybe it’s because I’m sleepy, or because I’m bitter that I’m only just hearing about this, but I don’t find this very funny? Maybe kind of, but not really, certainly not sensation worthy in my book. #JUSTSAYIN’

  10. so time is Compressing/accelerating as we approach 2012! NUTS

  11. Does this mean that you’re going to have to start updating on weekends, Gabe? You need to keep up with what the kids are into, lest you tumbl into obscurity.

  12. Like anyone would want to “R” her

  13. I can only hope that this whilwind 2 days of fame has brought Antoine a little bit of money to put some food on his family and maybe a new pair of skinny jeans on his ass.

  14. On the plus side, he’s a shoe in for VH1′s “I Love July 29th, 2010,” which I believe airs tomorrow.

  15. I just remember how everyone was so surprised this past weekend when they caught the attempted rapist and it turned out to be LEEROY JENKINS!!!

    I wasn’t surprised though.

  16. I cannot get the ATTN song out of my head. I’m pretty sure I was singing it in my sleep.

  17. I just love that the reporter is like, “Not to let someone like Antoine speak out is censorship.” No, it’s called editorial judgment. Not that I’m complaining — it’s people like Antoine that make this world worth living in, even with rapists running loose.

  18. Antoine Dodson is on dream time.

  19. My boss made us see a Internet Meme Grief counselor today, there’s a Antoine Dodson memorial pot luck tomorrow. I’m making queso Dip. All are invited.

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