This film was a big hit at Sundance this year and has a real “our generation’s The Blair Witch Project” vibe to it. Anyway, trailer: here. It kind of looks like My Date with Drew meets The Last Exorcism. Cool?

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  1. I wish they had kept the “Creep” cover in this recut.

    • i got all excited to make a comment about how the song used is the Langley School’s Music Project, not to be confused with the Scala & Kolacny Brothers who did the “Creep” cover… and now i see you are just making a very funny and timely joke about the Facebook movie. wah.

  2. That’s somewhat unsettling.

  3. Way to be frickin elitist, Gabe, linking us to the Apple trailer, putting yourself above use PC users. Now I have to wait till I get home, so I can watch on my Mac. Bourgeoisie.

  4. I met my girlfriend online, so I know how this ends. (They keep living in different towns and their families start to wonder just what the hell’s going on with these two already, and all too often their nights end with me falling asleep and snoring into the phone.)

  5. Oh, hey, this reminds me – anyone wanna visit my farm?

  6. I wish I had watched Lost so I could make some kind of Lost joke about this trailer.

  7. I am a sucker for this kind of thing, so i will see it immediately, obviously.

    Also: Snooki just got arrested! For disorderly conduct! Who cares!

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else have LITERALLY no idea what the hell is going on with this movie? So, some sort of online romance blah blah blah and then WHAT?! WHAAATTT?!!!! What the frick does CATFISH have anything to do with any of this?!?!?!

    P.S. I really wanna see it….

  9. The movie’s, like 75% fake guys. Also, the filmmakers are assholes.

    Spoiler alerts for the article!

    • Is it just me, or were both of these facts abundantly clear from the trailer? I’ve seen about 30 seconds of the story and I don’t believe this chick is for real. They honestly want me to believe that Nev courted her for months and didn’t even get remotely suspicious? Yeah, okay.

  10. I’m hoping Bangs’ new single coming out August 3 “Meet Me On Facebook” is played during the credits of this film…

  11. Want to find out more about Catfish? Check out the new website, it’s pretty cool.

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