Your sweater is the scene of the crime.” — XZibit

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  1. I don’t get it, is this a Weezer joke or a Bill Cosby joke?

  2. Blah blah blah more like your jeans are the scene of the crime blah blah blah

  3. Your mission: to convince Tommy Hilfiger to sell off his empire thus allowing cable-knit to reign supreme.

  4. This title sounds like a bad BNPG entry.

  5. That sweater sweater is Born to Fit!

  6. What, this thing? That’s been on the internet forever. Now it’s an old rag, waiting to dye alone.

  7. This could definitely be a Bill Cosby sweater, but also a Zack Morris sweater.

  8. When grandmas get meta.

    • Well, dag, you beat me to it (except my story is about a mom, not a grandma. Fine, she is also a grandma. But I did not see your post, and I really do call it the meta-sweata).

  9. My friend’s mother has a sweater similar to that one. It has many smaller sweaters knitted onto it, but I do not have the courage to look closely enough to see if the smaller sweaters have tiny sweaters on them. I have named it “META-SWEATA.”

  10. “That sweater is lame.”
    - Steve Winwood

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