Assuaging any concerns that I just made up that the Internet may have changed or become less “itself” over the past few months, this dog riding a lawn mower reminds us that the Internet has not forgotten where it came from, or what it is all about. True blue to the end, Internet. Never change. I know you won’t. (Via BuzzFeed, Urlesque, HaveYouSeenThis.)

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  1. I still think this would be better if Rihanna was hastily shoehorned into it.

  2. Well you can’t say the title isn’t accurate.

  3. i’ve had a lot of turmoil in my personal and professional life the past few weeks and this video was a good reality check. everything is still okay, the internet continues to make funny animal videos.

  4. I bet Mr. Cool lawnmowing dog will think twice about crapping all over the yard from now on… It really hinders the mowing experience.

  5. That dog has the blades too low. He’s going to cut the grass to short for summer heat. Stupid dog.

    • Dude though in the video you can see the dog’s breath, so I think it’s all good. I mean don’t stress too much that the dog’s cutting the grass too short for summer heat, because it just doesn’t seem like it’s the middle of a 3-month-long heat wave where/whenever that dog is, if you know what I’m saying. I’m saying just don’t get too stressed out about it.

  6. I would not have watched that if it was a lame dog mowing the lawn. I only have eyes for cool dogs.

  7. Let’s hope the blade is not on. We don’t want another Lois-cuts-off -a-man’s-foot-with-a-John Deere-in-the-Sterling-Cooper-office incident.

  8. watching this gives me a keen, aspirational yearning that i think i’m supposed to be getting from things like the hills or fashion magazines or whatever. where is my log cabin? my green meadow? MYYYYYYYYYY cool lawn-mowing dog?

  9. My concerns will only truly be put to rest when I see a cat handling a hedge trimmer.

  10. It’s cool. We’re teaching the house dog to wear a wifebeater, and a Nascar hat, drink his water out of a 40 in a paper bag, hack like he’s smoked a pack a day for 45 years, and argue loudly and constantly with everyone in the house.

  11. Dog Mowing Lawn reminds me: what is Birdie up to lately?


    Mellllllllllll – 30 minutes ago
    That dog probably fucks the husbands wife.  Look at that him.

  13. This guy knows what the internet is talking about:

  14. “Here it is, your moment of Zen.”

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  16. That’s pretty cute, Internet. Fair Enough. No lawnmo.

  17. Ha ha ha!! it is really a very funny video. I loved it.
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  18. It’s a better canine & green movie than this:

    Actually, this isn’t so terrible either.

  19. if this dog charges by the hour, working at that slow a speed won’t win him many customers when there is such an abundance of illegal mexican labor to exploit.

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