Brace yourself Hollywood/Entertainment for a real BOMBSHELL: AMANDA BYNES HAS “UNRETIRED.” (Her word.) Phew. Good bombshell! As you may recall, on June 20th, 2010, Amanda Bynes (Arli$$, Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure) announced her retirement from acting. Over Twitter, duh, no duh. And now, five TORTUROUSLY LONG weeks later, she has taken to Twitter again to announce that she has UNRETIRED. Here’s a FUN FACT: Amanda Bynes was born in 1986. US Weekly reports:

On Friday the 24-year-old actress Tweeted “I’ve unretired.” She then plugged an ad for her next flick Easy A, due in theaters September 17.

It’s an about-face for Bynes, who announced just a month ago her plans to retire from acting immediately.

Total “about face.” As we all know, when Amanda Bynes says something over Twitter about her acting career, she almost always means business. Probably? The way that most 24-year-olds never get melodramatic as a cry for attention or change their minds capriciously over the course of a day, I’m sure. But this time: ABOUT FACE. In any case, this has been a real roller-coaster of human emotions, and I know a lot of us said some things at Amanda’s retirement “wake” at O’Halligan’s three weeks ago that maybe we wish we could take back. But unretiring is a lot easier than unsayingthosethings. Let’s just hope that Amanda Bynes is as good at forgiveness as she is at acting drumming up cheap publicity with meaningless announcements. (Thanks for the tip, aftershock, werttrew, Mary, and Jeff.)

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  1. I said my goodbynes for nothing?!

  2. I can’t believe her twitter account was just random things she was thinking out loud. I guess I’ll have to start reading newspapers again to find out what’s going on.

  3. Santa got my letters!

  4. back like jordan, wearin’ the 4-5

    let the good times roll

  5. I just hope she can still find the time to come up with great tweets!

  6. Maybe her pension fund collapsed. That’s what happened to my grandpa, now he cleans tables at Arby’s. Is there a chance that Amanda Bynes will work at Arby’s? I hope so.

  7. I’ve always thought of Amanda Bynes as precocious and super-talented, mostly because of the “Ask Ashley” skits on All That ( but I just realized that I was ten when I saw those for the first time.

  8. thaaaaaaat’s me!

  9. My grandpa went through a lot of the same things as Amanda Bynes. He didn’t LOVE fighting WWII, and decided he was going to retire at the age of 18 (you can’t keep doing something you don’t love). Then he remembered that that was not actually an option and went on to kill Hitler.

  10. There’s hope yet that child acting powerhouses Danny Bonaduce, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Robert Blake will all re-enter the acting field!

  11. She’s still got it.

  12. Good, I still hadn’t found a suitable replacement to fill the role of “actress whose movies I do not watch” that she left behind.

  13. This reminds me of when Joe Dimaggio returned to baseball at age 54 after Paul Simon’s lament over his absence from the world stage in the song “Mrs. Robinson”.

  14. It’s just like when my dad retired*, and took some time off**, but decided to reenter the work force*** more eager than ever****

    *was laid off
    **became alarmingly addicted to Martha Stewart Living
    ***mom made him get another job.
    ****is planing on fleeing to South Dakota and live in a yurt

    Yep. Exactly the same.

  15. Still no word on if this means “She’s the Man 2: Rise of the Fallen” is back on or not.

  16. This movie is out in September? She must’ve made it in a HURRY. What am I talking about. Of course she did.

  17. “In any case, this has been a real roller-coaster of human emotions…”

    A roller-coaster that’s under maintenance, sitting there as some guy in a fanny pack whacks at it sullenly with a crescent wrench. And meanwhile I’m off trying to win a ring-toss game, oblivious to the roller-coaster’s existence. Then the guy running the ring-toss is all, “Oh, hey. I think they fixed that roller-coaster over there. Remember that thing?” And I’m all, “that roller-coaster is a talentless cypher and you know it. Now I believe you owe me a giant SpongeBob.”

    Wait. What?

  18. Just let me know when she gets back together with Seth McFarlane.

  19. This is all viral marketing for her lead in the Ross Perot biopic.

  20. “you’re fired”
    “fuck you”
    “amen, rehired!”

    • I was fired on Friday for something I posted on Twitter (mister doesn’t understand the internets, over here). I am looking forward to being unfired five weeks from now.

  21. speaking of retiring, after today i probs won’t be on videogum for, oh, the 3 weeks or so. my band is going on tour, i’m going to go drinking with friends in other states for awhile, and then moving across the country to the cold hinterlands to experience winter for the first time like ever. so everyone have a good rest of the summer! whenever things get real judgey in here, think of me! LYLAS, y’all! BFFs!

    • Have a great summer. Stay sweet!!

    • Winter is so lovely, so so lovely. (And long. Long. Long. Do not fear, the sun returns eventually. For a while you may think it won’t, then you will forget about it, so it’s possible that when it does return you don’t know what it is, do not panic, you are not all going to die because the Big Glow in the sky wants you dead, you do not have to placate it, just enjoy the warmth, that odd tingling sensation on your skin is natural, enjoy it.) Are you moving someplace with an awesome Autumn? I hope you are.

      I’m missing Vermont’s fall for the first time in…6 years? this year. It is too depressing to consider.

      • i’m moving to massachusetts, which i finally learned how to spell!

        i still haven’t like bought a real coat yet. or long underwear, which someone told me i should invest in. i mostly plan on huddling under an electric blanket and weeping from september until april. i just need to figure out how to attach a powersource to my body so i can wear one like a cloak when i am forced to leave the house.

        • Oh, sweet. Mass rules. Most of it. Uh, stay north of Boston if you’re in the east. If you ever make a social gaff, shout Sox Rule! and you’ll be okay. Walking distance in the winter is about 3 blocks.

          The need for long underwear is overrated.

          • Electric blankets are key, though. Don’t they have backpacks with built-in solar panels now for charging such as cell phones and portable speakers for blasting beats at the skatepark? Surely you could find a way to incorporate an electric blanket.

    • Drinking in other states is so much fun.

  22. Winwood, what’s your verdict on Bynes?

  23. I resent the whole “Oh she’s 24 so she’s being all melodramatic and stuff”. I’m 24 as well and I do not appreciate being pigeonholed with the likes of ‘Shanice’ from All That. As protest, I’m going to quit this website for good. I now know that this is a place where open minded folk (like myself) are not welcome.

  24. I love how THREE of us tipped this story. We gummers sure know what’s important!

  25. Our long national nightmare is unrelated.

  26. I for one would like Amanda Bynes’s Twitter to address something far more important than whether or not she makes movies — why she has NO NECK. Seriously, look at any picture of that girl. No neck! All hair! She likes like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her after she’s dead and gets hit on the head with a shovel so her neck retracts into itself.

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