And we’re back. (Thanks for the tip, Phil.)

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  1. There are a lot of lorries in that video.

  2. 2012 makes all the sense now. Gigantic Statham Head! How could they have Missed It?

  3. Also, I happen to have the excact same hairline as Jason Statham, LADIES.

  4. Thank god. I was getting sick of being productive at work instead of dicking around in the comments here.

  5. Why does Statham wish to destroy us? I hope that this video was like the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, and that we can change this disastous outcome, perhaps by nurturing Adrian Brody as an earthly defender.

  6. Oh god, I love that far more than I should. And someone needs to greenlight Attack of the 50 Foot Statham STAT

  7. Can’t hold a candle to Brody Quest…

  8. The title of the Youtube video made me chuckle.

  9. This is still a distant 3rd in the ‘quest’ series. I think it’s obvious which is number one:

  10. Can we put in requests to who we want to see go on a quest?

  11. I can’t really put into words how much the music alone makes me happy.

  12. I’ve watched this only on mute and I’m totally entranced. I imagined that the music was probably a single fat tuba, going WOMP WAMP WOMP WAMP with every step Jason Statham took. I now imagine that I am probably wrong, considering the electric guitar that shows up halfway through, but I kind of like my version anyway.

  13. Uhoh I’ve rubbed the powers that be the wrong way! MinusAlfred it is!

  14. Yikes – there’s a big laser gun right outside my office! Thanks for protecting the BBC, STATHAM

  15. The greatest thing about StathamQuest is that it reminded me to finally watch BrodyQuest, which was remarkable. I’m so sad I missed that the first go-around.

  16. I want this song played at my funeral.

    thanks for checking out my video (and being nicer about it than the people on youtube)
    I only did it to make people happy and give them another slice of the quest.

    i would like to see MelGibsonQuest next. he’s really good. (or EastwoodQuest)

    • celebrity in our midst!!!!

    • if you would like to see it, then you should probably make it.*

      *don’t make it i think we all hate him pretty bad right now.**

      **always and forever.

    • I think you should make HoganQuest next. The twist is that it is about Hulk Hogan AND Paul Hogan. At the end they collide in a space battle and one of Paul Hogan’s crocodile minions is trying to put a sleeper hold on Hulk Hogan, but it backfires and Hulk Hogan becomes almost invincible and begins to attack Paul Hogan himself. It is looking bleak for Paul Hogan as his knife does nothing to the body of Hulk Hogan in this invincible state. Just when we think all is lost for Paul Hogan, Hulk Hogan gets a tap on the shoulder and turns to look behind himself only to see Donk standing there.

  18. He’s pretty.

  19. This is my favorite song. I hope it’s the song you hear when you’re dying! doo dee doop dee doop doop doo, etc. love. it.

  20. My housemate challenged me to do a remix of the Brodyquest music. So that’s excatly what I done did. Mashup.m4a

    It took me one hour, it’s rubbish. Let me know what you think guys!

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