It is a long-standing tradition at Comic-Con for superfans to dress up as their favorite characters, and more power to them (GET IT?). These guys are just enjoying themselves. And what you learn when you get here is that they really are heroes at the convention. It’s difficult for people in costumes to make it down the hallway, so often are they stopped to have their picture taken. They must feel like Angelina Jolie when SHE dresses up as Shrek. But all of their fake armor, impressive as it is, cannot shield them from the power of PHOTOBOMBING. Hey, Darth Vader, GOTCHA!

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  1. You’re better at it than Michael Cera.

  2. THIS is the fucking BEST. GABE I think YOU’VE discovered A SUPER POWER!

  3. Needs more head tilt.

  4. glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself more Gabe. bring us back monster treats pleeeease :)

  5. So I was like, Who the fuck are these people Dressed up as? Probably some Anime bullshit….and then I sas the Nurse Joy from Pokemon and was filled with both Glee and intense shame. #nerdlife.

    • Glee, nice one, I get it

    • Me as well. I was starting to think to myself, “Hey, maybe I’m not a nerd!” but then Nurse Joy came up and ruined everything.

      Also, I just realized that there were like a thousand different Nurse Joys, and the show would just say “oh they’re just all cousins that look exactly the same and have the same name and profession and there are 1000 of them, so it’s completely logical”. And back when I watched the show* I completely accepted that lazy writing excuse. So I’m dumb and a nerd! The worst of all worlds!


  6. Wow Gabe finally mastered the head tilt to the right in photo 24. Congrats!

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    • I can only speak for myself as a lady nerd when I say that a lot of dude nerds immediately discount your nerd cred if you’re a woman, unless you can nerd twice as hard as them. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have been condescended to, sneered at, or ogled upon entering a comic book shop, by the guys shopping there as well as the staff. My opinions are disregarded out of the gate, my tastes in nerd stuff are called into question, dudes feel they need to ~guide~ or ~instruct~ me, etc., etc., which gets kind of old after a while.

    • SO I, personally, can understand why a lot of lady nerds would decide to be aggressive about their interests and perhaps a bit loud about expressing them! Because otherwise, chances are good they and their opinions will be ignored.

      (Note to self: Good job finishing your comment, Nan!)

      • Your avatar looks familiar but I can’t place it. Who/what is it?

        • Amber O’Malley from the webcomic Shortpacked! with whom I have on (b-brief) occasion overidentified as a cranky lady nerd.

      • Aren’t nerds like that always though? My opinion might not be disregarded out of the gate, but I still find most nerd communities can be dismissive and condescending when it comes to taste. Or I think its more just that the most vocal faction of any community, including the nerds, are generally those who base an extreme amount of their self-worth on being a ‘true’ member of their exclusive group.

        The issue is that lady nerds perhaps seek the approval of these alpha-nerds and/or emulate their ‘dedication’ in order to prove their (the “lady nerd’s”, that is) interest in the nerdy thing is in fact motivated by legitimate appreciation rather than, um, whatever reason a person could have for faking this (For the life of me I can’t think of one. Trying to buddy up to the super-cute guy that loves Okami?).

        • Yeah, no, this is something different entirely. This is being dismissed, because I am a woman, before I can enter into the general nerd dialogue, and if I am able to enter into the general nerd dialogue, fetishized because I am a woman who is participating in the general nerd dialogue. I am never not aware of the fact that I am considered a woman before I’m considered a fellow nerd, because I am always treated not as a fellow nerd, but as a woman. Not even as a woman: as an object of scorn, derision, and the sort of desire that reduces women to tokens.

          I don’t know how much sense this makes, because this is the sort of topic I have to deal with on a regular basis, directly or indirectly, on account of being a lady nerd active in nerd communities on- and off-line. Rage taking over, etc.

        • Ben (waiting for the perfect GIF), have you ever heard of mansplaining? Perhaps you should read this article that explains the concept!

          Think about if you are doing it now!

          • While I disagree with the 2nd paragraph of Ben-gif’s comment, I don’t think it fits the criteria for mansplaining, as described in the link you gave. Although I’d never heard of it before, accusing someone of “mansplaining” seems like an ad hominem tactic used to end debate by accusing your opponents of being jerks. I don’t see how Ben’s comment fits the criteria; it relies on his own impressions rather than the “miscellaneous and inaccurate ‘facts’” that mark the mansplainer, and he qualifies it several times by saying it’s just the way things seem to him. Now I’m mansplaining too, by disagreeing with female nerds at length!

            I agree that the phenomenon of male nerds being condescending/creepy to female nerds is real and a problem; one of the things that weirds me out most about video game culture is that many other male nerds seem to really, legitimately believe that women shouldn’t play video games, or that women’s reasons for playing are inauthentic. (As opposed to the “legit” reasons: borderline autism and a pathological need to escape reality. (I realize we are not on videogamegum but we are talking general nerd shit here.))

            Male gamers on forums tend to get angry about how hearing a single female voice in a multiplayer game sets off a death spiral of sexual comments/protests about sexism/accusations of white-knighting among male participants in said game. The strange thing is that all the rage about this phenomenon is projected onto the female gamers who “incite” these problems by revealing their gender, as opposed to the community recognizing that the vocal majority of retards in their own population cause the problem by losing their shit when they realize a girl is present. Maybe there is a promising anthropological study in this for someone, but I would probably kill myself while doing the research.

            Personally I hate every video-gaming individual that I don’t know in real life, so I don’t really subscribe to the idea of fellow-feeling among nerds.

          • :( I hope I am not ‘mansplaining’ but just to be clear I am not implying that forum geeks or those that hang out at the comic book shop are not sexist. What I am saying is that those dudes tend to be aggressively dismissive and it wouldn’t be out of character for one of them to take your sex and use it to devalue you in some kind of ego-match about who decided they hated Mark Millar first. Those people kind of suck to talk to about anything though and are not a necessary part of seeking out ‘general nerd dialogue’.

            I only have 2 friends irl that read comics and play videogames (that aren’t MW2, I mean) and 50% of that crew happens to be female (the other 50% is her husband). We all respect each others opinions and genuinely care what each other has to say, but perhaps thats because we didn’t originally meet in an environment where we were attempting to prove we had some kind of geek ‘credibility’ to begin with.

            In terms of ‘midgetsattack’s original comment however, I have in fact notice the phenomena of self professed ‘girl-gamers’ overdoing it in the attempt to prove their authenticity. I guess one can assume that in any online game a percentage of the players are in fact female but without calling attention to it one assumes they are male. There was a funny picture I saw of a collection of girl gamers on Steam whose tags included something about ‘pwning you in MW2′ or some such aggressive l33t-speak. If i can find it I will post it.

            But anyways, kind of only tangentially related, but you know where some comic/videogame discussion takes place from time to time and all the girls politely drop out out of disinterest:
            that’s right, !! Nan or Rajma, please feel free to drop by and join the discussion, it is always super fun!

      • To support Nan’s assertion, I will also attest that it is hard to be a lady-nerd and that adversity will often lead to behavior that might be considered extreme. Depending on the lady nerd, that anxiety often manifests in Naru Narusegawa*- like aggression. However, it is also evident in some as a kind of jubilant, spacey oddness perhaps best personified by Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV**.


    • Well, there’s more room for men to be nerdy. Many people (subconsciously, inceptionally, whatever) are less surprised to see men acting nerdy than women. That can make lady nerd behavior seem “more disturbing/aggressive” even if it is identical to dude nerd behavior.

      Also, I agree with everything Nan said.

    • So, now it’s ten years later and the apocalypse has happened (so maybe just two year); no one will ever read this, etc., but I regret my comment. I personally greatly enjoyed seeing the lady nerds in picture, especially since I am a lady and will never be smart or cool or ambitiously devoted enough to be accepted into nerddom. Although perhaps my comment was poorly worded, I am glad that some good could come of it. This discussion has really piqued my brain (not a real phrase). Learning something new every day! Thanks and sorry!

  8. I believe several of these are just a cardboard cut-out of you place in different areas, the expression and posture are almost identical in half of them. Also, how did you get copies of these pictures supposedly taken by SWIM (someone who isn’t max)

  9. Princess Leia from Photo 39 is late for her shift at Waffle House. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN’T THINK IT.

  10. I never thought I’d need to know the plural of “The Flash” …. flashes? fleash?

    Also the new cast of Ghostbusters looks HAWT!

    • That Triple Flash pic is just about the best thing I’ve ever seen. Clicking on the thumbnail had me chuckling “Oho, no, oh no! Oh no! Heh, heh, heh, (full size loads up) HA! OMG, HAHAHAHAH!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL”

  11. This one’s dangerously close to counting as a pose instead of a photobomb.

    Seriously, best slideshow ever.

  12. That was an impressive He-Man.

  13. Next year I’m going to Comic-Con as Gabe.

  14. The girl in picture #40 is pretty.

  15. I have come to the conclusion that Gabe is my friend Steve’s older brother. I don’t know why they have different last names and no knowledge of each other’s existence, they should really reconcile after all these years.

  16. I love you, Gabe.

  17. This is probably the best idea ever. Actually, that was hyperbolic. It’s just a pretty good idea. Pretty pretty preeettty pretty…pretty good.

    Moreover, it looks like Gabe works out, which bothers me because athletically built people shouldn’t be funny and have ideas.

    Also, where the hell is my Top Chef recap? I can’t go a week without reading deeper into the easter eggs (or EMU eggs [referential]) that the show’s producers intricately place. We got recaps for LOST (a show that ostensibly didn’t need a deep reading), but I have to hold for Top Chef?! COME ON.

    Lastly, #40 is pretttty.

  18. I think you could have taken it further. Think Gyllenhaal. Part of me thinks this might have been an excuse for you to post 45 pictures of yourself gazing into the distance.


  19. It would have been a lot easier this week if I knew I had this post to look forward to. Mad Men is will be a let down now.

  20. And the Mini-Hatter is the best Hatter (though not the breast hatter…or the breast Joker. Lady Nerds, amirite, Nan?)

  21. Can somebody with skillz shop Gabe in here?

  22. Gabe – The True Blood Panel starts in 30 minutes. I really hope you’re in your seat front and center and are ready to harrass Charlaine Harris into killing Tara off by the end of this season.

  23. Words I have spoken most often today:

    Oh, Gabe.

  24. i cannot believe i looked at ALL the pictures. also, what are you bringing back for us?

  25. i think we should all change our avatars/pics/whatever into one of gabe’s photobombs at least until gabe is back. or not, its a choice really

  26. dear gabe, i literally just logged in to comment on how FANTASTIC all this is!!! :) fantastic photobombs, suck it john mayer!

  27. I really hope there’s some video of Max talking these people into having him take their picture. That had to be slightly awkward.

  28. All those photos, and not a single one of Gabe photobombing a Harry Potter fan?! You’d think ComiCon would be infested with them!

    Or instead of photobombing them, did Gabe literallybomb them, because Gabe hates Harry Potter?

  29. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad that I don’t know who 75% of these people are dressed as….

  30. Every picture I scrolled through, I’d think “No, this one is definitely the best one.

    It was the “))><((" of scrolling through photographs.

  31. Oh, the Photoshops I will make…

    • Hey, thanks for doing this werttrew! And now, if you guys will permit me a victory lap :-)

    • I think special recognition is due to Godsauce for the 762 quality comments on the BNPG post. I will pick something up at Things Remembered at the mall for him.

    • Wertrew, I have minus 20 negativity down votes on the sorcerers apprentice thread, which means I win worst comment of the week by one vote. I would appreciate a correction, friend. No apology will be necessary.

  32. Number 9 looks like a photobomb within a photobomb…WHAT LEVEL WAS THIS ON?

  33. Gabe you are so freaking adorable, amirite? Please come make a woman out of me.

  34. There are some surprisingly attractive nerds there?

  35. The Spartan guy took away all Gabe’s muscle thunder.

  36. I can’t for the life of me tell what the person in photo 13 is supposed to be. It looks like they just pulled a bunch of garbage out of the dumpster and duct-taped it around themselves.

    • I’m crazy duct tape garbage guy! Give me some candy! I’ve got some damn garbage duct taped to myself; won’t you please spare me a little of that candy?

    • Maybe the photographs were re-arranged or something, because #13 looks like the Flash Family to me (no clue who is supposed to be which Flash though). Do you mean #34, Isaac from Dead Space? To be fair to that dude’s costume, the original design also looks like a suit of garbage.

  37. Sandra Bernhard makes a great Mad Hatter.

  38. This has done something real and lasting to my heart.

  39. I just wanted you all to know that you’re more or less idiots. This is NOT photobombing. When you photobomb somebody, THEY (their friends, or whoever took the picture) have the picture. It doesn’t count if you ask somebody if you can take their picture and your stupid ugly friend jumps in the background. Jackasses.

  40. Epic Photobombs.

    What are the best/worst comic con pics people are finding on the interweb (other than Gabe’s of course).



    Also worst:

  41. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  42. Did Max take these? Does this even count as photobombing? I thought it was a photobomb only if you disrupt a photo taken with the target’s camera. Then they go home, download the pictures and discover they dun got bombed. You can’t just have Max say “lemme take a picture of you” while you’re lurking behind the target! Am I splitting hairs here?

  43. Aww. Thanks Gabe. That was fun.

    Yay Ariel!

  44. was that ninja a reference to die antwoord?

  45. Ah, all Gabe’s (and Max’s) suffering was worth this slideshow…

  46. I think this is a hilarious idea. (I’m the Spartan guy in one of the photos here.) Great job ninja-ing into the backgrounds of so many pics!

    • Thanks to pogo101 having the courage to come forward I feel the need to do the same. I’m the Ghostbuster in the 3rd picture and that’s my wife next to me. NurdLife!!!!

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