Last night, Max and I went down to the hotel pool and rejuvenated ourselves by sitting in a hot tub with, like, two dozen 11-year-olds who were POUNDING Shirley Temples one after another. NO PEDO. Today is a new day! We are suiting up and heading back into the field! Let’s turn these frowns upside-downs! Fuck Hall H, though. Those nerds can rot.

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  1. I had no clue she was even still alive.

  2. Something tells me you’ll be seeing this guy in Hall H’s Parking lot, doing kickflips and varials.

  3. Gabe, head over to Ballroom 20 and get your seats early. You can’t miss the True Blood Q&A at 5. Hopefully you can fill us in on all the Behind the Scenes gossip from the set of Battleship. Or maybe just convince Charlaine Harris to kill off Tara.

  4. Gabe, why don’t you have a seat?

  5. You two are heroes among men.

  6. Gabe, that was the detention tank, not a hot tub.

  7. For the love of god, don’t let on that you mock Twilight on a semi-regular basis! They’ll destroy you!

  8. Gabe hates lines, but luckily he doesn’t have to stand like the rest of these suckers.

  9. I am still having a hard time understanding why Gabe and Max don’t have some sort of press pass that allows them to stand in a line that is an hour long rather than three hours long. Or at least some sort of pass for panels that no one is interested in (I am looking at you Hawaii Five-O). My thirteen year old cousin on with Aspergers Syndrome could have navigated the crowds better. (I’m KIDDING*).

    (*no I’m not… he really loves collectibles)

    • We did get Gabe & Max press passes, actually. It was the most archaic process, and C-C wanted us to snail mail them “business cards” for some reason. (We don’t have business cards.) Anyway, apparently press passes are worthless.

      None of us had ever been to Comic-Con before, but Amrit and I are trying to get some friends from other publications to help Videogum navigate this madness…

      Fingers crossed.

      • What a nightmare. I am sure they will become one with the nerds and figure it out….an hour before the convention closes. I hope Gabe can get into the True Blood panel. I have dreams of his Double Dog: The “The View” Challenge going next level.

      • I can’t help thinking that there are actually far better things happening outside of the “events” than anything you’re going to see in a ten minute clip of anything. I’d like an interview with a hollywood person that’s used to spending his/her weekend doing coke off of the body parts of models and are now forced to spend this weekend sucking up too nerds. I’d also love more photo galleries. Or maybe you should just go to Sea World. Or TJ.

      • I publish a well-respected Boy Meets World blog, so if you think knowledge of trivia regarding Topanga will help, I’ll be happy to assist!

        The benefits of friendship, ladies and genlemen!

      • It actually works better this way. I have to believe their posts of frustration are funnier reading than any insider account of the Megamind panel, whatever that is.

  10. I assume all of the kids at the pool were basically like this:

  11. At least it wasn’t raining this morning like it was yesterday. As a resident of San Diego. I implore all of the people who attend this thing to plead to have it someplace else next year.

  12. You Can Make It Up: Gabe Delahaye and Max Silvestri Find Hall H of Comic-Con, Quote, “Delightful”

  13. Oh man, you just KNOW that hot tub was like 90% tween urine.

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