Throughout the convention, we will be reporting on our Harry Knowles sightings, in addition to updating you when we see someone we THINK is Harry Knowles who turns out NOT to be Harry Knowles. Starting…now.

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  1. Off-topic: Monsters, we’ll be chatting during the new episodes of Mad Men, starting this Sunday, so if you want to join us then:

  2. On-topic: Harry Knowles is both a terrible writer and a terrible person. But I would no joke like to go to Butt-numb-a-thon, so if you see him, put in a good word for me please. Tell him I loved his disgusting commentary on the sexuality in Twilight: Eclipse!

  3. Aren’t Beyonce and her dad estranged now that Harry knocked up his assistant or whatever? I can’t keep all my crazy celebrity parents gossip straight.

  4. I go to get my Harry Knowles laser hair-removed once a month.

  5. Don’t you hate it when you think you see Harry Knowles and it turns out that that’s just your boyfriend?

  6. I just read his Wikipedia page. His life got pretty hilarious in the 90′s

    “With money from his mother’s life insurance, he purchased a top-of-the-line computer and a friend arranged for Internet service allegedly so they could play Doom online together. After teaching himself how to navigate the Internet…”

    WHOA, you mean he didn’t go to internet school or anything? Not even a certificate from Sally Struthers ICS?

  7. This thread contains way too much sexual innuendo re: Harry Knowles. Way too much.

  8. Once Harry Knowles was in the lobby of my office building, waiting for some sort of family function. I was pretty excited (he’s one of those “Internet celebrities!”) and said hello. I think he thought I was a stalker. That’s right, I creeped out Harry Knowles. #truestory

  9. I saw Harry Knowles at my gym once. It was…unsettling.

  10. I don’t know who the H Harry Knowles is. Even after googling.

    • He’s hard to miss!

      I went there.

    • I had to google him, too. Does this mean we’re not as good at the internet as we thought we were? Will Gabe still love us?

    • I read that as the HMS HARRY KNOWLES.

    • Look up “name dropper” in the dictionary. There’s a picture of him.

    • You guys remember Phantom Menace? Back when we still thought Lucas could do no wrong and anything Star Wars would be great?

      Early in his Internet career, Harry had a contact in the Lucas camp and spilled a lot of early details on Phantom Menace. That’s how he got Internet famous. He even guest-hosted an episode of Siskel-Ebert back when Siskel was having health difficulties.

      I used to read his site religiously until it slowly dawned on me that HK was the king of hyperbole. Everything was either the best ever or the worst ever. As usual, films tended to be more in the middle than he said. But he’s whip up a frenzy for a film, any film, and often enough it’d be for films that he had received swag for, or got a buddy-buddy call from the director, or some other type of perk. I don’t know if he’s corrupt as much as he susceptible to anyone remotely famous who acts half-way nice to him.

      I met him once back when I lived in Austin. He was hosting a screening for the film Man of the Century (incidentally a good, original comedy that I want to rewatch one of these days). Before the film, he chatted with some of us.

      What was remarkable was that every other sentence was a name drop. “Oh, I spoke to ACTION DIRECTOR on the phone the other day and he said…” “I happened to be at a screen for Romantic Comedy and saw the very lovely TALENTLESS ACTRESS there…” It was somewhat amusing at first but then it became pretty obvious that he was desperately trying to impress us. It was a little sad.

      Anyway, that’s Harry Knowles.

    • I care less who he is after googling him.

  11. Does Gabe have a crush on Harry Knowles? Move over, Lisa Lampanelli, make way for something equally meaty and delicious!

  12. Guys, if you’re so hungry for new Videogum stuff that you’re willing to accept a silly soy-based substitute:

  13. OK, as long as videogum isn’t posting anything, can we just link to good stuff? Here is something great and TWSS-y:

    go go go!

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