Just Jared has a series of photos taken on the set of Transformers 3 in Chicago. Neat! Cool set for a cool movie. My favorite part about these photos is that they show us SPOILER ALERT that people in the third movie in this miserable series of awful movies are still fighting against building-sized shape-shifting alien robots bent on the destruction of mankind wearing S.W.A.T. gear. “I’ve reinforced the knee pads, boys, so this time we’re sure to win!” They got pockets on their shoulders! So, you know, look out, robots. ROBOTS, BEHIND YOU! R.I.P. Robots.

And other jokes. Your jokes! Caption this photo guys. Lord knows, whatever you come up with will be better than what they’re actually going to be saying in this inevitably horrible movie.

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  1. “You’re pretty”

  2. Inception-cons! Merge to form Boring-Movienator!!!

  3. How is Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Bracelet.


  5. On the set of Armond White’s favorite movie of 2011

  6. The Transformers stars were desperate to jump on the “Wire stars playing paintball for charity” bandwagon.

  7. What a weird-looking kitchen.

  8. “Alright boys, if this thing starts to turn “triple” we go Code Red.”

  9. “After we play guns, let’s go ride bikes!”

  10. So my wife peed herself 5 years ago, stop laughing at me

  11. if we learned from the previous two movies, guns ALWAYS kill the robots

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  13. Go-Bots! Go-BOTS! Migh-teee Go-Bots! Psyche just kiddin’!

  14. Actors seen hanging around on set when cameras were unable to be turned on. Apparently, multiple Transformers blew.

  15. It just feels really great being on the set of a future classic.

  16. “In the absence of Megan Fox, the Transformers franchise has lost its soul.” – Armond White

  17. “We are having a lot fun you guys, but let’s not forget…We are contributing to an intelligent and thoughtful development of culture”-Tad Hamilton

  18. “So I saw it; and compared to McG’s it’s tiny”.

  19. I envision you putting on sunglasses while the Who kicks on in the background.

  20. I wish Michael Bay’s picture was on the side of this newspaper vending machine.

  21. Roger Ebert’s “blathery” opinion: ‘This movie is going to suck dick.’ (not an actual quote…yet)

  22. Maybe if we just opened unconditional talks with Megatron, he’d stop pursuing the Energon cube.

  23. So this is what happens when the Supreme Court overturned the firearm ban in Chicago?

  24. Wait.. I thought we were all wearing bandannas? Maaaaaaaan. This is the last fucking time I swear.

  25. “Man, Inception was soooooo confusing!” – all of them.

  26. Josh Duhamel’s career Transforms in to a punchline AP

  27. “I can’t go with you to the Pink Monkey. Sideswipe made me promise to see his show at Second City. That fucking Lamborghini has no comic timing.”

  28. “Just because I’m decked out in reflector strips does not make Michael Bay racist. Just because I’m decked out in reflector strips does not make Michael Bay racist. Just because I’m decked out in refelctor strips….” -Tyrese Gibson

  29. “Where’s LaBeouf?”

  30. White Guy 1: “Do you think this movie will be as racist at Transformers 2?”
    White Guy 2: “No way! Look, there is one black guy in it, how can it be racist?”
    Black Guy: “My character can’t read, speaks jive and the script has me giving fist bumps to everyone I meet. That last one isn’t even a racial stereotype, Michael Bay is just an idiot. Whatever, I’m getting very rich from this movie.”

  31. “do you guys ever stop and think ‘hey, maybe the ridiculous, outrageous, utterly fucking bonkers amount of money that’s going into making this lowest common denominator bullshit that has zero cultural value or significance could be better spent on, oh i don’t know, oil spill relief efforts or a donation to the HRC or some shit’?”


    “yeah, me neither.”

  32. Presented as evidence that the Tea Party is not racist.

  33. Greg Ginn and Henry Rollins want their flag back.

  34. “Where’s that darned button for ‘splosion lens?” – camera guy in the back right

  35. Not pictured: Plot.

  36. Does this gun make my cock look big? Michael said it was a sure fire way to get girls to notice me.

  37. “You know what Michael says these guns are: a metaphor. a metaphor for our BIG COLLECTIVE DICK!!”

    “Haha, yeah we have a big dick!!”

    “What’s a metaphor????”

  38. I wasn’t going to do this movie because Michael told me I needed to change my figure, but then I remembered no one else wants to hire me…..so here we are.

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  40. I’ve been trying to determine which statement below is correct but I’m stumped. Can someone help?

    Michael Bay M. Night Shyamalan
    Michael Bay = M. Night Shyamalan

  41. A scene from the upcoming Mystery Team 2

  42. “You guys goin’ to the gathering of the Juggalos, or what?”

  43. We’re going to need a bigger sidewalk

  44. Not really a caption but what the hell is going on with the half-man in between the 2 camouflaged guys on the left side. There’s like an extra foot in there and the bottom of an extra gun. WHERE DID YOUR TOP HALF GO, GUY?

  45. Waiting for Gobot

  46. i was all excited when i saw this an though “FINALLY GI JOE 2 HAS STARTED FLIMING. OOAAHH!” now i just feel just like i did after jarhead…

  47. “I can touch my nose with my tongue”

  48. Well, this promises to be one disturbingly erotic date.

  49. “So then I said to her… Girl, I’m about to Optimus Prime that Assss!”

  50. “I love a man in uniform”
    - Josh Duhamel

  51. “Derp.”


    Shakes head knowingly, “derp.”

  52. That’s the weirdest looking kitchen I’ve ever seen.

  53. “You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?”

  54. Optimus Prime has me selling V. You have no idea how deep this goes.

  55. Is that Wesley Crusher?

  56. After much deliberation, Bay decided kneepads were more cost-effective than helmets.

  57. “Hey, we’re fucking up DS3M’s Commute with this ridiculous shooting schedule, and all of the gawking rubbernecked fat midwesterners comin thru to “SEE EM MAKE A MOVIE SHOW GAH-HYUCK”
    “Who The Fuck is DSM”
    “Who’s on Hooker patrol tonight?”

  58. “Really? Jersey Shore…with Asians?”
    -Not Tyrese

  59. I don’t even know why the scientists make them.

  60. “So this is the third movie where we’re supposed to still be pointlessly shooting at these huge extraterrestrial robots even though we’ve never accomplished anything whatsoever by doing so?”


    “Sounds good. Where’s my paycheck wrangler?”

  61. just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water.
    “looks like we’re gonna need a bigger black guy.”

  62. “So while we’re waiting around, let me tell you about this awesome investment opportunity I found this weekend. It’s called TomatoBank, and you only need $3.2 million to get started!”

  63. “So when do you think this script will Transform into a good movie?”

  64. A sandwich is a sandwich but a Manwich is a meal!

  65. People standing.

  66. Some cool normal adults, showing off their regular normal adult clothes and metal penises.

  67. Tonguebots – activate!

  68. So this is what it feels like to be manly….*giggles*

  69. “So, just to be clear, this movie is gonna suck, right?”

  70. i have been waiting the third part of transformer movie , i hope they will thing to make transformer game .

  71. “So which one of you had to sexily wash Michael Bay’s car to get this role?”

  72. This whole thread warms the cockles of MY heart. Whatever a “cockle” is….

    Crap. Now I have to Google it.

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