Woody Allen’s new movie, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, trailer, you guys:

If I had to synopsize this movie in two sentences, they would be: What are those old people so upset about? And: I didn’t know you could get a job doing voice-over narration of movie trailers by being the boring guy at a dinner party who won’t stop talking about an article he read in The Atlantic. But I don’t have to synopsize it in two sentence, so nevermind. Hey, remember when Woody Allen married his stepdaughter?

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  1. Great — ANOTHER movie where Naomi Watts meets a tall, dark stranger. (King Kong reference, you guys.)

  2. These pretzels are making Anthony Hopkins thirsty!

  3. Well it’s an interesting departure, but the sequel to Oliver Stone’s W looks WAY funnier than the original.

  4. Can’t way to arrive to the selected movie theater on my segway and see this.

  5. why don’t you try being old, white and Jewish? Oh, wait…

  6. It froze on the old woman at the beginning for about five seconds and I truly thought it was an experimental trailer. I got quite excited.

    SIDENOTE: I hope Antonio Banderas becomes someone’s Hero in this.

  7. This preview looks/sounds like Annie Hall + Gravity from Starz.

  8. this looks almost as boring as “interiors” woody allen should stop publicly releasing movies. like make it a cool underground thing that i never have to hear about or be forced to see but the kind of people who like this would still find out about it and feel special that they got to see it.

  9. Is it possible to meet someone other than a stranger? You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Friend Whom You’ve Been Close With For Years.

  10. “I’ve always wanted to be a muse” – inner thoughts of every young attractive woman in a Woody Allen film

  11. If I wanted to hear boring stories about old people I’d ask my mom how her friends are doing. At least I’d get my laundry done in the process.

  12. Hey, this reminds me. Please do “Deconstructing Harry” in your next round of WMOAT. (When is the next round of WMOAT?)

  13. I originally read the title of this post as “Betty White is Hard,” and then found this trailer extremely disappointing.

  14. More like Josh BRO-lin.

  15. Ugh, EF Windsor Light Condensed AGAIN?
    right guys?

  16. Is it me or is the voiceover for this trailer the worst voiceover of all time?

  17. White People Be Mid-Life Crisisin’

  18. I just want to see a movie about that transvestite Anthony Hopkins is playing roulette with.

  19. You know who else may be meeting a Tall Dark Stranger pretty soon:

    because Prison.

  20. that tarot lady sure seems to know what’s going on…

  21. am i the only that mistook lucy punch for courtney love at 1:06? that scared me

  22. He’s Just Not That Into Jew.

  23. Y’all don’t know what it’s like, being male, middle-class and white.

  24. When I first the heard the title of this movie, it sounded very sexy/dark/murder-y, which I was intrigued by. But then when I watched the trailer, it looked very old/gross/icky, which I was not intrigued by.

    So now my intrigue level is at 0.

  25. for one glorious moment at about :16 i thought anthony hopkins was james carville. and i was gonna see this SO HARD.

  26. Disappointed to know that’s not Lou Ferrigno playing the role of “Roy.”

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