The writing staff of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien has been nominated for an Emmy Award, while the writing staff of The Jay Leno Show with Jay Leno has been nominated for both a BARFIE and a FARTIE. But now, all of a sudden, for the first time in years, the category of Best Writing in Late Night Comedy will not be televised. SCANDAL! From

And now, it is with great displeasure that I stick a sewing needle in your balloon and tell you that category will not be televised. The Emmy producers (who have quite a lot of unordered pizzas headed their way) have decided against airing the announcement of the nominees and then the winner of the late night category. One of Conan’s writers (Deon Cole) tweeted, “NOT ‘NBC’ but the powers that be has sent us an email saying that the category we are nominated for will not be televised this year! really?”

I am not one to buy into Evil Hollywood Conspiracy Theories. That place is completely coconuts, so the fact that they are constantly changing the rules seems less a sign of some nefarious backroom deals and more a sign that this month’s cocaine omelets were too light on the goat cheese, or whatever. But this is curious! The Emmys are a super boring waste of time and energy, and the award for Best Writing in Late Night Comedy was one of the few awards that actually seemed worthwhile to watch since everyone competing (staffs of Daily Show, Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, for example) were genuinely talented and hard working people who cared about what they were doing, a seeming rarity in television. Admittedly, they are always robbed, year after year, by Jon Cryer, who somehow manages to win the Best Writing in Late Night Comedy single-handedly for his role as Ducky on Two and a Half Men. But still. They were nominated! And we got to see their faces. You have to admit that in a year that has proven explosive (EXPLOSIVE!) for televised late night comedy, when the overwhelming greed and short-sightedness of the entertainment industry was laid bare, this certainly seems suspicious.

BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes Hollywood works hard to hide the things that make it look bad. MORE ON THIS STORY AS IT DEVELOPS.

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  1. It’s true. Hollywood put an amazing amount of time into making Entourage almost unwatchable.

  2. What a shame, this year was going to be a real upset.

    This guy was SUPER disappointed:

  3. NBC is secretly keeping Conan’s Emmy category from airing? Next your going to tell me that it is impossible for a building to free fall due to a fire. Keep hitting that bong, Gabe.

  4. That’s right. Take away even more fun from people who don’t have JOBS.

  5. Well, I guess it makes sense. They want pretty, familiar faces to make their show a little more watchable, and I guess people would rather watch a show with people they already know. I’m not saying it’s a GOOD decision, or a NOT MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE decision, but it does make a certain amount of sense.

  6. But an Emmy is still won, right? I mean, does it matter if it’s televised if the people who are the best still win? I get that genuinely awesome, talented people deserve their time in the spotlight, but if anything this publicly will help them a lot more than putting on some silly monkey suit and getting up on a stage in front of a bunch of people who probably don’t even care what they do.

    Besides, Family Guy have been nominated for an Emmy so the Emmys are pretty much just for boneheads.

  7. Oh lord, how long until the 9/11 Truth movement and the anti-flu vaccine people pick this up as another sign of gigantic government conspiracies?

  8. Then why did they nominate Conan in the first place if they were then going to turn around and not show us the outcome? Does the Emmy production body have a complete disconnect with the Emmy nomination body?

  9. I can’t get gifsoup to work, so just imagine a gif of Jon Cryer as Duckie doing his delightful Otis Redding lip sync. Caption: The Emmys should try a little tenderness. *rimshot*

  10. Laugh it up, but Leno has a whole hangar of Farties. And he’s won the fartie for “Excellence in Journalism: Covering the Lewinsky Scandal” for like twelve years running.

  11. I will miss the videos the nominated writers came up with. It was always more entertaining than the host.

  12. I miss Conan…..

  13. “BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes Hollywood works hard to hide the things that make it look bad. MORE ON THIS STORY AS IT DEVELOPS.”

    Man, good to see the crack investigative journalists at Duh Aficionado aren’t resting on their laurels. Woodward and Bernstein would be proud.

  14. And the award for best kept hair on television goes to….

  15. BREAKING NEWS: People on the internet have a knee-jerk reaction to something they know nothing about!

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