I don’t know what is going on here, but your dad is pissed!

Oh crap. Dude backtraced it. Cyber-police are on their way. Consequences will definitely never be the same. You dun goofed up this time. Big time. (Thanks for the tip, Amber. P.S. Let’s enjoy this while it is this, before it becomes this [Yiiiiikes].)

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  1. Mel really suits that moustache.

  2. When Sam Elliot and Zooey Deschanel team up, they can really take a video viral.

  3. who knew all it takes is messing with his teenage daughter to get Macho Man Randy Savage out of retirement.

  4. “I’ve backtraced it! I’m sending the cyber police! Consequences will never be the same!”
    –What my dad wrote to Steve Winwood after reading Steve’s harsher replies to me.

  5. Be careful, I hear she can do witchcraft:

  6. consequences will never be the same if you don’t blow me before I burn the house down

  7. I just want to tell that little lady that it gets better. Poor thing. I also want to tell her to run away from home because that’s not helping. I also would like to tell dad that nobody will ever scare anyone yelling from a kneeeling position. It’s simply not threatening.

  8. A/S/L u cyber?

  9. I find myself suddenly grateful that the internet barely existed when I was a teenager.

  10. “It wasn’t not funny”
    -Tami, Real World Los Angeles

  11. Is that child’s bra hanging out? Maybe Pops should be worried about that.

  12. I don’t want to be all wetblanketgum here, but this video makes me unhappy and just reminds me of being bullied as a kid.

    • well, on the plus side, at least it doesn’t remind you of having terrible parents.

    • Agreed. I watched about 30 seconds and then felt really uncomfortable and complicit in her unhappiness. Can we please not make fun of this? Not today?

    • You know what, she posted this video! I am devoid of sympathy for someone so completely lacking in shame. I know she’s a child, but I irrationally pissed about this! GET AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER AND GO BE A KID YOU STUPID LORRY.

      • Upvoted fpr logic. This girl is a piece of trash, telling people to blow their brains out and catch aids. She’s eleven and swearing like a sailor, and has pics out there in scandalous semi-nude poses. Her dad is obviously a know nothing clown and his daughter appears to have followed in his footsteps.

    • krasdale, I know what you mean. I think it should end when the dad is done ranting. I dont want to watch little girls cry

    • Yeah, I really don’t see what’s funny about this. I mean, I get that the dad says goofy things, and the internet isn’t a truck, so haha. But also his daughter is sobbing, so his reaction seems pretty understandable.

      Especially with a yikes joke about teen suicide? Because calling attention to the fact that kids have killed themselves because they were being bullied so badly makes this particular case of bullying funnier? Ugh.

    • I agree, especially seeing as we live in a time where kids are killing themselves because of cyber-bullying. At least her parents have enough sense to get angry on her behalf. What’s sad is that she’s now subject to the mocking by the entire internet.

      • I actually regret that this video is on Videogum (which is my favourite site and of a refuge from the drudgery of each day).

        I always felt this site was about taking the piss out of people who willingly put themselves in the limelight for personal glory. This kid seems to be desperately trying to get bullies off her back.

        I get why her dad went nuts.

        It’s totally my fault for watching this all the way through but it’s completely horrible and not funny.

  13. I work for the Cyber Police and we have not gotten a call.

  14. I looked into what this is all about and basically the internet should go to jail.

    • I agree. While she said a bunch of stupid stuff, we have to realize she is just a child. People who are able to order Craiglists hookers to her home address are TOO OLD to be bullying.

  15. I’m glad she told she was crying her eyes out, because I hadn’t noticed.

  16. This looks like an SVU episode waiting to happen

    • Did you ever see that one based on SecondLife?

      It was like…this guy abducted a girl in the 70s and kept her hostage and then murdered her or something. Then he starts hanging around this SecondLife type game where underage stripper avatars are and one looks like the girl he abducted so he finds out who plays her and abducts her and holds HER hostage.

      Ripped from the headlines. Of a really shitty newspaper.

      • no but I did see the one where the 15ish year old kid had a child porn site and was pimping his younger brother because his dad molested him, same difference

      • “Another YOUniverse”

        I love SVU, but their hilarious adaptations of these types of things combined with Ice-T’s ridiculous one-liners make for some good comedy.

      • “TURN ON THE SUN!” was my favorite SVU line ever*.

        (*besides “Come here, baby, you smell good” in the one about the kid with Aspberger’s. But that was mostly due to its constant and increasingly hilarious repetition.)

  17. This is kinda sad, but I’m really glad it’s all over the internet. It’s bound to get better for this gal. Maybe Jay Leno will throw her a bone and start following her twitter!

  18. Yikes. YIKES!!!! This is sadface and LOL all at once. Also a great form of birth control.

  19. I guess she was a

    Hot Topc

  20. Seriously, what is wrong with the internet and the world this week? Did you just get together and decide “Let’s make sure gobblegirl is inundated with things that, when all put together, will slowly erode her faith in humanity”? Because that’s what’s happening.
    Plus it’s raining.
    At least they might have plugged the hole in the ocean (though only after the sea-poisoning, livlihood-wrecking, marsh-destroying horse had bolted).

    • It’s making me feel oollllldd, because apparently this stuff is funny? Because this is a humor blog? And people make jokes about things? But this week everything just made me sad or angry? I’m talking like a Valley Girl?

    • Agreed. This shit is horrible. Really fuel to the fire. “Enjoy this while we can”?! Who the fuck gets pleasure out of watching an 11-year-old girl CRYING?

      Apparently a lot of people.

      I expected better from Videogum.

  21. This is how lonelygirl15 should have ended

  22. I miss the old Cyber-police.

  23. I’m guessing her dad has threatened Carl Monday at some point in his life.

  24. three months too late for my presentation on cyberbullying. in graduate school.

  25. I hate this so much.

  26. Just read the back story and I think we need to shut it down, but this is a post for seriousgum.

  27. I’ll agree that this is a trifle seriousgum, but not the part where internet trolls sent 100 PIZZAS to her house.

  28. Oh dear. Please do not attempt to fight 4chan with a crazy mustached dad saying crazy things.

  29. …But will the dad sue them in FEDERAL COURT????

    Real talk, though: this video makes me sad because i do not like to see little girls cry, regardless of the fact that the dad is saying hilarious things.

  30. I hate this. This is a young girl (who has stated that she’s ELEVEN YEARS OLD by the way) who has done some stupid things on the Internet and has gotten a load of shit and done the logical thing of telling her parents about it.

  31. There is absolutely nothing funny about this video. Much like Gabe’s recent True Blood recaps.

  32. Ah man, if Colonel Leroy Jenkins, Commissioner Dramatic Chipmunk or Sergeant Star Wars Kid’s on the case then you are in deep shit.

  33. the internet is destroying preteens lives? thank god they have responsible adults as parents to help them with there internet

  34. Blegh.

    Can we make a pact (as a family) to keep Videogum and 4chan forever separate?

  35. holy :(

    i mean, like major :(

  36. if i were her father i’d be calling the Cyber Police on my own daughter…

  37. Maybe the clouds from this week will break and we’ll have double rainbows again next week?

  38. She is LITERALLY torn, guys. Who does she think she is, Natalie Imbruglia?

  39. i just want to know what the consequences will be, since they aren’t going to be the same and all.

  40. When i read these comments i can conclude that most believe that she deserved her punishment for dressing “that way”.. that’s disgusting.
    She’s 11. she’s supposed to dress ridiculously and push the boundaries.. making an 11 year old girl cry is bad.

    • This comment seems really out of touch. You might as well say that people here are Roman Polanski fans.

      “She’s 11. she’s supposed to dress ridiculously and push the boundaries.”

      What? you are fucking crazy.

    • ….ergle, I think a more accurate summary of the less sympathetic side of this ‘debate’ would note that it stems from her original video in which she tell all her ‘haters’ to ‘suck a dick, get AIDS and die’ and that she will put a gun in their mouths and ‘make a brain slushie.’

      I do not fall on the less sympathetic side, just pretty sure it’s not based on her silly and oversexualized clothes.

      This whole situation makes me feel sad and old and scared and gross and very gross and pretty much ready to rip out my womb with my bare hands. I’ll sterilize them first so no people worry.

  41. She is 11, you push boundaries in College. Trolls will go after three things: people who post stupid videos, people that seek attention, Obama. She is two of those three things.

  42. WE’RE ALL SO SMART HERE! We can mock a handful of turns of phrase a father trying to protect his child goofed up in a rage! Fun AND funny!

  43. I would like to request that this post/video is taken off the site. By posting and commenting on it, we all become complicit in the bullying of an 11 year-old. Clearly (based on the link at the bottom of the post), we are all aware of the damaging and fatal effects that cyber-bullying can have– it is neither funny nor entertaining. To say that she is asking for it by having posted the video to begin with is ridiculous. She is a child, not even in her teens, and cannot be expected to possess the reason/maturity to be held responsible for this. Judging by the way the internet (and this site) has reacted to this poor girl actually makes me glad that my only bullies in middle school were a handful of popular kids. I am still dealing with the psychological effects 12 years later, so I can only imagine what this kid will have to go through in the coming years.

    Thanks to everyone who said that this video made them uncomfortable. You give me faith in people.

    • This.
      Make it happen.

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      • She. Is. Eleven. If this was a video that only made fun of her father, that would be one thing, but it is not. This is a video of a CHILD who is desperate to get an entire internet of bullies off her back. She has been called a slut, harassed over the phone, and has even had craigslist call girls sent to her home, which I guess is okay because “she wants attention.” This isn’t about her parents. It’s about a little girl. Have some fucking compassion.

  44. I think this is the first day all week that Videogum has not had a Mel Gibson post…so instead we get treated to this garbage.

    I’m not going to tell a professional blogger how to blog on his blog, but I do reserve the right to offer constructive criticism. This is lame, Gabe. Please less of this and Mel Gibson; more trampoline accidents and making fun of Chace Crawford. Thanks.

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  46. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  47. This new Todd Solondz movie looks great!

  48. Whoa! I bet those cyber-bullies didn’t count on her dad being a huge computer geek who can backtrace anything!

  49. Why the hell is she weeping? Perhaps I can help her.
    Cho Yung Tea

  50. A lot of people take this video in different ways. Some feel bad for her because she is being bullied, and some, like me, laugh at this video and take it as a complete joke. When I first watched it, I did feel bad. Then, I saw some of her other videos. Granted she is 11, but she does NOT act her age. She needs a serious reality-check. =/

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