The Town trailer, you guys:

Oof. I had to watch this thing three times before it started looking kind of (KIND OF!) good. I’m putting in the time, but I could use a little help. Where my trailer editors at?! A cops and robbers drama starring Jon Hamm and Dame Jeremy Renner (and Blake Lively recapturing the spirit of her Gossip Girl: Staten Island character) should be an easy sell, even if it was directed by the man who brought you Gone Baby Gone (haha, we know who Ben Affleck is, trailer). Instead we get a somewhat dull, very sprawling, interminable mess. “Cool, I hope the actual movie lags in the middle as much as this trailer does.” Oh well. Enjoy the next two years stagnating at the bottom of my Netflix queue, The Town.

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  1. From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan:
    The Village 2: The Town.

  2. Ben Whofleck?

  3. Someone sounds like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m going to go watch Birdie vids to start the day off on a more positive note.

  4. I watched this on mute and it went something like: person in mask -> gun -> pile of money -> John Hamm’s face -> Blake Lively’s face -> Ben Affleck’s face -> pile of money -> gun -> person in mask …

    Back and forth forever.

  5. I hate trailers that are all “Here is the entire movie” but still expect my 12 bucks to fill in the blanks.

  6. Ah, Boston. You truly are the Mel Gibson of cities (racist and angry.)

  7. “I just want you to know that you are going to die in Federal Prison” is the new “Let’s sue him in Federal Court!” is the new “I’m a duly appointed Federal Marshall.”

  8. Apparently Ben is not done paying for his J.Lo, Gigli, Jersey Girl, Paycheck, etc downward spiral. But I would say that Gone Baby Gone was pretty good.

  9. Ben Affleck likes them apples.

  10. I was ready to disagree with you until I heard the guy from Hurt Locker(I’ll google it later) speak in a Boston accent that is actually worse than my own(my attempts at doing a Boston accent are similar to Carlos Mencia trying to hide the fact he steals jokes. It just isn’t possible). After that the trailer went downhill and tried to redeem itself with snipets from Heat. I agree, welcome to the bottom of my Netflix queue The Town. Maybe I will get drunk enough to watch you on Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature on my XBOX360.

  11. I thought it looked decent. But I also fantasize about traumatic events that are caused by men who later profess to love me. Also Jon Hamm.

  12. did that trailer just show the plot for the entire movie? I’m pretty sure it did…

  13. that main girl was the star of ‘please give’ this year, which was the best movie so far. the end.

  14. “From the studio that brought you”? SOLD!

  15. I liked this movie better when it was called Point Break. Seeing Keanu and Patrick Swayze fall in love during bank heists is way more appealing than Affleck and Blake Lively. Or does Affleck fall in love with Jeremy Renner? And who falls in love with John Hamm? Everyone? I’m confused.

    • I have never seen an episode of Gossip Girl, but I’m pretty sure Affleck’s girl was not Blake Lively. (If I am right, I should be fired for knowing that.) Also it could be the bang-up editing job on this trailer.

  16. Also, I saw this trailer in the theater Tuesday and a woman behind me gasped when Affleck took off the mask and revealed himself as one of the bank robbers. Gasped.

    • I wonder if the movie couldn’t benefit a bit from not revealing that in the trailer. “It’s a mystery! Full of suspense! Buckle yourselves in, baby boys and girls! Aaaaaand Affleck is the robber from the first part of the movie.”

  17. I think the shot of Fenway Park really heightened the drama.

    No, but seriously, underwhelming trailer aside, the equation goes:

    Jeremy Renner + Rebecca Hall + Chris Cooper + Jon Hammbone = I am there.

    • I’m pretty sure the guys putting this trailer together were like: “Needs more Big Papi.” And also I think I speak for all of New England when I say, “It has seriously taken until 2010 to stage a car chase on Lansdowne St.??!!???” Seriously, guys, this has Bullitt/French Connection car chase scene potential (that will totally not be fulfilled).

  18. I’m happy that Blake Lively is playing someone who is the worst. I feel as if this is her destiny.

    • Blake Lively is always the worst. She’s not typecast as people who are the worst– she is just the worst in real life and is a terrible actress, so it translates into her roles.

  19. No Casey in this one? Ouch, big bro.

  20. I know that when I see a woman crying in the street, my first instinct is to buy her a gin and tonic.

  21. The composer of this score should switch to decaf

  22. Does anyone else remember when Jeremy Renner was on that reality show “The It Factor” on Bravo or something? No? Just me? That’s all I ever think about when I see him.

  23. “Were you able to SEE anything through the blindfold?”
    “No… I was fucking blindfolded.”

  24. “Where my trailer editors at?!”

    Yo. What do you need?

  25. Adding Jon Hamm to things doesn’t automatically make them good.

    Unless it is a me sandwich.

  26. not since Heat have i wanted two actors to be in the same movie but appear in only one scene together

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