The third trailer (first two here) for Facebook: The Movie is out, and it finally includes some actual footage from the movie, you guys:

Holy shit. How is it even possible that this looks SO GOOD? I understand that lots of the elements are decent enough elements, but this is, after all, a movie about FACEBOOK, the most BORING BOOK there is. (Even more boring than this book? Yes.) Points deducted for grease pencil writing mathematical formulas on glass, because at a certain point movie goers are going to have to realize that students at Harvard, the most prestigious university in the United States, DO have access to paper. But otherwise TOP MARKS. I’m going to go get in line outside my local Fandango right now, and this time I actually mean it!

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  2. Someone on another blog noted that this would be so much better if they just left out all the facebook / mark zuckerberg stuff, added in bacchanals and murder, and made the movie version of The Secret History instead. I heartily agree.

  3. I’ve mentioned this before: if this movie were at all realistic then you would just watch in horror as your distant conservative family members interact inappropriately with friends of yours from high school you haven’t spoken to in years. Facebook is a privacy nightmare and should be stopped

  4. I see you Rashida Jones, she’s pretty

  5. (Seinfeld voice) What’s the deal with Ivy League students writing equations on windows? Is there no scratch paper around these places?

  6. Looks great! Also, love Fincher’s cinematography – the hazy warm golden tones.

  7. So, wait, this movie is about how Facebook was created? I thought it was like a murder mystery or something because “You Don’t Get To 500 Million Friends Without Making A Few Enemies”.

  8. Is that curly haired Justin Timberlake? Sold. Well, I was already sold. Also, choir version of Creep? Sold. so yeah, triple sold.

  9. Am I just failing at detecting Gabe’s sarcasm or something? This looks ridiculous…like more ridiculous than a TV show where a main character spends a season finale playing Yahtzee.

  10. JT even brought back his 2003 hair – this movie is so authentic!

  11. Hopefully the movie will address the monumental decision not to have a “dislike” button.
    This’ll probably happen in the climax when Betty White hosts SNL and the internet officially wins.

  12. I hope there’s something in this movie about those people who just put stuff like “Sometimes I think I’m cursed! :( ” in their status update, just so their friends will be all, ” What’s the matter? Miss u!” thus validating this person’s naked cry for attention. Because fuck those people.
    If they do have someone like that in the movie Kristen Stewart could play her.

  13. Not to be all “I’m in love with Gabe and agree with everything he says” but I really want to see this too. I am sure I am not the only monster that follows Gawker. They have (compellingly) covered Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg as if it is a murder mystery for months but are all of a sudden backing off calling the movie premise boring. As someone who spends way too much time online, I think this looks SO GOOD.

  14. Wait, so David Fincher is at the helm, Trent Reznor is scoring this, AND NOW THERE’S JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND A CHOIR SINGING RADIOHEAD?

    Bravo, “Social Network”. You’ve made my 19-year-old sophomore-at-a-liberal-arts-school self whole.

  15. Am I the only one for whom half of the videos on the site don’t work? None of the Birdie clips loaded, and this one appears to be gone? Huuuuh?!

    • So, after a detour to the Facetube, I gotta ask: What, exactly, looks so good about this? I mean, sure, Fincher and all, but take away the Creep pad (which is bad enough by itself, but hopefully only a lazy shortcut for trailerland), isn’t it basically some guy suing another guy who is a good-looking, eloquent prick?

      • I think people are actually interested because I for one like seeing semi-grown ass white men fight about money. It’s fun.

        But really it’s how the “creator” of facebook isn’t really the creator and he stole ideas and maybe it’ll just be an hour and thirty minutes trashing him? Who knows. It looks fun if only for how curly haired Justin Timberlake is again.

  16. You’re right, dude, a billion dollars IS a lot of money. Lots of money!

  17. I’m honestly perplexed by this trailer, and the argument of the film that it suggests. So the opening montage seems like it’s supposed to “introduce” us to the film’s subject. Duh: this is Facebook, which you all know well. But here’s where I’m confused: Is the opening montage intended to actually communicate something about human desires/life/experience/etc as contained by Facebook (look at our meaningful lives on Facebook)….or is it ironic (look at our “meaningful” lives on Facebook)? Maybe a stupid question.

    • I think it’s more the latter, because of the use of Radiohead, but less ironic and more looking at it as this odd, detached from the human, electronic, affected creation of a self. Then again, that could be my own bias against Facebook talking.

      • That’s the vibe I was getting as well.

        • Yeah, I also asked myself these questions because, to me, aren’t we simultaneously this movie’s target demo AND the 1st gen to grow up with facebook? For that reason, it feels so weird to see these montages that seem meant to convey the BREATHLESSNESS AND HEADY EXCITEMENT of the innovation that is facebook. I kind of…don’t get it? Like, is this what it feels like when people who lived through events watch movies about them?

  18. Looks an awful lot like Middle Men, a movie about how the interweb was basically created from porn.

  19. 9 words: London from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  20. if this is as popular as the site (500 million views!) they’ll laugh all the way to the TomatoBank.

  21. This is why am glad I got rejected from Harvard.

  22. This looks a lot better than my facebook movie. Which is me sitting in front of my computer clicking “refresh” for 90 minutes.

  23. This doesn’t look bad to me. It just looks so, so boring. In principle, I believe that any premise can be made into something interesting with good execution. The whole idea of this movie, though, seems to be testing my principle.

    God why does this bore me so much. I don’t understand.

  24. Am I supposed to care about things happening in this movie?

  25. Sounds like someone just got sold by a trailer… mwahaha

  26. This movie would be more interesting if it didn’t star Michael Ceraberg.

  27. I’ve seen mark zuckberg in interviews, and he’s this slurry, goofy dork, WHICH IS HOW WEB DEVELOPERS ARE, and jesse eisenberg is playing him like this on the edge, two steps ahead, neurotically focused genius. Effing hollywood.

  28. More like Cocaine: the Movie.

  29. I enjoyed this trailer because of the “Creep” now my heart feels used.

  30. Dead Poets Society + Boiler Room = this movie, which I will probably see because I love both of those movies.

  31. I mean, this looks interesting and all, but the YouFace movie is gonna be ART.

  32. Mark Zuckerberg did not come here to make 500 million friends.

  33. The same girl’s choir covered “I touch myself”. I think Dean Pelton is conducting them, but I’m not sure.

    • God, that stuff was inescapable over here some 5 years ago. It took people a looong time to get over the “oh god it’s a bunch of teenage girls singing songs not originally sung by a bunch of teenage girls”-gimmick.

  34. So somehow Facebook: The Movie 3D turned out to be a modern twist on A Beautiful Mind? How did that happen?

  35. ‘Top Marks’. Har, I see what you did there.

    (because Mark Zuckerberg.)

  36. Andrew Garfield is the best.

  37. There needs to be some law against children’s choirs covering radiohead songs. That shit’s unsettling.

    Pardon me while crumple up and moan “RU-UH-UH-UN!” into my tear soaked knees for the next 40 minutes.

  38. I was skeptical about this, but a choral version of Creep goes a long way in my book.

    Also Jesse Whatshisface usually delivers a good performance (Squid and the Whale!), and of course… Fincher.

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