It is called Red Band Trailer, because it is filmed in a trailer. You get it. The first episode features Adam Brody, who is our generation’s Topher Grace. Or is it Penn Badgley? The point is: he’s great! (Seriously, I do like Adam Brody. He should have been in Predators. In Adrien Brody’s role.)

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  1. Nope, Adrien Brody is the superior Brody. Sorry, Gabe.

  2. I accidentally watched all of that.

  3. I don’t appreciate that she is alternately sassing him and making him uncomfortable. She DOES have an air stream and has provided him an Anchor Steam…. I’m having mixed feelings.

  4. I enjoyed that! She seems nice.

  5. Yeah, I can put up with 9 and half minutes of Diablo Cody to watch Adrien Brody, because of how Adrien Brody is my boyfriend

  6. “Hi, Illinois? Yeah, it’s me, ADAM Brody.” (Get it? You get it.)

  7. I don’t know what to say, she wasn’t nearly as unbearable in person youtube as she is in dialogue form in her films, so I found this mostly endearing. Her seeming love/hate obsession with Hollywood was a little annoying and sad but then I remembered I was posting this on videogum and therefore have little right to criticize :| .

  8. Well, those two do know from cutesy dialogue.
    Adam: “We all Chrismukkah up in here! Oy humbug!”
    Diablo: “That’s one diddle that can’t be undid, homeskillet!”
    Guided by Vodka: -unable to talk due to self inflicted gunshot wound

  9. Adam Brody is wonderful. I met him a few years ago when he came to my college during the Obama campaign. We chatted about how John McCain is OMG SO OLD HAHAHAH and then I slipped him my phone number. He never called :(

    I still love him.

    • did you ask him why he dumped lane??? setting a chain of events in motion that ends with her marrying an idiot?

      • Yeah! How did Gilmore Girls not come up in this interview? That’s where he made it!

        (seriously though, thank you so much for making a GG reference as mostly what I do with my unemployed/recentgraduated time is watch that show and wish I lived in Stars Hallow. And had Lorelai’s wardobe. On the floor of my room. She’s pretty.”

  10. If she interviews Zooey Deschanel and keeps that twee-as-fuck theme music, it would be an amalgamation of gross.

  11. Fact: I can answer “What was Seth Cohen’s nickname” faster than I can answer “What’s 3 times 8?”

    I’m going to go ahead and blame that on the public school system.

  12. Why are we all overlooking Adam’s knowing laugh at name “Kristen Stewart”? He worked with her on IN THE LAND OF WOMEN, he knows more than he is letting on.

  13. She seems like a sweet person, which is why I feel bad about saying that her screen presence is as awkward and forced as her writing. On the other hand, no one made her post that footage in a public forum known for its harsh, anonymous criticism. In summation: “Pay attention to me or I will collapse into a quantum singularity. Hamburger phone.” -Diablo Cody.

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  15. I unironically enjoyed watching this. I like Diablo Cody, she didn’t deserve that Oscar, but no one deserves that Made Up Circle Jerk Award®. My point is she is pleasant and can be funny.

  16. This was super delightful!!

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    le sigh.

  18. Gabe Delahaye is our generation’s That Grumpy Old Guy from that Other Generation.

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