Move over, Charlie Sheen. You are no longer Mr. Cool Disguise. Now, Spencer Pratt is Mr. Cool Disguise. Everyone adjust your files accordingly.

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  1. So it was Spencer at the DJ table?

    (For NY or former NY monsters)

  3. “i taught him everything he knows”

    – this guy

  4. Wow. That was a pretty good disguise.

  5. Great. Now Ian McKellen is being mistaken for Spencer Pratt in disguise.

  6. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling bloggers and your dumb dog

  7. He’s clearly going for the lead role in 2 Curious Case 2 Benjamin Button.

  8. I’m confused. How would disguising yourself as Gabe get you into a party?

  9. That’s funny, because I disquised myself exactly like Spencer Pratt the other day and was not mobbed by a single adoring fan on the street. And here’s this guy, dressed like me and he’s getting all the cameras in his face.

    I guess I won this time Spencer.

  10. Come on, that’s just what normal guys with normal lives, who have normal (soon to be ex?) wives with a normal face and normal boobs, do on a normal day.

  11. Why is Spencer Pratt disguised as my dad?

  12. This isn’t nearly as extreme as Heidi’s attempts at a disguise.

  13. More like Mr TOOL Disguise!


  14. Spencer looks to be angling for Kris Kristofferson’s role in a Blade reboot. Whistler, right? And then in Blade Trinity Jessica Biel plays Whistler’s daughter? And then Ryan Reynolds’ character is named Hannibal King. And Patton Oswalt plays basketball and gets murdered by vampires. WHY AM I REMEMBERING ALL THIS???

  15. Best comment from the original article: “He’s lost it.”

    How has this happened to America’s favorite son?!

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