It’s Kind of a Funny Story trailer, you guys:

This movie (looks to be) a very solid example of how important Fat Cat Hollywood Casting is. Because it actually looks pretty good. I would see this movie. I would watch this movie OF MY OWN FREE WILL, not even as a TORTURE CHAMBER. But it’s easy to imagine it another way. For example: if the troubled teenager was played by Zac Efron and the hospital patient was played by Jack Black and the love interest was played by Selena Gomez*, with a supporting cast of Jeff Dunham and Ant, I would not be as interested in watching it. Or if the troubled teenager was played by Penn Badgley and the hospital patient was played by Brad Garrett and the love interest was Elle Fanning, with a supporting cast of Carlos Mencia and Joe Rogan, I would not be as interested in watching it. Please feel free to make up your own nightmare cast for the independent dramedy It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. It should take you approximately all morning. In any case, it’s just nice to finally see a movie that reminds us how hard it is to be white and upper middle-class. It’s life, jump into life.

*Just kidding! I don’t know who Selena Gomez is. What do I look like, someone in JAIL?
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  1. Indie rock, an awkward teen, a manic pixie dream girl, and a hand-drawn title screen??? Man, this is gonna blow the lid off the independent film world!

  2. Nope, I think you covered it. I tried to come up with a nightmare cast of my own, I really did, but I just can’t beat the combination of Brad Garrett, Carlos Mencia, and Joe Rogan. You win this round for all-time worst casting suggestion.

  3. Today is looking to be a much better day. Good.

  4. If the troubled teenager was played by HIlary Swank and the hospital patient was played by Mel Gibson and the love interest was Whoopi Goldberg, with a supporting cast featuring everyone from the Jersey Shore and directed by M Night Shymalan,I would not be as interested in watching it.

  5. Man, being depressed looks like a worthwhile experience. I think I’m going to check into a mental hospital and listen to indie rock with funny comedians. I think I’ll learn a little bit about livin’ and less about why I’m clinically depressed.

  6. Not WHY is he in the hospital, but WHEN is he in the hospital?

  7. Two nightmares for one! Obvs choice

    Also, that song that jams at the end is called “Oh My God” by Ida Maria, ayerwelcome guys.

    • I think they nailed 1/2 of your nightmare juggernaut:

      • Yeah, that kid just kind of reminded me of Justin Long…

        Who I actually don’t particularly hate per se…but have you SEEN Jeepers Creepers? I had rage outbursts for weeks after that one. How is some winged demon getting vanity plates for his truck? And spending time making some underground lair ceiling quilt out of the skin of skinny young white people? And the skin is all preserved and intact and no limbs are missing or anything even though he uses the body parts to stay alive? Oh god, the rage is starting to bubble up again

        • And how they didn’t call the police after finding out where the crazy driver lived? No, let’s go check out his bloody storm drain outside his creepy church house.

  8. I’m going to set this movie in 1981 and cast Eric Stoltz in the lead, with John Belushi as the hospital patient, Ally Sheedy as the love interest, with appearances by Andy Kaufman and Judd Hirsch. This is no nightmare; this is a fantasy.

  9. Frankie Muniz, patient Robin Williams, love interest Hannah Montana, with the ever supportive David Spade and Eric Roberts.

  10. That actress should be forever banned from playing a teacher. She is a snake! Eyeballs in her desk!

    • Ahaha, I was totally coming here to post that very thing. Except she wasn’t a snake — she was actually the devil!

      “Did you really think you could call up the devil and ask him to behave?” – Mulder

      “Mulder, you’re so dreamy.” – Me, circa 1997

  11. 1998 Casting: Freddie Prinze Jr. as the lead, Rob Schneider as the Patient, Julia Stiles as the love interest, and featuring music by Shawn Mullins and Natalia Imbruglia.

    • If I may fill out the track listing:

      1.Happy — Sister Hazel
      2. Everything for Free — K’s Choice
      3. Beautiful Wreck — Shawn Mullins
      4. DND — Semisonic
      5. Kiss Me — Sixpence None the Richer
      6. Save Tonight — Eagle Eye Cherry
      7. Torn — Natalie Imbruglia
      8. Atomic Dog — George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic
      9. Fire Escape — Fastball
      10. I Get a Kick Out of You — Freddie Prinze Jr.

  12. If the troubled teenager was played by R-Patz and the hospital patient was played by Spencer Pratt and the love interest was played by Heidi Montag, with a supporting cast of The Blue Collar Comedy Team and Cher, I would not be as interested in watching it.

  13. If the troubled teenager was played by Eddie Murphy and the hospital patient was played by Eddy Murphy and the love interest was played by Eddy Murphy, with a supporting cast of Eddy Murphy, I would probably still be interested in watching it, but for different reasons.

  14. If the troubled teen was Jeremy London, the love interest was Bristol Palin, and the hospital patient was Alvin Greene, I would buy my ticket today on Fandango.

  15. i will see this because it reminds me of that time i fell in love in a psych ward.*

    i mean, i WOULD see this but i’m still in debt from hospital bills.

    jump into debt!

    *jk, there were no girls. only deranged homeless men. and no ping pong! what the fuck was i even paying for?

    • No ping pong!? I was sold on that one. I mean, I assumed htat there were no pretty girls, adorable oddballs, mostly anything we see in the movies, and I dud assume it was deranged homeless men, but I was believing the ever present ping pong tables.

      • maybe it was out for repairs.
        i have to imagine it went something like, “ok, guys, we can fix the air conditioning or we can fix the ping pong table. it’s the middle of summer in the deep south, so… without a net it’s just a table! that’s insane! (no offense, homeless guys and arthur great.)”

  16. Not enough Faraday! Not enough Drive Shaft!

  17. This movie makes me so happy.

  18. I really hope there isn’t a scene where the teenage lead accidentally witnesses a moment where his funny, fun loving, and wise mentor has a violent and disturbing outburst of craziness thus forcing the teenager to question the legitimacy of the teachings of his mentor.

    That sure would send me for a loop.

  19. Mentally ill people: they’re just like us!

  20. thank fucking god the stripper who did that hamburger phone movie wasn’t involved with this.

  21. How come no one correct Gabe that Razor Scooters give live birth? DOI

  22. firstly, “independent” should be used pretty loosely here. this movie cost a shitload of money that no doubt came out of a major studio’s pocket.

    secondly, i’m watching this again because i don’t see enough of Emma Robert’s face in my every day life whatsoever.

  23. Justin Beiber as the teen, Hugh Jackman as the hospital patient and Lindsay Lohan as the love interest, with a supporting cast of Scott Baio and Jeremy Piven.

  24. Nicolas Cage as the love interest!

  25. I read this book! This book was good! This movie looks like the book that was good! So yeah!

  26. I don’t generally like this type of movie, but it doesn’t seem to be overbearingly quirky or nothin. And it has Zachey G.

  27. Zach Galifianakis has BY FAR the most charming eyebrows in Hollywood.

  28. it’s based on a semi auto-biographical young adult book aimed at late 7th-9th graders…it’s about how finding your passion (drawing maps/making art in this case) can lead you out of the “darker” times in your life…some of the kids i teach found it to be inspiring

  29. first off, it has FARADAY, GAFFIGAN,and GALIFIANAKIS, this movie is a winner

  30. I will see the fuck out of this and no one can tell me its stupid.

  31. 500 Days of Patch Adams yay!

    p.s. i will see this because i love beards.

  32. Hollywood Indie films are (oxy)moronic.

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