Roman Polanski, the filmmaker who drugged and sodomized a 13-year-old girl in 1977 (not necessarily in that order), has been released from his home imprisonment at his ski chalet in Switzerland. A Swiss judge has denied the US extradition request after the United States refused to disclose secret documents pertaining to the original trial 33 years ago. I mean, he can stay at the ski chalet if he wants to, he owns it. But he no longer has to wear his restrictive ankle bracelet, and is free to travel in Europe and abroad. In a word, he is, once more, a free man. The end. Personally, I don’t think this is a travesty of justice or anything. He is a child rapist, and everyone was reminded of that for a brief moment. But people avoid prison on legalities all the time. (They also DON’T avoid prison on legalities all the time. That is what legalities are for, to determine whether or not someone will go to prison based on them.) I’m sure the Swiss judge is very smart and good at her job and knew what she was doing. The outrage during this whole thing was not that the international law disputes to which he was being subjected could go either way, it was that people were upset that he was even being subjected to international law disputes that could go either way in the first place. Like, it was always possible for a judge to find, as this judge did, that Roman Polanski didn’t need to go back to jail, but the Woodys Allen and Wesses Anderson of the world (see also: Jamie Foxx?) had to stick their creepy, needlessly outspoken noses into it and pretend like they knew what was what when it came to the legal and moral ramifications of CHILD RAPE RAPE. And also the whole “he is an artist who deserves respect” thing. That was ridiculous. I mean, he is an artist! I agree! He is also a child rapist. Those things are not, and have never been, mutually exclusive.

You can discuss the latest (and probably lastest) development in Roman Polanski Child Rapegate 2009-2010 in the comments, OR you can post photos of animals wearing Halloween costumes. You, like the child rapist Roman Polanski, are free to do what you want.

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  1. Roman Polanski has dodged a bullet yet again. Looks like he’s part human, part unrepentant asshole… much like the owners of this animal in a Halloween costume!

  2. Forget it Gabe, It’s Switzerland-town.

  3. Pirate bulldog…

    Is glad he doesn’t live in Europe anymore.

  4. Forget it, Gabe. It’s Rape-rape Town.

  5. we should take solace in the fact that roman polanski and mel gibson, making movies together in hell, will be. hmmmmmm.

  6. Who could forget the Palin Pooch


    • I don’t get it. I want to think it’s a Steelers poodle, but whenever I look at its muzzle I think it’s a Scorpion Poodle from Mortal Kombat. It’s owners are always shouting, “GET OVER HERE!” J/K I know that it’s a Steelers poodle. A Scorpion poodle would be ridiculous.

  8. Swedish. See what I did there? :/

  9. Can I exercise my rights as a free non-child-rapist mouse to give a quick RIP to Harvey Pekar? The animals in costumes pictures help lighten the mood here in Coconino County, but not so much the Polanski stuff.

  10. There’s already a Betty White to Extradite Roman Polanski Group on Facebook.

  11. Ugh. Fuck Woody Allen and his pathetic rationalizations. Just fuck that guy.

  12. it’s okay, when polanski finally kicks the bucket, he’ll be hanging out with this kitty

  13. I’m exhausted from upvoting all these adorable pictures. I need a nap.

  14. Roman Polanski looks like a mashup of Thom Yorke and Dustin Hoffman.

  15. this is my first time posting a photo here, so i hope it works because CORGIS!!

  16. Not that i think it in anyway excuses him or anything, but i think it is worth noting that Roman Polanski has lived a kind of terrible life. Back before a lot of the movies and the molestation, his pregnant wife was murdered by members of the Manson Family. Obviously, having your family murdered by psychopaths wouldnt intuitively lead to raping underage girls, but i think it would go towards explaining why maybe he’s such a fucked up individual. Where as fellow pervert woody allen, potentially molested his adopted child and then dated and then married his never officially adopted stepchild. The only thing that really separates allen from polanski is that he married her (and she wasnt underage, but still more than half of his.) I dont know if this is common knowledge, or has been mentioned in previous articles about this, but i thought it was something to at least take into consideration when deciding which perverted old sleaze bag is the worst

  17. Ugh, this post was totally making up for my boring ass day until the comment right above me. MOAR AMNIMALS

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