Tommy Wiseau is a lunatic. We know that. But in case for some reason you thought that he had stopped being a lunatic at some point, there is now a teaser trailer (after the jump) for his new short film, premiering this fall on-line, which reminds us that he is DEFINITELY still very much a total lunatic. The House That Drips Blood on Alex, in addition to being one of the best names for anything ever, is some kind of horror film or something? Perfect. Tommy Wiseau is pretty terrifying on his own when he is just trying to be normal, so I can only imagine the LIVING NIGHTMARE that is Tommy Wiseau actively trying to be scary. If it’s anything like this trailer (after the jump), the answer is: VERY LIVING NIGHTMARE.

Yikes. Yuck. Can’t wait!

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  1. All that blood! It looks like someone has actually torn him apart.

  2. I thought The House That Dripped Blood On Alex was one of Gabe’s mash-up titles. Like when he called Inception “The Vanilla Minority Matrix Sky Report Revolutions Of Dark City”. But that’s actually the title of the film.

    “Strap yourself in, boys, cos have I got a title for you!”
    ~ Professional scriptwriter who gets paid thousands for his work

  3. At first I thought by Joey Greco they meant Richard Grieco which would have made this even more amazing

  4. Why is he screaming? I would LOVE to have that much fruit punch running over me! Yum!

  5. His screaming resembles that of some sort of manatee.

  6. EXCITED since it looks like this will finally answer the unresolved questions from 1971′s “The House That Dripped Blood” (i.e., “On whom did it drip?”)

  7. I just want all you guys to know that it’s “The House That DripS Blood on Alex.” Not DrippED. This shit is still going on.

  8. This unsettled me more than I expected it to.

  9. I saw “Alex” in the title, and all I could think of was my childhood crush, and how fate has called upon me – years later – to rescue her from Tommy Wiseau’s nefarious plans.

  10. This teaser footage would NOT make a good .gif. Seriously. NOT a good .gif.

  11. The Passion of The Wiseau

  12. I was lucky enough to attend the 7th (!) anniversary screening of The Room in Hollywood a few weeks ago. Tommy was in attendance, and he did a short Q&A. Someone asked “What should we do about the BP oil spill?” and he replied, “I don’t know, but do something.” The crowd soon started chanting “DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING!” which as to be the most vague and ineffective chant of all time. Also somehow inspirational?


  13. the problem with having to know about blood borne pathogens for my job is that all i can think about is, “i hope that’s clean blood. otherwise, he’s going to get hepatitis, and that’s the real horror in this movie.”


  14. I made it to 0:05.

    I think the screams were just reminding me of that video of Michael Jacksons ghost were some jerk is all “Look real hard. HARDER. CONCETRATE. JK SCARY FACE AND LOUD SOUNDS”

  15. Oh, hi, Alex

  16. I did not hit her with an axe! I DID NAUGHTTT.

  17. Can “Horror movies named by Tommy Wiseau” be the next best new party game?

  18. WHY LISA WHY?? Why did you make me chop your head off??!

  19. The person dripping blood on Alex should probably go to a hospital on Guerrero street. That would be a funny story.

  20. This is obviously a sequel to The Room. SPOILER ALERT.

  21. I’d rather see James “Birdemic” Nguyen’s next film.

  22. seems to be implementing an ill-conceived “skim’s audience” plan.

  23. When is James Franco going to work with this dude?

  24. This is screening at San Diego Comic Con.

  25. THE Rory WIndhorst and Arlando Smith? In the flesh?

  26. “The Movie That Drips Money on No One.”

  27. You’re tearing me apart, Tommy!

  28. The lady at the blood store probably told him, “You’re my favorite customer”.

  29. What ever happened to Neighbors? I was looking forward to that.

  30. jeez, blood is scary enough when it is just blood. but when you see the word “blood” written in blood on the chest of someone covered in blood, yikes!!!! that blood means business!!

  31. The sequel: Why Won’t Alex Just Leave The House That Is Dripping Blood On Him?

  32. VideoGum,
    Any chance for a post about the people behind the project,

  33. Patent Pending.

    An iPad app that allows users to write bloody captions on Tommy Wiseau’s bloody chest in blood. Shake for screams.

    Patent Pending.

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