The feeling is unapproachable. (Thanks for the tip, Alexander.)

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  1. The “Gimme Pizza” video editor cranked out many a gem back in 1995.

  2. If these guys are here to make friends, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I want to have them all over for a video pizza party where there is also real pizza and an ice cream cake and it’s going to be the best fun ever!!!!!!!

  3. I own a pair of those sunglasses, therefore i am participating in said fun.

  4. I kept waiting for them to say something, and when they didn’t I got bored and stopped it. Somebody should have dubbed “double rainbow all the way” over that.

  5. I’m not sure why they have microphones. Fun, though!

    • I think they dubbed some music over onea them old karaoke videos that they used to do for like 20 bucks in the 90′s. We had one at our local amusement park for a while. Although I never had the $20 to spare. I also never had 8 of my bests friends with me to chip in.

  6. That settles it, I’m having a Micro Machines (whatever those are) themed birthday party next week.

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s what my brothers and their friends did during sleepovers, whereas my friends and I had lots of pretend weddings and/or played school. Kinda wish I was a boy now.

  8. Also, how great is the kid in the black turtleneck?

  9. Ain’t no part like a green screen party, cause a green screen party don’t stop.

  10. Beautiful Swimmers is everywhere this week!

  11. When each of these guys dies and goes to heaven this will be their greeting party.

  12. first episode of YO MTV RAPS?

  13. Looks like Mr. Horton has upgraded the amateur photography studio in the back of his bicycle shop.

  14. it’s like an acid flashback to my childhood.

  15. My company has friday half day during the summer, this video is exactly how I will feel in 30 minutes on the way home.

  16. This video raises a number of important questions:

    - Navy Soccer?

    Okay, one important question.

  17. Is this the trailer for the new Todd Solondz movie starring Chris Hansen?

  18. why do i suddenly feel compelled to vote for mike weinstein?

  19. David Lynch is taking child pornography to experimental new heights…?

    anybody? no?…sorry.

  20. I’d like to see the contents of each of these kids’ wallets.

  21. I had a hard time seeing, as I was crying tears of joy throughout that entire video.

  22. Is there a way to just keep the song playing in the background of my life FOREVER?!!

  23. This is a sneak peak at the Chicago Monster Karaoke Party tonight.

  24. Gabe, your bar mitzvah looked super fun. I love that you had a casual dress code. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. We should get together soon and lip-sync to more wordless casio demos. I’ll have my mom call your mom about it. See you at lunch!

  25. My sister made a bunch of these when she was a teenager, and man, they are comedy GOLD.

    Also, can we officially declare the 90′s as the best?

  26. Moment of zen: around 2:21 where blue shirt kid’s glasses fall off his face and there’s a sort of freeze frame effect.

    I like blue shirt kid better than black turtleneck kid (but not because I’m homophobic)

  27. Jeffery Jones just exploded.

  28. I’m pretty sure this was all my friends in 1988 at a birthday party I wasnt invited to.

  29. Bowlcutcon looks awesome this year.

  30. #lookatthosefuckinghipsters

  31. I love it when little boys dance together. Yeah I said it. I don’t care if my username gets put on a list, I think it’s nice that they can still be goofy kids, right before they get to that horribly self-conscious everyone-and-everything-is-gay phase.

  32. Between the bowlcuts, the hand-me-down too big clothes from their older brothers, and the sunglasses purhcased with Chuck-e-Cheese tickets I’m pretty sure 8 year old me would be in crush heaven right now.

  33. The soundtrack is Beautiful Swimmers ?

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