Isn’t it weird when you are listening to NPR and you realize that your parents now know about something you like? Stupid old parents don’t understand ANYTHING. (Just kidding! Love you guys!) Listen here.

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  1. He was also on earlier today talking about dick diamonds with Diane Rehm.

  2. When my mom catches up on her NPR podcasts I know I’m going to get this call: “Jeb? Do you listen to this LSD Soundsystem? He seems nice.”

  3. My girlfriend was talking so much shit to me about Terry Gross last week when I mentioned listening to her talk about America’s fascination with the World Cup. She worked with Terry Gross a few years ago and said this: “Terry Gross is an ugly hypocritical bitch who rails celebrities on her show for driving around in SUVs, and then drives herself home in an Escalade! She’s horrible!” … My girlfriend probably wants an Escalade herself, but I don’t know… She just gets so mad about things!

  4. When I heard Nicki Minaj on NPR, I felt the disparate ends of the spectrum of my interests had somehow been reconciled – or – worlds been had colliding.
    Also, Louie is almost too good so far, amirite?

  5. I heard a Warren G instrumental being played between NPR segments last week!

  6. Louis CK is so fucking cool.

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