After the jump, you can see the second teaser trailer for the upcoming Facebook movie, The Social Network. (And you can see the first teaser trailer here.) There is not much new in this second trailer. Mostly it is the same quotes (“Let’s sue him in Federal court!”) against a dynamic background but no actual footage or anything. And yet, I am starting to think this movie is going to be really good. Which is weird. I mean, David Fincher directed it, and he is very good at directing things. And Aaron Sorkin wrote it, and he is very good at writing things (for the most part). Jesse Eisenberg is in it, and he is good at being in things. And Rashida Jones is in it, and she is very good at marrying me. So I guess it make sense. But at the same time, it IS a movie about Facebook. And Facebook IS a boring website. And websites themselves are boring. And so you would assume snore. The Internet is not a good dramatic subject. Then again, neither is writing articles for the New Republic. Could this be OUR GENERATION’S Shattered Glass?!

Second compelling teaser trailer for Facebook: Curse Of The Black Pearl, you guys:

See? It looks good. Weird.

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  1. Speaking of Shattered Glass, I think that trailer was uploaded by Jukt Micronics.

  2. Facebook: The Movie MUST be more interesting than Facebook: the Website, because, what isn’t.

  3. Awww! It won’t play! Goddamn copyright laws…

  4. Speaking of social networking, does anyone remember that website Bolt? It was a hit with myself and my teen friends in the late 90s, early 00s.

  5. I’m looking forward to the direct-to-DVD release of the Videogum movie.

    • Why wait? Just download it.

      • The cast is incredible:

        Gwenyth Paltrow as Ke$ha
        Dane Cook as Daniel Songer
        Zach Galifianakis as a fox on a trampoline
        Andy Serkis as Birdie
        50 Cent as Kristin Stewart
        James Earl Jones as Violent J
        Ian McKellan as Shaggy 2 Dope
        John Goodman as Notsewfast
        Wilmer Valderrama as Topher Grace

        Directed by Roman Polanski from a secluded chalet in the Swiss Alps
        Music by Popul Vuh

        • Gabe Liedman as Gabe Delahaye

        • Carrot Top as Mans

          • Vincent Gallo as Steve Winwood

          • Steve, clearly you have seen my abs.

          • No joke: I actually kind of enjoyed Brown Bunny

          • Mans, clearly I have read your jokes.

          • Wait, is my Internet broken? Is there a “mod” or “app” or “youface” that I’m missing that would let me see Mans’s props?

          • (Sadly puts telephone attached to a jock-strap back in prop bag.)

          • By “actually enjoyed the Brown Bunny” do you mean “actually enjoyed an unsimulated Chloë Sevigny via some sketchy nude-scene-collecting website” in your shameful, filthy basement living space with no windows and dirty laundry strewn all over the floor while out in the real world people are alive/in love/etc?

            Or are you mentally handicapped and/or a coprophiliac with a disregard for capitalization?

          • Snout velvet dingle or whatever your name is: I rented the Brown Bunny dvd from netflix and watched the movie in full. It’s not a great film but I did enjoy it. I think Chloe Sevigny (sp?) is pretty and I like movies that have long slow takes rather than the modern version of film making which requires strobe flashing editing where every shot is a fraction of a second long and you can’t tell what is happening. I don’t mind a long slow meandering little indie film with bugs on the windshield.

          • Steve, that was shockingly straight-faced.

            I made the preceding comment more out of my own frustration with that movie (having Netflixed it as you did, on the recommendation of a friend). Shouldn’t've been as ad hominem as it probably came off.

            I think what made the movie so unwatchable for me had nothing to do with the slow pace (being a Tarkovsky man myself) but more the vanity-project nature of it. I just found Gallo remarkably unlikable, and so I didn’t care about his journey and what not. Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra — a very classical Hollywood movie if we’re talking old/new styles of filmmaking — only gets by because it’s got elaborate sets, choreography, etc — to see such a self-involved movie without (it seemed to me) any redeeming factors if you weren’t totally onboard with the star’s schtick was really chafing.

  6. If it’s half as good as “Everything is Terrible: The Movie,” then I’m in.

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  8. I just hope the movie itself plays out entirely through wall posts and status updates.

    Jesse Eisenberg is : not looking forward to getting sued in federal court.

    Jesse Eisenberg is : gearing up for the weekend!

  9. In an attempt to keep with the Internet themes prevelant in the movie, Jesse Eisenberg’s character has been dramatically recast at the last minute.

    David Fincher assures those looking forward to his latest film that RageGuy will give a compelling, nuanced performance in the lead role. “RageGuy has been typecast in his recent roles, and I want to show the audience that he has another side to him”, the director said in a recent interview.

  10. “We hate free publicity.”

    - Sony Pictures Enter-LAME-ment Copyright Crew

  11. This video is no longer available, you doofus.

  12. Websites are boring, true, but impetuous, careless children who become gazillionaires virtually overnight are not.

  13. And the score is by Trent Reznor. And for those of you who don’t care for TR’s lyrics, don’t worry, he’s not writing words for the music that plays whenever, say, Zuckerberg betrays the users’ privacy.

  14. Why are we making this? I would MUCH rather see a movie chronicling the rise and fall of MySpace. Mostly to put that asshole Tom in his place.

  15. This film LOOKS good, sure, but I read the script and the 30 minutes spent in Farmville looking for a lost cow are baffling and boring.

    • The remaining 50 minutes of the film are spent watching in horror as your distant conservative relatives make inappropriate jokes about you in a comment thread started by old high school friends you havent spoken to in years.

  16. I really hope this spawns a barrage of movies based on websites.

    JDate: The Movie MUST be made, Natalie Portman NEEDS to eat.

  17. You can update your status in italiques? This. Changes. Everything.

  18. In my day, the mid-to-late nineties, they made movies about the internet that really said something. Often, that something was “we have to hack in and download our virus to their mainframe.”

  19. I’m pitching “Facebook: The Movie 2: POKE!” to Hollywood this week. It’s going to be about this ACTUAL COMMENT posted by a former classmate:

    “I don’t like kidnappings. Foster adults are kidnappers and so are other “strangers”".

  20. You guys, I feel that it is our responsibility to turn “You better lawyer up, because I am coming back for EVERYTHING.” into the next great meme. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  21. Studio 60 was dope.

  22. Was this “movie” inspired by Coupon, The Movie?

  23. It seems to be going for the capture and shape the zeitgeist feel of say, All The President’s Men, but all I keep getting is The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.

  24. The movie looks awesome. Facebook revolutionized the world in social, media, and business. The true entertainment is how mark became famous and powerful. If everything is true in the book “Accidental Billionaires,” then if he loses this court case it sounds like karma might bit him back and he will not have anything.

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