Alex Blagg had a pretty incredible experience in the KFC-Taco Bell drive thru. He is still trying to figure out what it means. (I will keep posting everything Double Rainbow-related until it stops being the best. So, never and/or 2012, whichever comes first.)

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  1. I’m on Jamaica Avenue!

  2. Wackytown…That’s my own personal local KFC in westchester, Ca. Buy Local you guys.

    • You and Alex Blagg eat at the same KFC, fairly well known bloggers/comedians they’re just like us

      • On the real though guys, Its so sad inside that KFC…like especially sad. There are so many loose “napkins” and just sad little dirt stains on the ground that don’t make any sense.

        I only get the biscuits and then get a SINGLE beer at Bristol Farms…because College (read: art school).

  3. Does anyone else get nervous while watching the original, or the remixes, or this parody, at work? Nervous that someone will overhear loud moans coming through your headphones?

  4. you know what that restaurant needs? a pizza hut and a long john silver’s mashed up into it. quadruple-icious.

  5. Double bypass all the way.

  6. I’d hate to see his reaction to a combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut instead of a KFC.

    • What of the extremely rare, to some mythical, though I have seen it with my own eyes and have even eaten there in my teenage days of past, the legendary Chimera, the KenTacoHut?

  7. Sometimes I love the internet.

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  9. simply wonderful

  10. i’m a little in love with alex blagg. starting with that birdemic review.

  11. Oh man i love that.

  12. BOGUS. Everyone knows that when you eat a KFC Double Down a hippie’s hacky sack falls down the gutter or at least their rainbow fades away.

  13. Yesterday was my birthday and this is the perfect gift, Alex. Thank you!

  14. The best thing is how he just slowly drives by without actually stopping. I want to believe the workers inside heard him and were furiously dialing 911 cause they thought he was gonna bust in, jump over the counter and start shoving double downs into his maw.

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