A few weeks ago, the website Jezebel published a blog post accusing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart of being sexist (oh good grief!) because the show does not, in the blog writer’s estimation, have enough female employees, and on top of that, the writer accused the show of hiring new correspondent Olivia Munn for her looks. Of course, this ignores the fact that virtually all of the men on The Daily Show are PRETTY GOOD LOOKING, which is itself a function of PEOPLE ON TELEVISION BEING ATTRACTIVE IN GENERAL due to that being one of the foundational principles of HOW ENTERTAINMENT WORKS. I mean, honestly, whether or not Olivia Munn’s looks have helped her to get ahead in an industry entirely dependent on good looks is the kind of nonsense argument that would not even get placement in Duh Aficionado magazine. Moreover, while there are definitely some disparities between the level of the bar for men and women lookswise, most of the men on TV are attractive. So, you know, SNORE.

Of course, this Jezebel post has followed a Hot Media Trend in the past year or so concerning The Boys Club of the Late Night Television, which, personally I find kind of overblown. (QUICK ASIDE: I am not a woman and I have not worked in Late Night Television, so, make of that what you will/must.) Most of the funny women that I know are well respected for being funny, and many of the funny men I know have lots of trouble finding work in showbiz. My point is that it is hard to make it here, it is hard to make it anywhere. I’m not saying there are not DISCREPANCIES in the work place, and a look into the larger systemic factors at work in our society that might keep women from pursuing work in comedy seems interesting and worthwhile, but the laser-like-specificity of these arguments about Individual Work Places as Hotbeds of Sexual Injustice Due To The Fact That They Only Have Half A Dozen Very Successful Women That Everyone Respects And Appreciates seem misplaced, and ultimately might have more to do with the whistle-blowers’ desire to work in said offices and/or BE FAMOUS BELOVED TV LADIES themselves than any kind of insidious nightmare world created by the runaway egos of Jon Stewart (who, incidentally, like Ms. Munn, has not done badly with his FACE).

Anyhow, in response to this media outcry, the female employees of the Daily Show have responded in an open letter posted on the Daily Show website. You can read the full letter here, but here is a brief excerpt:

If you think the only women who help create this show are a couple of female writers and correspondents, you’re dismissing the vast majority of us. Actually, we make up 40% of the staff, and we’re not all shoved into the party-planning department (although we do run that, and we throw some kick-ass parties). We are co-executive producers, supervising producers, senior producers, segment producers, coordinating field producers, associate producers, editors, writers, correspondents, talent coordinators, production coordinators, researchers, makeup artists, the entire accounting and audience departments, production assistants, crew members, and much more. We were each hired because of our creative ability, our intelligence, and above all, our ability to work our asses off to make a great show.

And then:

The truth is, when it comes down to it, The Daily Show isn’t a boy’s club or a girl’s club, it’s a family – a highly functioning if sometimes dysfunctional family. And we’re not thinking about how to maximize our gender roles in the workplace on a daily basis. We’re thinking about how to punch up a joke about Glenn Beck’s latest diatribe, where to find a Michael Steele puppet on an hour’s notice, which chocolate looks most like an oil spill, and how to get a gospel choir to sing the immortal words, “Go f@#k yourself!”

Right. I mean, the world is a terrible place built on a shifting pile of ash, but surely there are places more deserving of wagging fingers and angry accusations than The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? BUT WHAT I’M SAYING IS CHECK OUT THE PICTURE OF ALL THOSE BABES! YOWZA! Caption the photo of the ladies of the Daily Show. Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. And ladies get an upvote free before 7 upvotes.

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  1. What a weird looking kitchen.

  2. Jezebel makes Gabe spend two paragraphs explaining why his disagreeing with them isn’t sexist. Also pictured: smart and funny women.

  3. “WOOPAH!!”
    ~ Chandler Bing

    • I will upvote your Friends reference because I feel like those of us who understand Friends references have almost completely died of old age and irrelevance. My knees are cold.

  4. They’re pretty intelligent.

  5. the female staff of the daily show. not pictured: funny women.

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  7. “Check this out Jezebel! A couple of them aren’t even white!” – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  8. An excerpt from the Daily Show Employee Welcome Brochure:

    “Here at the Daily Show, every employee receives their own personal secretary.”

  9. Whoa, that’s a full set of babes. All the way. Thirty babes!
    Oh my god, they’re 30 babes! All the way. Whoah. That’s so intense.
    Whoah. Man. Wow. Whoah. whoah.
    OH MAH HAH WOW! WOOO! Yeah! Oh my god look at that!
    It’s starting to even look like they’re TRIPLE babelicious!
    Oh my God it’s full on! Thirty babes all they way across the set!
    Oh my God! Oh my God!
    Oh. God.
    What does this MEAN? Uhhh. Oh my God. Uhhhh. Oooh. Oh God they’re so pretty.
    Oh my God they’re so bright and vivid.
    Aaaahhhh!! Ahhhh!! Ahhhh!!
    They’s so beautiful!
    Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! They’re 30 babes. ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN!
    Oh my God! Oh my God!
    what does it mean?? Tell me!
    Too much! Tell me what it means.
    *dog barks*
    *gasping for breath*
    Oh my God. It’s so intense.
    Ahhh. *sigh*
    Oh my God.

  10. Noted sexist and racist asshole, Scott Baio, learns that the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

  11. They all have pictures of Republicans in their wallets.

  12. Tomorrow they plan to post a video of all of these ladies feeding grapes to Jon Stewart.

  13. Jezebel can shampoo my (lady) crotch.

  14. Not only does the old boys club at the Daily Show know where to find a Michael Steele puppet on an hour’s notice, they can also stuff their studio full of female puppets on a day’s notice.

  15. “We have a sofa in our restroom, and you’ll always wonder why.”

    - Ladies of The Daily Show

  16. Being both a Jezebel and Videogum commenter, I kind of feel like I should just sit this one out.

    • Well, that could have been more effective.

      “I’m awesome at the internet!” – me (1982-2012)

    • Me too. But I did feel that Jezebel should have had a lot more information before they made that jump.

      • me three. and I think they’re basically being mean girls about Olivia Munn, even if they are right about her. let’s cry because she’s not the *right* kind of lady!

      • They clearly did it for hits on their shitty website.

      • But isn’t that what Jezebel is all about? Making outrageous accusations of misogyny and discrimination based on absolutely nothing? Uh oh, I better stop before the entire Jezebel commenting community comes over here and screams at me for not being feminist enough.

      • Which time?

        Seriously, I hate to me a lame internet ‘I remember when…’ commenter, but I remember when Jezebel was a breath of fresh air instead of some sort of overboard e-Mean Girls cesspool. Bodysnark, trigger warnings, random selection of what’s fair game and what’s ‘too sensitive’ or ‘closed-minded’ (pick a topic: lusting over men, sex workers, ethnic minorities feeling left out of mainstream feminism)… it’s turned into Feministing without the sense of humor.

        • my agreement depends on the blogger/ette and the topic.
          Jezebel is a group of bloggers, not just one.

          And DuckDuck, if it makes you feel validated, I can call you a dick if you want.

  17. So it is true that they’re forced to always wear open-toed shoes because of Stewart’s foot fetish.

  18. Picutered: 30 Crack’s In Fake News’ Glass Ceiling?

  19. Pictured: More Milk Jugs than a Dairy Case.

  20. “We all had to sleep with Jon Stewart to get here, and we liked it. Feminism!”

  21. The Daily Show: Now with Funner Bags.

  22. “Yes, they are real, and yes, they are spectacular.” – Jon Stewart

  23. Isn’t that John Somerville in the back?

  24. “yes we are nerdy, but we still wont sleep with you” – the ladies to you

  25. Now that you mention it the Shape of the desk IS a little phallic. huh.

  26. David Letterman’s rejected Interns, Class of 2010

  27. Pictured 29 successful women who got ahead on their merits. Also pictured Olivia Munn who got merits because of the way she gives head. /me ducks

  28. “Eh, at least it’s better working on Letterman”

  29. Girls Gone Wild just got wilder! Presenting The Daily Show Girls of cable late night!

  30. What about the view? I’d say that’s pretty sexist. They don’t even have one male host.

  31. Pictured: Samantha Bee, Olivia Munn, Kristin Schaal, and 20 confused but excited female audience members. And a dude in a wig to the right of the blonde lady in the back row.

  32. I’m very glad the Daily Show has been proven to be an equal opportunity workplace… but they will blow me first.

  33. “She’s Pretty” (repeated 30 times)

  34. “We even have a black woman!”

  35. More like Oliva Munntalented, amiright?

  36. To make up for years of sexist exclusion, the Daily Show will in future be hosted by these 30 women.

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  38. Women be shoppin making significant contributions to savvy political humor.

  39. Somewhere, Christopher Hitchens is all, like, Meh.

  40. It’s like my Grandma always said, “behind every good man there’s 30 good women”…she had extremely blurry vision.

  41. “Show us ur DICKS!!!”

  42. I see only one black woman. Racists.

  43. Olivia Munn is hot.

    Am I missing the point?

    • I think maybe the point is that she’s really not THAT hot? Who knows what the point is anymore

      • The Steve Winwood Guide to Dating:

        Upon meeting for your date, methodically and clinically study her looks. This presents a golden opportunity to let her know that she is:

        - very pretty
        - pretty
        - not that pretty
        - NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

        Make some unprovoked comment about abortion and launch into an impassioned six minute speech about how you don’t give a care what she thinks of you and how it’s really pathetic that she spends so much time obsessing over what some random date thinks.

    • “Whatever your thoughts vis-à-vis my attractiveness, it would be nice if we could all agree that I’ve got a head like a fucking orange.”- Olivia Munn

  44. 30 Helens agree: it is weird that a 30 Helens Agree reference hasn’t been made before now.

  45. “Did you also just get hired today?”

  46. I’m printing out that picture & sticking it my wallet for the next time I slap m secretary’s ass and call her “sugar tits.”

  47. now this is a beef stew

  48. not a caption just a thought: its nice that people can now force the Daily Show to make pictures to disprove any statement you make about them. That being said; I think the Daily Show is Ageist do to the fact that they have no one over the age of 60 working for them.

  49. I bet a man took that photo. I mean, look at that focus.

  50. All these woman’s sexual harassment claims were not processed by there HR manager, so they settled for group photo.

  51. “And we ALL get our periods at the same time.”

  52. “Of course, this ignores the fact that virtually all of the men on The Daily Show are PRETTY GOOD LOOKING, which is itself a function of PEOPLE ON TELEVISION BEING ATTRACTIVE IN GENERAL due to that being one of the foundational principles of HOW ENTERTAINMENT WORKS.”

    Let’s evaluate that claim, though. Let’s go tit for tat. Tit for cock? Gross, sorry. So we have Jon Stewart in the hosting role, obviously: I think objectively good looking, short, but easy on the eyeballs. Sam Bee is pretty; she can cancel out her husband, Jason Jones, I’d say pretty much equal on the scale. The Scale. Hahaha what is this comment? ANYWAYS Wyatt Cenac is (in my humble opinion) hot as hell, so I guess we can put Olivia Munn opposite him, though I think Wyatt Cenac is also way funnier/more talented than OM, so that would make me think his hotness is more anathema to his role on the show, know what I mean? (and I also think Munn is more traditionally attractive). Whatever. John Oliver is a little goofy looking, pretty cute though, plus, you know, British; let’s put him opposite Kristen Schaal. Then we have Aasif Maandvi, also pretty good looking, and that’s where we run out of female correspondents to weigh against. BUT THEN: we are still left with Larry Wilmore and Lewis Black; they are both older, less objectively attractive dudes.

    Not that any of this makes the Daily Show inherently sexist; however, it’s obvious that the female correspondents have all fit into a certain age/cuteness group (moderately cute—hot, all under…40? well, Sam Bee is 40, I believe, but when she started she would have been, what? 33?) So all the female correspondents (that I have encountered, anyways; I’ve been watching the Daily Show pretty much nightly since 2004, but no earlier) have been young, pretty women (also, mostly white…Munn is half Chinese, half Irish-German, so let’s say 83% white) We’ve also had Corrdry, Helms, Dan Bakkedahl, and Rob Riggle in that time, oh and now that kid who does segments about being fat; none of whom really fit the same young/attractive type of female correspondents we encounter. The fact is, there have been a wider variety of age groups, races, and hotness levels (I’m sorry, there’s got to be a better way to say this) in the male correspondents (I mean, Helms is pretty cute, and Rob Riggle…I don’t know.) It seems unlikely that we would see an aging or overweight female correspondent (disregarding Bee’s many periods of pregnancy, obvs) on the show, just looking at the patterns in the past 6 years.

    And this isn’t even touching sheer numbers alone. Now there are 3 female correspondents to maybe 6 regular males (Maandvi, Oliver, Jones, Black, Cenac, and Wilmore), and Sam Bee is the only regular one; I can only recall a handful of times in the past 2 years that Schaal has been on the show, and Olivia Munn was just added. So while I think the Daily Show is right in its defense that humor and talent are what comes first, I would like to see a few more female correspondents, and maybe from some different demographics. I know there’s funny ladies out there, so let’s dig a little harder, Jon & co? I usually think the content of their reporting is pretty favorable to feminist issues, but it’d just be cool to get a few more female voices in there.

    Whew. That’s my maybe 60% thought out 2 cents…my 1.2 cents? Please correct me and discuss amongst yourselves :)

    • Maybe you should go back to Jezebel

      • well great, now i have the same rating as the interracial dating spammers. i was just trying to further the conversation. my boyfriend thinks the same, lol. he and i met on overanalyzingfeministstuffdating.com. you guys should check it out.

    • Here’s a list with little chibi pictures of all the correspondents The Daily Show has ever had.

      • THAT IS AN AMAZING SITE! i knew i had forgotten a few even in my era. bob wiltfong was horrible, wasn’t he? also not cute. ha. nate corddry, adorable. and how could i forget john hodgman?!

        and OUCH sarcastic meow! those are harsh harsh words. i’ ve never really read jezebel, but i have to say that as a daily show fan i was pretty upset and indignant over this article. i was just trying to look at the issue from a more logical, less extreme/ reactionary way. i don’t want to go (back?) to jezebel! don’t make me! i love the daily show a lot and i love all of their current correspondents (with the possible exception of Olivia Munn, but she might grow on me!) and i wouldn’t change any of them simply for the sake of equal numbers on either side of the gender line (and hey! how about a gay correspondent? i think it would be funny if they treated it in the way they use larry and wyatt as senior black correspondents. tangent. sorry.) i just think it’d be cool to see some more funny ladies on tds, that’s all. but i’ll watch it happily either way, you know? some of the best journalism in america today either way.

        lemon OUT.

  53. Oof! A rare miss, Videogum.

    Jezebel’s article was an investigation into why there are so few women correspondents on The Daily Show. Many people, Videogum included, spends too much space (any) suggesting that TDS is an important liberal institution, and there are other people and places far more deserving of complaint. 1) So it’s not ok to ask questions? 2) Jezebel notes sexist practices all over the place. Their piece on TDS got picked up so widely because that show’s a sacred cow. 3) Pointing out institutional sexism (or investigating possible sexism), especially when it’s (maybe) happening in high-profile, beloved, and progressive places is important, and helps us all start having the conversation about what/how/when exclusion is/means/counts/etc. So let’s have the conversation, you guys, instead of shooting down any mention that sexism might be happening at The Daily Show because we all love it so hard.

    Also, Jezebel’s argument concerns the lack of female on-air talent. The womens’ letter spoke to the fact that there are other jobs to be had at TDS, and that women fill many of those roles. (I forget which logical fallacy that falls under. But the fact that Jezebel was asking about on-air talent does not mean that any producer’s work is unimportant; it’s just not what Jezebel was thinking about that day.)

    The letter’s post-script alludes to Jezebel’s point that there are many funny women out in the world, and yet not so many on TDS. Jezebel included a list of comedians that might be a good fit for TDS. The Daily Show end their letter, “PS. Thanks for the list of funny women. Our Nanas send us a ton of suggestions about ‘what would make a great skit for The John Daley Show.’ We’ll file it right next to those.” Suggesting that, what, TDS isn’t interested in hiring funny women, or that they’re not interested in hiring the particular women Jezebel mentioned (Sarah Haskins, Maria Bamford, Julie Klausner, Jessi Klein, Tig Notaro, Whitney Cummings)? What’s up with that?

    Anyway. I love Videogum!

    • It is sad that you read Jezebel. Celebrity obsessiveness at it’s worst.

      • Honestly, it was a shit article. They quoted one woman saying that it’s a rough place for women because you’re not supposed to be emotional. So she was saying that women are way more emotional and that should be tolerated because otherwise it is sexist. That’s a pathetic argument.

        They also didn’t mention Kristen Schall till the fourth paragraph from the bottom and then only in parenthetical asides, and mentioning that she’s a special contributor instead of a regular, as if that were a lesser gig, even though when you look at who else is a contributor, they are actually pretty big deals.

      • right after Perez Hilton! wait…
        (because of how it is not celebrity obsessed, get it?) (also it is more media obsessed which is a valid obsession! because most of what we experience about the world comes through media! and if it’s sexist then sexism is transmitted that way! or whatever!)

        (/gabe as a jezebel)

    • That’s really nice and all but the people Jezebel suggested as “funny women” are not up to par with Daily Show standards. It would be better to have Morgan Webb from X-Play join The Daily Show rather than any of the ones Jezebel suggested.

      What I’m getting at here is the fact that Jezebel is out of touch and only preaches to their own echo chamber. They are insignificant and quite frankly, hypocritical. This includes most of the writing staff and the commenters. If they wanted to do some actual non biased reporting about women in comedy, they could have talked to Lindsey who used to write for Videogum and Comedy Central and Jezebel!, It’s not the Daily Show but they at least could have gotten a perspective other than a hostile one that caters to their opinion of “women in comedy.”

      Good grief I can’t believe I spent this long on Videogum comment.

    • ‘Suggesting that, what, TDS isn’t interested in hiring funny women, or that they’re not interested in hiring the particular women Jezebel mentioned (Sarah Haskins, Maria Bamford, Julie Klausner, Jessi Klein, Tig Notaro, Whitney Cummings)? What’s up with that?’

      What’s up with… not seriously considering lists of potential employees submitted by random pop culture websites?

  54. Newly single Mel Gibson loves 29 of those 30 women.

  55. “Kiss your friend!”

  56. TDS: 99 Problems, But a Bitch Ain’t One.

  57. Scrap the down shot and move on to the upskirt…daaamn !!!

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