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  1. I hope poor Rupert can wash away this humiliation with all of his Ron Weasley money.

  2. He loves Emma Watson though and thinks she’s very pretty

  3. A “Rupert Grint” sounds like a sex move involving elaborate haberdashery and polite discourse.

  4. “Soul of Rupert Grint Also Put To Question, To The Annoyance of Youtube”

  5. Cue new coppercab video in 3… 2…

  6. How could someone who aspires to be an ice cream salesman in Japan NOT do great things in this world Martin?? how??!!

  7. Raging Bullshit

  8. I love Prince, and I’ve always loved his music (particularly with The Revolution), but I think giving away his album free with a Sunday tabloid newspaper is much more of a degradation of its worth than releasing it online, even at a “pay what you want” rate like with Radiohead which has been shown to work for established acts, would ever be.

    He’s always been a copyright nazi though and unfortunately hates the relinquishment of control of intellectual property from record studios / artists themselves to its free availability online, so himself and “the internet” will never quite sit well together :(

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  9. This ginger business is actually starting to irk me. Just a smidgen. Just a wee little bit. But the repetition does grate a bit. If ginger-mockery/hate/ironic-hate/-mockery had been a trend or whatever when my brain was still forming, I don’t think I’d have any self-esteem at all.


  10. Such a slow news day, huh?

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