It has been more than two years since I predicted that the incredible work of street artist BLU would be co-opted and turned into a blue jeans commercial, and yet here we are, with another amazing new video, and blue jeans are still being sold the old fashioned way. HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THIS UNIQUE AND CREATIVE WORK TO BE REAPPROPRIATED BY ASSHOLES AND USED AS A CRASS MARKETING TOOL?

Get with it, Jordache! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Oh sure, Gabe, you act like you’re so in tune with pop culture that you can call things 2 years before they happen. We all know your secret.

  2. I enjoyed the parts with the dinosaurs.

  3. “This blew my mind and expanded what art means to me on a personal level, now I want a pair of boot cut hiphuggers.” – America

  4. Sony gets it

  5. Not sure I care for the experimental turn OK Go’s music has apparently taken, but their music videos continue to impress.

  6. that new ford fiesta commercial gets it. Also that braddock, pa levis ad is surprisingly touching (I’m in Pa. that’s why)

    • It’s a very effective commercial, but Levi’s is so devious. All their products are manufactured overseas, and it’s probable those workers are obscenely underpaid and overworked.

      Plus, as it turns out, the cotton the jeans are made of is ruining India. Not that anyone’s surprised that Monsanto is the worst of the worst, but still; every piece of name-brand clothing has someone’s blood on it. UGH.

      • Your last sentence will be especially true after I carry out the Premium Denim Tri-State Killing Spree I’ve been planning for several months now.

  7. If you guys ever see me backflipping into Levi’s jeans in stop-motion, you’ll know I’ve sold out.

  8. I work in advertising. I will now start exploiting these guys and their creative vision for my nefarious gains. Thanks for the tip, Gabe.

  9. My reaction to this is similar to that of the rainbow-spotting gentleman. I’ve never felt that about jeans (thank god). So there’s an emotional disconnect as a buffer.

  10. I liked the part where that thing evolved, but LOVED the part where that thing then got ate by that other thing.

  11. Videogum Everywhere: Let’s get together, as a family, and clean up all the garbage from that beach. Seriously, contact you local and make a difference, be a volunteer!

  12. did someone say levi?

  13. When I was a young’un, I had a teacher in my school with the surname Levi. She is the only person I’ve ever known with that surname.
    She was certainly a rare Miss Levi.

  14. I know there was a bigger message here, but my takeaway is that my friends and I are LAZY.

  15. This was really good. Just when you think art is dead…

  16. living katamari!

  17. For a second I confused the street artist BLU with the street artist BUE.

    I am a giant loser.

  18. “WTF am I doing reading videogum? There’s a whole city out there to be painted!” – My take home message.

  19. Dammit. I thought it was gonna be Big Bam Boom by Hall and Oates. Why do I have to be old?

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