Daniel Songer, comedian, poet, entertainer, is one of the Internet’s great mysteries. We all know that he loves comedy. We know that. And we know that he retired earlier this year, only to make a surprise comeback. But almost every other aspect of this multi-faceted performer’s life remains unknown. UNTIL NOW. A Videogum contributor who we will call Mike, because of how his name is Mike, conducted the first known interview with Daniel Songer, exploring his life, his work, his influences, his backyard, and, of course, his comedy. For the first time ever, the world is allowed BEHIND THE CURTAIN. It’s Daniel Songer’s world, we just send him questions over email in it.

Videogum: Where were you born?

VG: And where do you now live?

VG: Did you go to college?

VG: What did you want to do as a profession?

VG: When did you interest in performing begin?

VG: Were you performing before you started making videos?

VG: Do your neighbors ever hear you performing in the backyard? If so, do they ever say anything?

VG: What do your co-workers and friends think of the videos?

VG: Who shoots you? Do you set the video-camera on a tripod? Or do you have a friend who videotapes the performances?

VG: Can you tell me the jobs you’ve had over the years? Including the job, if any, you have now?

Daniel Songer: Hey Mike, I was born in Michigan and I went to College to be a Robot & Computer Engineer. In 1990 I started my own Company as a Security Contractor. I started writing Poetry in 1984 and to this day I have written Three Books of Inspirational poetry (available at Link To Publisher Twelve Albums, Two Screen Plays and over 100 Comedy Acts; Total 132 uploads on youtubedanpoetman In 2007 I began My Performances Live To The World. Originally I wanted to perform two Comedy Acts, But I kept getting More ideas and soon The Comedy Flowed from My Heart To The World, it became a need to give great happiness. When I edited my Comedy Acts, I could not stop Laughing, Some of them I almost died because they were so FUNNY. I found out that a lot of people don’t have my kind of Humor, so They don’t get it, but for those who do I’m Sure they have peed their pants.

VG: Thanks. If I could just follow up: what I’d most like to know is how you went from majoring as an engineer, to owning your own company as a security contractor, to then want to go into comedy? Were you encouraged by friends or family?

DS: Mike BUDDY, Whats Up My Friend, It’s Called Destiny.

And there you have it. Daniel Songer, in his own words, ladies and germs.

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  1. I’m confused by his use of capital letters.

  2. “I’m sure they have peed their pants”

    Hugh Jackman’s a big fan I hear.

  3. I have never been able to watch one of this guy’s videos all the way through.

  4. I can relate to the part about not everyone having his exact sense of humor but those that do thinking he’s super funny. Did you guys see my joke in yesterday’s Julia Stiles thread? It was the best joke EVER, but only 2 of you peed your pants.

    Basically that proves my genius, and I didn’t even go to Robot College.

  5. 1) I like that he is uncharacteristically reticent off-camera and barely answers questions; like the Bob Dylan of back porch comedy or whatever; 2) I hope someday he returns to his work in robotics because DUH it would be Amazing; 3) I am so thankful for this glimpse of the man behind the curtain khaki shorts.

    • Can he make a comedy robot who wears khakis and does monologues about the people he saw at the mall?

      • Who says he hasn’t? #spooooky

        • Their seems to be some sort of Disconnect between Daniel Songer: Robot Engineer and Daniel Songer: Comedian Entertainer. And He Never answered the QUESTION about who was operating the Camera. Is this the Original Daniel Songer or is there Something Sinister going on here?

  6. “The Comedy Flowed from My Heart To The World” is both beautiful and apt.

  7. no questions about the talk/do dichotomy?

  8. Next time can the interviewer remember to ask him what the hell is up with all the decking?

  9. “security contractor”

  10. “Homo jokes are Hilarious.” –God’s reply

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