We are just hours away (lots and lots of hours) from the most important day of the year for everyone in the world: July 4th. This is, of course, the day when America celebrates being the best country there is, and all around the world other people toast us and wish us well. “You did it, guys,” is what they say. “We are all so proud of you!” Who’s going to church? Just kidding. EVERYONE IS GOING TO CHURCH! But after church, what then? Fun! And honor! Patriotic Movies!

Founding Fathers of the Bride
Police Academy 4th Of July
The Last House of Representatives on the Left
The Democratic Tenenbaums

There is just no better way to be an engaged citizen who loves but is not afraid to criticize his country while pursuing the dream of owning a gigantic car than to play this game.

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  1. A Stars and Stripes is Born
    Tea Party Monster

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  2. Canada Day of the Dead

  3. Saw 1776 (which will end up being a real movie)

  4. 2 Fast 2/3rds Compromise

  5. Six Degrees of Separation of Church and State

  6. Red, White and Blue Velvet

  7. Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death Race

  8. Who Framed The Constitution?

  9. Being John McCainovich

  10. Congress Air

  11. The Capitol Hills Have Eyes

  12. Marbury v. Billy Madison

  13. Teabaghead
    Uncle Sam Buck
    Red, White and Blue Dragon

  14. Citizen Kane

  15. The War of 1812 Monkeys

  16. Revolutionary War Road

  17. She’s Just Not That Into USA.

  18. I Am (Uncle) Sam

  19. The Birth of a Nation… what.

  20. Requiem for the American Dream.

  21. To Kill A Monarchy-Bird

  22. Requiem for I Have a Dream

  23. In the Land of the Free Women

  24. Kill Bill of Rights

  25. Sex and the City on a Hill

  26. Federalist Paper Heart

  27. Ocean’s 13% Flat Tax

  28. Declaration of Independence Day

  29. Barack to the Future

  30. The Morning in America After

  31. Mrs. Doubtfireworks

  32. The John Adams Family

  33. The Hope and Changeling

  34. Home of the Brave Little Toaster

  35. Step Up 2-party system

  36. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death at a Funeral

  37. There Will Be the Blood of our enemies on the ground

  38. (John) Hancock

  39. Being John Adams

  40. 27 Amendments Later

  41. National Treasure

  42. Hancock

  43. The Curious Case of Benjamin Franklin

  44. 54º40′ or Fight Club

  45. The Freedom Lieutenant’s Woman

  46. Forgetting Sarah Palin

  47. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireworks

  48. Breakin’ 2: Gubernatorial Boogaloo

  49. Profiles in Courage Under Fire

  50. The Lyin’ King

  51. Common Sense and Sensibility

  52. 4thnal Destination

  53. Apple Pi

  54. Operation Iraqi Dumbo Drop

  55. The Big Libertarian

  56. Old Glory Dogs

  57. Separation of Church and Garden State

  58. Deliberation Man

  59. Alien vs. Border Predator

  60. Sex, Lies, and Red Tape

  61. WashingTRON

  62. I ♥ Mike Hucabee

  63. Independence Day

    (Am I doing this right? I am? Cool)

  64. Semi-Prohibition

  65. Bring ‘Em On Golden Pond

  66. Igby Goes Trickle Down

  67. J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur & Silent Cal Strike Back

  68. Let the State’s Rights One In

  69. Shock and Awevatar

  70. Ghost Filibusters

  71. The 13th Senate Floor

  72. The Four Score and Seven Year Old Virgin

  73. Good Gettysburger

  74. Adaptnation

  75. Don´t Ask, Don´t Tell Mom the Babysitter´s Dead (and GAY)

  76. Sorority Roe v. Wade

  77. a confederacy of dunces

  78. Broken Mayflowers

  79. How to secede from the union without even trying

  80. The British are Coming to America

  81. Get jimmy Carter

  82. Just Married, unless you’re gay, then no.

  83. you, me & everyone we know taxation without representation

  84. Max Paine

  85. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

  86. mount rushmore

  87. Palin 2012

  88. Role Model(s) U.N.

  89. Let the Conservative Right One In
    (or don’t!)

  90. The Hang(ing CHAD)over

  91. Land of the Free and Home of the Lost

  92. No Greatest Country in the World for Old Men

  93. National & State Park Gump

  94. grand old party monster

  95. Club Dred Scott

  96. Not Lost in Translation(Because we speak English here in AMERICA)

  97. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chester A. Arthur

  98. A Real American in Paris

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