IFC has announced that it has picked up the rights to re-air Freaks and Geeks, and also Undeclared (including a never-before-seen episode). This is great news for people who like those shows, or for people who hate those shows but love getting mad at stuff all over again.

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  1. Let me know when UFC announces that it has picked up the rights to Freaks Vs. Geeks.

  2. The best news of July so far!

  3. Hey, everybody, let’s post our favorite Bill Haverchuck quotes.

    “Remember that time in civics when I had to fart, and it came out, well, a poop? And I had to flush my undies down the toilet? Do you think I wanted to tell you that?”

  4. Speaking of Apatow alumni, I’m half-way through the third season of Mad Men and was delighted to see that the girl who answered Peggy’s ad was none other than Carla Gallo, and for the first time post-Undeclared, her role wasn’t specifically sex/nudity-based! Go Carla!

  5. I’m down with this I guess but considering you can buy the whole series on Amazon for like $35 (and watch it all on youtube for free!) it seems kinda weird to start re-airing it one episode a week…

    that said, the scene where Lindsay hippie dances to “Box of Rain” one of my favorite moments in TV history so, I’M IN!

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