[In this feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

For those of you who have not heard, Starz officially announced today that it was not picking up Party Down for a third season. (For those of you who have not heard that, follow us on Twitter! Also: @jeremypiven!) If you haven’t seen it, and chances are you haven’t seen it, you should definitely see it. The first season is available on Netflix streaming. And the second season IS AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX STREAMING! This is sad news insofar as that was just such a great show. On the other hand, how fitting for a show about the miserable lives of struggling actors to just get unceremoniously dropped. And besides, who would even still be around for the third season now that everyone’s getting bigger (although not necessarily better) shows? And also, Starz isn’t supposed to have original series anyway. Go back to showing Jade and Sliver double-features, Starz. And also, not everything needs to be driven into the fucking dirt. Sometimes it’s nice when things were great and stayed great because they went away.

Speaking of actors, what’s up with Topher Grace?

We are now just one holiday weekend away from the release of Predators, an ensemble comedy featuring Topher Grace. I’m sure a lot of people this weekend are going to be like “let’s get this barbecue over with and get back to work, because the sooner we get back to work, the sooner we can finish our work, and the sooner we can finish our work, the sooner it will be July 9th.” Almost surely that is a thing everyone will hear at least on person say for real in real life. In preparation/anticipation of the movie’s release, we have two new clips from ThePlaylist (thanks Leah), both featuring Topher saying words:

Lights! Camera! RUN! Get it? Predators. In theaters, July 9th.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, this week we learn a little bit about Topher’s dating preferences. A Russian celebrity gossip site has the SCOOP, comrades!

Topher Grace would have a “problem” with any girlfriend who wasn’t into phone sex.

The 31-year-old actor loves dating, but admits it can be hard to find the perfect woman because his job involves so much travel. Any woman he is with has to get used to spending long periods of time apart, which can be tough.

“Would I have a problem if my girlfriend was into phone sex? I think I’d have a problem if my girlfriend wasn’t,” he laughed during an interview with Company magazine.

Topher is good friends with British actor Orlando Bloom, and they often swap stories about their love lives. Topher finds it strange that people in the UK don`t date in the same way as in America, and is considering spending time introducing the custom to the country.

“Orlando told me people just go out in the UK. In the States, you date many people then decide who to keep,” he explained. “I think I should bring the American system over to Britain, where you go out with lots of different people.

“If it’s true that if you’ve swapped saliva with someone you’re exclusive, it would mean I’ve been exclusive with more people than I realise!”

I’m not sure what Company Magazine is, but this hardly seems like their business. And what kind of question is that, anyways? Did the journalist (“journalist”) have a clipboard with a list of interesting questions that they just went down, and at question #6 it was like “Topher Grace, would you have a problem dating a girl who was into phone sex?” And Topher gave a look, and the journalist (“journalist”) was like, “I’m sorry, I’m just reading what’s on the clipboard.” It is always interesting for Hollywood celebrities to be humanized (is it always interesting, though?) but we do not need to always take it too far the way that we always do.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to tophergracenews@videogum.com. See you next time!

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  1. That’s an RDD, Starz executives.

  2. An actual email from Dish’s dad:

    “FYI… there is a new Predators movie coming out! We gotta go!”

    Duh Aficionado, Dad.

  3. It’s funny because in Valentine’s Day he freaked out when it turned out his gf Anne Hathaway was a professional phone sex lady

  4. i think this feature could really use a little more Wilmer Valderrama. what is HE up to?

  5. Predator5

  6. Aw man not this Topher Grace guy again. Yaaawwwwn. ZZzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. “Predators” is a great name for a romantic comedy.

  8. “Peep Show” taught me that British dating involves lots of anxiety, frustration and premature declarations of love. Topher should go fix that.

  9. Good to know that Adrien Brody went to the Christian Bale School for Tough Guy Voices.

    • Well, he needed to do something, as his previous experience (Thin Red Line) wearing military gear consisted entirely of acting like a child at the zoo who has lost track of his mommy.

  10. So I’ve never been on a date? Dammit!

  11. If I’m lucky I might get a lo*BANG*

  12. Whose talking smack on starz? Spartacus Blood and Sand!!

    Sarcasm aside, they have a Pillars of the Earth show starting next month. I always heard the book was good, so it could be their first legit drama. (Sorry, Dennis Hopper’s ghost).

  13. Noooooo! I love Party Down! I hate you again Star(z).

  14. Topher Grace, please do not have phone sex. You are a tiny, charming gentleman. You should not be having phone sex. Not that I know what phone sex is, mom. What’s a phone? Also, this:

    No phone sex!

  15. So, is there going to be like a ceremony or something where Topher Grace introduces the U.K. to the U.S.A.’s dating style? I’m just imaging Topher Grace, in front of a podium, at the U.K. equivalent of the Washington Monument (Hogwarts?), saying:

    “My friend Orlando Bloom,(yes I am friends with Orlando Bloom) has told me of you redcoats and your wacky dating style! Now that’s all rubbish, mate! Just date everyone except your sister and you’ll be more chipper than Harry at a brothel! Chip chip biscuits and wizards!”

    Halfway through imaging that Topher Grace turned into Don Cheadle from the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies. I’m going to sleep now.

  16. Hey that creepy guy from Justified is in it, double bonus!

  17. Speaking of phones, what is Videogum gonna do without the Microsoft Kin (good riddance!) to pay for advertising?

    • Re this: it’s like actual products that take up physical space now have the lifespan of internet memes?
      I am nostalgic for olden days.

  18. Haha, Company Magazine is the Designer Imposters version of Cosmopolitan. Strictly “my teenage cousin left it in the car so I’ll flip through it” material.

    • Yes: They run Seventeen through the “Teen-Talk Buster” setting in Google Translate and then do a find / replace of “Lauren Conrad” and “Lorrie Conrad” and I don’t even know why you’re still reading this comment.

  19. if everybody i know was watching party down (and based on the facebook today, they were) and everybody here was watching party down, it would seem that nobody was not watching party down. cancelling it just seems like bad math if you ask me. poor move, starz.

  20. I always cross my fingers when I have the temerity to click on a .ru website.

  21. it would seem that, being an american, i’ve been doing it wrong for quite some time.

  22. When one door closes, another opens. Megan Mullally has signed on for a full season of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! ads. A full season of them, guys!

    • She’s pretty, but what she did to Patton made me question my love for her which was brought about by Karen Walker being a great character and her being Mrs. Ron Swanson

  23. topher grace is in detroit right now shooting a movie with richard gere. some people came to take pictures of my house because they might want to use it for filming. i can only hope.

  24. “If it’s true that if you’ve swapped saliva with someone [in the UK] you’re exclusive, it would mean I’ve been exclusive with more people than I realise!”

    This totally explains why that one chick was stalking Vinny in season 1 of Jersey Shore, right you guys! I mean I know she wasn’t British or whatever, but I it clicks. Right you guys? You guys…?

    Ethnocentric American, signing off.


  26. How special, you and I
    How blonde our hair and blue our eyes
    The world it should be ours
    But they just want money
    It’s a conspiracy
    Yeah, they bring you a star
    Put you on the midnight train, going very far
    Line you up and give you a number
    Shoot you down, throw you away, we will not surrender
    This is my struggle

    RIP, Party Down

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