This week, Forbes magazine released its annual list of the 100 most POWERFUL celebrities. Cool list. In this world of constant status anxiety and societally-reinforced low self worth, it is nice to see that some journalists (right? Journalists?) have taken it upon themselves to use MICKEY MOUSE SCIENCE in order to determine EXACTLY how much richer and more successful some people widely recognized to be very rich and very successful are in relation to each other (not you, you are garbage). Oh, and this list comes out ever year? Perfect.

You can see the full list after the jump (and CONGRATULATIONS to Mariska Hargitay for making it just under the wire), if you want. It’s definitely 100 people that you already knew were rich and famous, arrayed in an order that makes no inherent sense (how is Pink ranked higher than Tom Hanks, Glenn Beck, and Stephanie Meyer?). More fun, of course, is to see who ISN’T on the list. Better luck next year to:

  • Paula Poundstone
  • Billy Bush
  • Jonathan Lipnicki
  • Jaime Lee Curtis

And more! Better luck next year to literally thousands of people! Please feel free to leave your well-wishes for someone who did not make the cut in the 2010 Videogum Comments About The 2010 Forbes Celebrity 100 List.

Forbes Top 100 Celebrity List 2010.
1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Beyonce Knowles
3. James Cameron
4. Lady Gaga
5. Tiger Woods
6. Britney Spears
7. U2
8. Sandra Bullock
9. Johnny Depp
10. Madonna
11. Simon Cowell
12. Taylor Swift
13. Miley Cyrus
14. Kobe Bryant
15. Jay Z
16. Black Eyed Peas
17. Bruce Springsteen
18. Angelina Jolie
19. Rush Limbaugh
20. Michael Jordan
21. Floyd Mayweather
22. Michael Bay
23. Donald Trump
24. Jay Leno
25. Coldplay
26. David Beckham
27. Jerry Seinfeld
28. AC/DC
29. Howard Stern
30. Jonas Brothers
31. Dr Phil McGraw
32. Steven Spielberg
33. Ellen DeGeneres
34. David Letterman
35. Tyler Perry
36. Jennifer Aniston
37. Pink
38. LeBron James
39. Roger Federer
40. Brad Pitt
41. Tom Hanks
42. George Lucas
43. Glenn Beck
44. Ryan Seacrest
45. Phil Mickelson
46. Ben Stiller
47. Jerry Bruckheimer
48. Cristiano Ronaldo
49. Alex Rodriguez
50. Robert Pattinson
51. Conan O’Brien
52. Shaquille O’Neal
53. James Paterson
54. Kenny Chesney
55. Manny Pacquiao
56. Tom Cruise
57. Adam Sandler
58. George Clooney
59. Stephanie Meyer
60. Cameron Diaz
61. Serena Williams
62. Rascal Flatts
63. Charlie Sheen
64. Derek Jeter
65. Lance Armstrong
66. Kristen Stewart
67. Toby Keith
68. Sean Diddy Combs
69. Stephen King
70. Sarah Jessica Parker
71. Leonardo DiCaprio
72. Judge Judy Shendin
73. Robert Downey Jr
74. Lil Wayne
75. Reese Witherspoon
76. Keith Urban
77. Julia Roberts
78. Steve Carell
79. Meryl Streep
80. Akon
81. Maria Sharapova
82. Daniel Radcliffe
83. Venus Williams
84. Ray Romano
85. Gisele Bundchen
86. Heidi Klum
87. Drew Barrymore
88. Alec Baldwin
89. Kiefer Sutherland
90. Tina Fey
91. Kate Moss
92. Eva Longoria Parker
93. Jeff Dunham
94. George Lopez
95. Katherine Heigl
96. Danica Patrick
97. Kate Hudson
98. Chelsea Handler
99. Jennifer Love Hewitt
100. Mariska Hargitay

Comments (87)
  1. It is incredibley terrifying to know that in the world i live in Pink is the 37th most powerful person.

  2. Don’t worry Topher Grace when Predators makes 9 billion at the box office you’ll get on this list

  3. Who is Alex Baldwin?

    • Arec was robbed.

    • I wonder if it’s a coincidence that he and Tina Fey are ranked so close. Idk what direction they went to make the list (because there is no way a sane human being could have made this list by thinking of random people, and then randomly assigning them random numbers randomly), but I have a feeling they ranked Alec/Tina, thought of the next person, then went “oh shit, what about that other well-known star from 30 Rock, better add them next, so I don’t forget.”

      Yeah, that’s definitely how that happened.

    • I guess he’s just there with Jaime Lee Curtis, John Depp, Miles Cyrus, Tom Cruz, Jerry Brookheimer, and Dr. Judy Shendin, all sitting on the losers table. (Table? They can’t afford chairs.)

  4. Recount. Are they aware that That 70s Show remains popular in syndication?

  5. Screw Forbes, Topher Grace’s bi-monthly ‘zine just released a list of the Hollywood’s most Topher-esque celebrities:
    1. Topher Grace
    2. Gabe Delahaye
    3. Topher Grace
    4. Topher Grace
    5. Topher Grace
    6. Topher Grace
    7. Topher Grace
    8. Topher Grace
    9. Topher Grace
    10. Topher Grace
    11. Topher Grace
    12. Topher Grace
    13. Topher Grace
    14. Topher Grace
    15. Topher Grace
    16. Topher Grace
    17. Topher Grace
    18. Topher Grace
    19. Topher Grace
    20. Topher Grace
    21. Topher Grace
    22. Topher Grace
    23. Topher Grace
    24. Topher Grace
    25. Topher Grace
    26. Topher Grace
    27. Topher Grace
    28. Topher Grace
    29. Topher Grace
    30. Topher Grace
    31. Topher Grace
    32. Topher Grace
    33. Topher Grace
    34. Topher Grace
    35. Topher Grace
    36. Topher Grace
    37. Topher Grace
    38. Topher Grace
    39. Topher Grace
    40. Topher Grace
    41. Topher Grace
    42. Topher Grace
    43. Topher Grace
    44. Topher Grace
    45. Topher Grace
    46. Topher Grace
    47. Topher Grace
    48. Topher Grace
    49. Topher Grace
    50. Topher Grace
    51. Topher Grace
    52. Topher Grace
    53. Topher Grace
    54. Topher Grace
    55. Topher Grace
    56. Topher Grace
    57. Topher Grace
    58. Topher Grace
    59. Topher Grace
    60. Topher Grace
    61. Topher Grace
    62. Topher Grace
    63. Topher Grace
    64. Topher Grace
    65. Topher Grace
    66. Topher Grace
    67. Topher Grace
    68. Topher Grace
    69. Topher Grace
    70. Topher Grace
    71. Topher Grace
    72. Topher Grace
    73. Topher Grace
    74. Topher Grace
    75. Topher Grace
    76. Topher Grace
    77. Topher Grace
    78. Topher Grace
    79. Topher Grace
    80. Topher Grace
    81. Topher Grace
    82. Topher Grace
    83. Topher Grace
    84. Topher Grace
    85. Topher Grace
    86. Topher Grace
    87. Topher Grace
    88. Topher Grace
    89. Topher Grace
    90. Topher Grace
    91. Topher Grace
    92. Topher Grace
    93. Topher Grace
    94. Topher Grace
    95. Topher Grace
    96. Topher Grace
    97. Topher Grace
    98. Topher Grace
    99. Topher Grace
    100. Steve Winwood

  6. Don’t worry, Gwyneth Paltrow. You’re the worst on our list.

  7. who the fuck is oprah winfrey?

  8. Don’t get discouraged Daniel Songer there is always next year.

  9. You guessed it…Frank Stallone.

  10. Yikes! Evil scientists must have conspired to construct 93, 94, and 95 to be some sort of hideous CHAIN OF AWFUL. God help us if they start to move up this very important and interesting list.

  11. Any world in which Tiger Woods is more powerful than Britney Spears is not one in which I wish to live. :(

    • Any world in which either of them is ranked in the top 10 most influential people in Hollywood, a list that doesn’t include the likes of the Coen brothers, Bill Murray, Charlie Kaufman, etc. is not one in which I want to live.

  12. This seems like a list that Will Ferrell would be very upset to not be a part of.

  13. If the internet wins, I expect next year’s number one to simply read: Zach.

  14. Better luck next year to: The United States of America.

  15. It’s cool how like half the list list is made up of athletes. Very Hollywood.

  16. On #99, isn’t it required that you actually exert some sort of influence at some point in your Hollywood “career”? Or are we just handing out awards? *puts finger to ear* Oh we are just handing out awards?

    Fine, congrats to Steve Wiebe!!! A true winner.

  17. Paula Poundstone may not have won a spot on this list, but she DID win Carl Kasell’s voice on my home answering machine.

  18. Forget how they define “powerful,” how the fuck do they define “Hollywood”? I mean, look:

    79. Meryl Streep
    80. Akon
    81. Maria Sharapova

    … what?

  19. AC/DC ranks higher than expected. Better luck next year Aerosmith!

  20. Is it weird that Swiss citizen Roger Federer (39) wields more power in Hollywood than Kathryn Bigelow (not listed)? I would hate to see Federer kill Bigelow’s next project because it does not feature enough chocolate and watches, but this list confirms that is now likely.

  21. Oh Oprah! At this point in her career, she probably gets payed millions just when she pees… for ten minutes.

  22. So Beyonce is better than Taylor Swift after all… Well I’m glad that’s settled.
    Wait, where’s Kanye?

  23. Somewhere there’s a Facebook page calling for Betty White to be on this list.

  24. Billy Gibbons was robbed!

  25. Where’s the Bieber?

  26. Justin Bieber should be on here for being powerfully cute!

  27. Where the hell is Nick Madson?

  28. 72. Judge Judy Shendin

    I googled this to make sure Judge Judy Shendin wasn’t the same person as Judge Judy of television fame. It was.

  29. And who the hell is James Patterson?

  30. Given his ability to get people to dive into toilets after his phones – Jeremy Piven (Forbes Celebrity 100 2011).

  31. If you guys are just gonna sit around and make fun of this list… well then maybe you just don’t understand “power.” serious business here, folks

    • Also, I was truly disheartened to not find Jonathan Taylor Thomas listed…

      • Yeah, for real. That picture got my hopes up that JTT was making (had already made? and I missed it?) and comeback. I think SOMEONE confused him with Jonathan Lipnicki, who still looks 5 years old, and is also not a hunk.

  32. watching judge judy makes me want to throw bricks off of an overpass

  33. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get any sleep tonight from wondering about who came in 101st.

  34. It’s too bad this isn’t a list of the prettiest girls, which would include Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart, others. Who should we add to the Videogum troll hour’s best pretty girls list?

  35. Speaking of POWERful people, I tried to eat lunch at my local Mexican place today and couldn’t because Kenny Powers was there, filming Eastbound and Down. Take that, City Folk. We have famous people in Wilmington, North Carolina!

  36. Too bad for him Christiano Ronaldo isn’t on the Forbes list of 100 people whose teams have made it through to the next round of the World Cup! HA!

    (I don’t like him).

  37. Take that, racism!

  38. I for sure thought (and hoped) that Rascal Flatts wouldn’t be on the boat that crossed over into 2010.


  39. “Fuck you, Forbes.”
    - Superman

  40. How do you think the money for U2 gets split up? Here’s my guess:
    10% Business Manager
    10% Agents
    10% Other band members
    10% Bono’s sunglasses supply
    60% Bono

  41. I’m very surprised. Just went to Forbes website and Jennifer Aniston is at #26, Pink at #27 , Lebron at #28 . Donald Trump was lower down the list, yet here he is at #23 and Aniston and co. are at #36 to #38. Your list is taken from Forbes I’m guessin, but you seem to have a different list here. LOL

  42. 99: jennifer love hewitt.
    STILL TOO HIGH for Jennifer love hewitt, what is this 1999?

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