We have a lot of fun with the Dales Peterson and Carlys Fiorina and Tims James of the world. They make such hilariously ridiculous political campaign ads! The 2010 election, with its tea bags and its Arizona immigration laws and its Brown Shirt economic concerns is shaping up into the most deeply divisive election year in awhile, and that is REALLY saying something considering the past few election years! But now there is a new political campaign ad (after the jump) from Arizona congressional candidate Pamela Gorman that literally just features her SHOOTING GUNS at the word “TAXES.” Good Grief! This is getting embarrassing!

Regardless of where you fall on the ideological divide, even if shooting all the guns and not paying any of the taxes is exactly the lifestyle that appeals to you, I think you can agree that this most recent trend of angry, violent, hateful, fear-mongering, pandering, race-baiting, lowest-common-denominator BULLSHIT campaigning is seriously fucking embarrassing. Like, in 40 years from now, when we have to EXPLAIN this shit to our hover-grandchildren? “People would try and convince voters that they were the best qualified to represent them in the government by saying stupid shit that even they themselves didn’t believe, and then shooting a gun in a field.” This must be how the Germans feel when they have to talk about the Holocaust. “It was a different time.” Except that it’s 2010, not 1939. We have fucking iPads and heart transplant surgery now. And black people are allowed to go to college. (Although I guess that’s probably part of the problem right there, right, Pamela Gorman?)

Seriously, shame on us. But especially shame on Pamela Gorman. Shame on her so hard. (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)

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  1. So let’s give a double tap to the back of Congress’ head and elect Pamela Gorman.

  2. After yesterday’s gun ruling, the excitement got too much for them

  3. Oh you dumb, dumb, pretty gentile.

  4. I used to think that all the republicans who claim to “love America” but talk so much about how it’s wrong were simply trying to ploy us into votes– but now I think they just want to shoot us.

  5. “My name is Pamela Gorman, and I approved this garbage nightmare.”

  6. I know many liberal types who enjoy shooting guns. I’m one of them. If guns are only for conservatives then only conservatives will have guns. Not a world we should be too excited to live in, friends.

    • They let minors handle guns?

    • I’m sorry, I’m new to this Videogum stuff… but this seems like the right thing to do.

    • If awful campaign commercials are only for douchebag conservatives, only douchebag conservatives will have awful campaign commercials.

    • The problem with ads like this is not the politics embodied within, but the way that it is presented. Though I am a liberal, I work with many great, thoughtful and intelligent Republicans/conservatives that I really like and have a lot of respect for (I have wallet size photos of all of them). We all have ideas and if we are thoughtful and deliberate about them, we can even have fruitful discussions and occasionally solve some of our nation’s problems, and if I didn’t think that there was the possibility that people of different political persuasions could come together, I don’t think I could go on.

      No, the problem with ads like these is the toxic mix of pride-in-ignorance and irony.

      There is, of course, a long standing tradition in this country of taking pride in not knowing things, or valuing lack of learning, but that mixed with mainstream America’s embrace of soul-spoiling irony means that there is no depth of ignorance or barbaric baseness to which you can descend that will cause society, no matter the party, to say, “No way!”

      It is impossible to parody this type of thought because there is no way to make it too extreme, that new low just becomes the new litmus test for all other “real” conservatives and “real” Americans to have to strive for.

      But the real problem isn’t that someone thinks it is a good idea to make ads like this, but that we as a people are amused by it and not so outraged that we start shooting laser-vomit from our eyes.

      I apologize to the conservative friends here. I try and respect all of everyone’s opinion.

      Now, if you will excuse me, I have to return to scribbling in my cave.

    • We should go back to swords. Then we’ll see who the tough guys are. And no one gets injured in drive-by swordings.

      The sad facts are that guns don’t make anyone safer. 300 people a day are shot, and in one year:
      - an average of 100,000 people in America are shot or killed with a gun.
      - 642 people who were killed accidentally and 17,215 who were shot accidentally but survived.
      - 16,883 people who killed themselves and 3,797 people who survived a suicide attempt with a gun.

      Also: An estimated 41% of gun-related homicides and 94% of gun-related suicides would not occur under the same circumstances had no guns been present (Wiebe, p. 780).

      Keeping a firearm in the home increases the risk of suicide by a factor of 3 to 5 and increases the risk of suicide with a firearm by a factor of 17 (Kellermann, 1992, p. 467; Wiebe, p. 771).

      Keeping a firearm in the home increases the risk of homicide by a factor of 3 (Kellermann, 1993, p. 1084).

  7. “That all depends on the CALIBER of our candidates.” Get it? You get it.

  8. No, Gabe, shame on us for not running for public office sooner. Imagine the kinds of campaign ads smarty-pants videogum contributors could make. We need to fight fire with animated GIFs of fire!

  9. Also, we never once saw her target. I demand an investigation into just how good Pamela Gorman is at shooting things.

  10. the same tactics that couldn’t get heidi montag in a michael bay movie will probably get pamela gorman elected to congress….let freedom ring.

  11. I had no idea Andy Sidaris was making campaign ads now.

  12. Judging by how well she can hold a gun, I’m guessing she doesn’t play soccer.

  13. a tommy gun?! really?! I really wanted this to end with ‘ I’m Pamela Gorman, see, and they’ll never take me alive.’

    • She’s just trying to capture that crucial 1920′s Chicago Mobster vote. I’m sure her plans for lenient speakeasy taxes are helping as well.

  14. Oh this is from Arizona? Really?

  15. i saw a 5 year old girl shoot a rifle over the weekend at a gun show. i find it disturbing that anyone, after going through a 5 minute “safety training,” was allowed to handle deadly weapons. also that a 5 year old’s parent or guardian thought this was ok.

    • yeah, that shit is kinda a terrible idea.

      although i was taught to shoot a rifle probably around 10 or so. it knocked me the fuck over backwards and my grandfather laughed and laughed. and after that terrifying experience i knew that it was just not for me.

      • We have so much in common! I was given a shotgun for my 11th birthday, and I hated it. Those things will knock you flat on your ass when you’re a tiny baby child. Fact: it’s still sitting in the gun closet (I’m from Alabama, what are you going to do?) at my parents house mostly unused.

      • dear god… that is terrible. the rifle that i shot (also the one the 5 year old shot) was a black powder rifle, and didn’t have much kick. the “safety instructor” told us that he first used the gun that morning… didn’t really make me think he should be assisting with this. the spark burned my hand… i probably wasn’t holding it right, but wouldn’t have known that thanks to the “safety instructor.” the girl ran away from the gun immediately after it went off because the spark hit her as well.

        i think i’ll stick to archery.

  16. Does anyone else think that a Charlie’s Angels type trifecta with Gorman, Palin, and Bachmann is now inevitable?

    Bobby Jindal can be Bosley.

  17. Do you remember the first time you saw Idiocracy and you were like, huh, that was an interesting take on the current and future state of logic and intellect in society demonstrated by extreme satire? But then little by little things kept happening in the world that were creepily similar to things the writers of Idiocracy invented as depressing jokes, and pretty soon you wondered if maybe Mike Judge really was from the future? And all I’m saying you guys is :

  18. I don’t know why this is even important right now when it was just announced that John Gosselin got a new dragon tattoo.

  19. haha, gabe. like any of us are going to be around in 40 years. only 18 more months until 2012, at which point i will greet the explosion of the sun or re-jiggering of the magnetic poles or final explosion from the deepwater horizon that will spew one zillion gallons of oil and magma across the plains of the united states or that eruption of the super volcano or whatever the fuck is supposed to happen with joy and wonder.

  20. “And black people are allowed to go to college. (Although I guess that’s probably part of the problem right there, right, Pamela Gorman?)”

    This ad is pretty silly, but that statement is unfair. It’s straight up bigotry, actually.

    • Really?

        • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • For the sake of convenience, let’s try wikipedia:

            “A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. The correct use of the term requires the elements of intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.”

            Now, there is certainly a level of hostility involved in imputing racism to another person’s viewpoints, especially when the type of racism imputed is of such a severe degree and the person has given no indication of possessing those particular traits. In this case, we know certain things about Pamela Gorman (e.g. she likes guns, she dislikes taxes, she approves of strange advertisements), most of which demonstrate that her opinions are different from Gabe’s, but none of which suggests racism without the external application of irrational prejudice (e.g. “all conservatives are racist”). The hostility of the accusation implies animosity, and the tone of the entire post demonstrates intolerance. I’m pretty sure that satisfies the definition.

            Of course, a casual accusation of engaging in bigotry should carry no more sting around here than a casual accusation of racism. Anyone here who’s made a passing remark about vuvzelas can back me up on that.

          • So are you a bigot if you’re intolerant of racists? Did I just EXPLODE YOUR MIND?!

          • It would depend on more than just your intolerance. In other words, intolerance is a necessary condition but not a sufficient one. You would also have to be hostile and irrational in your views toward racists. I actually think that this form of bigotry is more widespread that it seems because it is an accepted, even encouraged, type of bigotry. The key question is determining the difference between rational and irrational intolerance and hostility toward racism, which is a hard distinction to parse.

            A good rule of thumb: keep a picture of a racist in your wallet.

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          • I never suggested that one was “good” and one was “bad”. I said that to define an antiracist stance as a form of bigotry you’d need to parse the difference between “rational” and “irrational” intolerance and animosity toward racism.

            Of course, an unwillingness to consider the logic of your prejudices and motives would probably fall under the “irrational” banner. It might also explain why you think you know anything at all about my social background.

          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • You really are missing my point. I never assigned a value judgement to bigotry, but I’ll concede that I think it is a bad thing, so fair enough. I also never argued against being against racism. My argument was that it is possible to be against racism for irrational reasons.

            You may have failed to notice, but my statement also implied that there are rational reasons to be against racism. The fact that you seem to be countering that a stance against racism transcends logical investigation suggests that you are unwilling to consider the logic of your prejudices and motives, at least in that area, so my statement was in fact based on something you said.

            I don’t know you and I have no delusions that I do. I apologize if my response was overly personal, but you started us on that path. As far as speaking from privilege, I am an American. Aside from that, you have no idea where I’m coming from.

        • I don’t want to speak for Godsauce but I think he/she may have been referring to bigotry as a form of intolerance. Gabe may have exhibited intolerance to conservatives by assuming that they are ALL racists. Which, despite many opinions to the contrary (certainly on this blog), they are not. Not ALL conservatives are racists. I promise it’s true. That being said, this bitch seems crazy and probably is a racist. But I think Godsauce was perhaps fighting the stereotype that all conservatives are racist. Maybe???

          • Not all conservatives, just the ones running for political office who believe that if they shoot things, a lot, they make a good argument.

          • I’m going to be totally presumptuous and assume (and we all know what happens when people assume — people die), Napoleon, that that was directed at me and not at smithmagnum44, and tell you, hey, I like you to and have consisistently admired your avatar.

          • Napoleon’s avatar was even more bad-ass when it was a gif, of the tromping jesus bird shooting lasers at the hopping Darwin head.

            I’ve mentioned before on this blog how the animated avatars would hypnotize me, and Napoleon’s was ay the top of the list!

          • Thanks, KajusX! Oh man, I miss my laser-shooting Jesusbird so much. He was so kickass. Gabe, can you please just fix this for this poor bird’s sake?

            In related news, I once drew a picture of my avatar for my shrink to fully explain how awesome it was, and it was pretty great, but not as great as a real live moving .gif. Just like now. ['Why is she still talking? Avatar jokes? Reallllly?' - everyone]

        • Your resort to the dictionary is a bit of a dodge. It’s an easy way to change the subject without dealing with the fact that the statement is unthinking and unfair. I’m fully aware that the site is left leaning and that’s fine but I’m getting to a point where I just don’t enjoy vgum anymore. (Feel free to say good riddance) This kind of knee jerk lumping of right of center thought into one big (racist/sexist/xenophobic/homophobic) lump is tedious.

          Loving guns doesn’t make you racist, it just means you love guns. Correlation is not causation blah, blah blah.

          For the record yes, Tim James is straight up stupid. However, the Dale Peterson ads are not meant to be serious so it just shows how little some of y’all think about things. You see a southerner acting silly and automatically think he’s serious.

          My biggest beef though is that you lefties do not leave any room for anyone to disagree. Yes there is lip service to the idea that we can disagree honestly but it is immediately followed with a “But you have to agree that this is bigoted racist hate-mongering.” As a conservative, and yes a southerner from Alabama, I’m accustomed to people disagreeing with me. My pop culture tastes run very much away from the conservative. It’s fine, but really give your arguments honest reflection before you start saying one stupid view means you hold all stupid views.

          Gabe, to his credit is usually very thoughtful. I remember him making a persuasive Conservative, moral case against lotteries at one point. So the teabag and brown shirt references are disappointing to say the least. Most tea party activists are boring bourgeois salary working, mortgage holders. Arguing that the gov’t should stay out of our everyday lives is actually the opposite of what the brown shirts stood for (the state owning you and having the right to ship you off and kill you).

          • Don’t go, pc. Where ya been? I was just thinking of you the other day…

          • Yes, the knee-jerk lumping of one political party that in 2010 seems to be exclusively about disenfranchising the non-white, non-wealthy, non-Christians of this nation, and then treating them with open hostility and veiled threats of violence (if one can call things like shooting guns in campaign ads and talks of “gather your armies” simply a veiled threated), really IS, uh… what’s the word I’m looking for?

            Oh yes, it’s about fucking time.

            And PCBowen, you apparently don’t know any actual lefties. Go talk to one. Then talk to another, and find out how they are not identical. That is, in fact, what makes someone a progressive or a liberal. We don’t all agree and march in lockstep over the cliff like the people who embraced Palin during the last presidential campaign.

            For the record, being “conservative” in 2010 means you are against equality being extended to gay couples, gov’t programs that actively try to help the poor, protecting the environment even if it means business can’t make as much profit, and so on. It means favoring the status quo, and for many of us, the way things were just ain’t good enough.

            So, honestly, if Conservatives get offended that someone calls them out for having a party chocked fucking full of racists and homophobes and people with Messianic complexes, well too bad. Go ahead and leave. Go find a Teabaggum to get your pop culture snark on. Or stay and try to defend the morons who are in charge of your party. Give it a shot. Convince me that Sarah Palin has anything to say worth listening to. Convince me that Bobby Jindal, Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Rush L., Glenn Beck etc. ad nauseum, convince me that ANY of those buffoons has anything to say worth hearing.

            Or shut up and fuck off and no one will miss you.

          • “Conservatives are lumped in the same pigeonhole of morons on Videogum. But, you shouldn’t lump conservatives. Lefties seem to say they are tolerant of ideas and then qualify their statements with elitism.”

            “All conservatives are in the same pigeonhole of morons. But, you shouldn’t lump lefties. They’re different and tolerant of ideas Expect for yours, pc.”
            - Inoffthecrossbar

    • to be fair, pamela gorman probably thinks that no one should go to college, because access to public education isn’t in the bill of rights, so everyone should be responsible for book learning their young’uns to begin with. and the state of arizona shouldn’t waste any money propping up godless liberal think tanks like u of a. and also to be fair i bet pamela gorman probably doesn’t even know black people exist.

    • if by “bigotry” you mean “deductive reasoning,” then yes.

  21. Honestly, when you think about the sort of idiot who forms all of their political opinions from TV, this sort of ad could just as easily be called well-tailored.

  22. Between this and the Jeremy Piven post (you my boy, J-Piv!), I think Gabe might have gotten out on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Hope you’re having an alright day, Gabe. Cheer up!

  23. Jeez, Arizona, secede already.

  24. “Her arms are not atrophied!”

    - BillyBobNeck

  25. I really want to say something witty about this ridiculous GITERDUN commercial, but all I can come up with is “Oyyyyy va voy, Arizona.”

  26. What are her policies again? She wants lower taxes and she’s rated 100% by the NRA – send her to Congress!

  27. Forget congresswoman. They need to put this Annie Oakley cunt on boarder patrol. Seriously. They’ve got narco snipers out there right now.

  28. Gabe,

    I love reading this blog for your refreshing optimism.

    “Explaining this to our grandkids.”

    But we all know the world’s ending in 18 months (thanks Mayans!) so there won’t be any grandkids to awkwardly explain things to!

    Like, mad in the sense of “crazy”.

    Keep on keepin on,

  29. Hey yall, let’s not leave out Rick Barber. He’s a crazy idiot wingnut too. Dale Peterson even has a cameo in his latest campaign ad!

  30. I’m in grad school in Boston, where there are no happy hours or happy people; isn’t that punishment enough?

    • ohmygodiamabouttodotheexactsamething. i am dreading it so, so much.

      • Boston’s great, guys. It just takes some getting used to.

        • Boston is the opposite of great. Unless you’re wicked into hiking! Or, like, you love talking with all your other straight, white bropals about your tree month trip around South Asia and how all the contacts you made are gonna really do things for your graphic design career.

          UGH FOREVER.

          (Please point me in the direction of not-awful people, Boston monsters.)

    • i hope this has to do with whatever school you’re at. boston loves beer and drinking it with other beer lovers.

  31. This is in the wrong plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Gah.

  32. I would like to know her views on soccer before I make my decision on whether to vote for her or not.

  33. Guh. I live in Texas, where things aren’t much better*. I think I’ve developed a good plan to run for Governor, though. I’ll just make a campaign ad wearing a cowboy hat and an American flag shirt and claim that I can shoot a deer in the face at 500 yards, and I can no-scope tax raises from any distance. Then I’ll fold my arms and spit tobacco juice on the camera. It’ll be a landslide!

    *are far worse probably

    • Certain cities in Texas are awesome. Try Austin, San Antonio, north Dallas. There is a lot of moonscape stupidity around those cities, but all is not hopeless! Fight the good fight!

      • Everytime I go to Austin, I want to scream at everyone on the street, “Don’t you ever want to be financially independent?!! Stop trying so hard to look cool!” Austin is a great place to visit, but an awful awful place to live.

  34. My browser is acting all buggy, so this what it looked like watching this video:

    Someone’s not a fan of photos with words attached to them! And is this what 3D internet will look like?

  35. yes I r the one of them

  36. if arnold was elected because he pretended to shoot guns, then this girl outta be the next secretary of death…i mean she’s better her than some liberal scientologist actor

  37. [IMG][/IMG]

  38. Please, the knives are out figuratively here not literally, when are conservatives going to grow up and get over this weird victim complex they have? pcbowen can still speak and disagree but I guess inoffthecrossbars said things in mean way on the internet so thats some sort of oppression somehow.

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