YESSSSSSSSSS! This tip was sent in last week, and somehow I kept forgetting to post it, which seems incredible considering what it is, which is a clip of Kristin Chenoweth guest hosting Live! with Regis and Kelly and sharing a story about HAVING DIARRHEA IN THE MIDDLE OF A BROADWAY PLAY. What was I so busy doing last week that I forgot to put this up? BEING AN ADULT? Get real, me. Speaking of having diarrhea in the middle of a broadway play, why was Kristin Chenoweth guest hosting? Is Pipa alright? Oh no! Could someone check on Pipa!!!!

Anyway, the clip itself, which I have posted after the jump, is not particularly exciting, except for the fact that it features an adult woman discussing her public diarrhea as if it was a normal thing that we’ve all agreed is acceptable and maybe even CHARMING to talk about on national television. What is she so giggly about? “That reminds me of a funny story!” Are you sure? Do you know what the word “funny” means? Seriously, these celebrities need to reevaluate the appeal of their anecdotes about losing complete control of their bodily functions in front of a paying audience. “Oh wait, is NOT telling this story an option? I didn’t realize that I was under absolutely no legal or moral obligation to share this disgusting story about my diarrhea with the world.”

Incidentally, I lied in the title of this post. Kristin Chenoweth did NOT let the actress in her take over. The exact opposite. If she really cared about her craft, she would have left the costume on and hit her mark. Total amateur hour. (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)

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  1. I have such a huge crush on that tiny little lady, poop or no.

  2. Your move, Hugh Jackman.

  3. For me, anyone who appeared on Pushing Daisies gets a free pass. Even for poop stories.

  4. What kind of mixed-up world do actors live in where guys are the ones to piss themselves and girls are the ones to crap themselves? In reality isn’t it supposed to be the opposite?! Shame on you, Hollywood- always with the agendas.

  5. In the Broadway race for my heart, Hugh Jackman is number one, and Kristin Chenoweth is number two.

  6. I think I like her even more now!

  7. I treat Videogum like I treat work at my office. I could watch this last video (do this last actual work) or I could leave a few minutes early.


  8. I have a lot of friends who would have told that story so much better. How come they’re not on Broadway? Life is a bitter pill.

  9. What is she, 6 years old? Tiny little baby voice over here.

  10. Socialism, satan, soccer, sodomy. And what does Hollywood start with? Hmm. No. What business are Hollywood people in? Showbiz, that’s what. What letter does showbiz start with. Exactly.

    Need further proof? They have her sitting, socializing about shitting. The trifecta of sins, as I like to call it.

  11. I met her a couple weeks ago, and she was super duper nice to me, so I’m just going to pretend that this post didn’t happen and remember the good times.

  12. That’s nothing compared to Tom Cruise’s story about the time he burped up a wad of maggots during a commercial break on the Tonight Show… LOL!

  13. Who is this woman, anyway?

  14. Mark your calendars: June 28, 2010, the day we sealed the trifecta.

  15. If I were a powerful celebrity who was also very short– if I were Kristen Chenoweth, basically– this is how I’d tell my assistants that I need a stool.

    Because what’s abuse of power without puns.

  16. Sounds like she could use some diarrhea pants! Just remember, no logs!

  17. I want to say something about her saying she managed to have diarrhea and continue on with the show was the most unnecessary back door brag ever, but I’m getting hung up on the “back door” bit.

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