What? What is it like when you work out with your assistant for the first time in three months? (Via Robert Popper.)

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  1. Oh good, there are 71 more of these.

  2. I don’t know what’s so weird here. Unless it’s the fact that there was a three month lag between workouts. That must be it.

    • Listen, sometimes it hard to schedule a ‘workout session.’ there are everyday responsibilities: work and kids and…wives (i hope not)…you can’t just runaway from all that on a whim. Also, that guy is my senator.

  3. If I had an assistant I’d make him be the one to give me piggyback rides

  4. Before he could begin his new position, Assistant #71 had to deliver a package to a family in Akron, OH containing this letter:

    Dear Sir or Ma’am,

    STRONG MAN RON LLC Regrets to inform you that your child/spouse _assistant #70_ has perished in a rare accident resulting from a fall from STRONG MAN RON’s shoulders. We are deeply sorry for your loss and have included in this care package 4 Omaha Steaks and 4 Ginsu Steak knives. We know that STRONG MAN RON LLC cannot ever truly fill the hole in your heart left by the loss of your child/spouse, but we hope that we can at very least help fill your belly with these delicious Omaha Steaks.



  5. “When I was a kid, if I was listening to a particularly racy serial on the old crystal radio kit, I’d keep my hand on the dial so that if Ma or Pa walked in, I could change the channel quickly and make it look like I was listening to cartoons.” That’s how I’m feeling RIGHT NOW!

  6. Ron’s got some meaty calves.

  7. Ugh, I wish my dad would not wear my black Speedos.

  8. They’re going to do great on the next season of The Amazing Race.

  9. The World’s Strongest Man competition was on ESPN 2 yesterday afternoon, and let me tell you, the homoerotic chubby assistant bed jumping squats round was where the Americans really shined. USA! USA!

  10. thanks, internet. love, old thompson.

  11. I think we all know who HASN’T been playing any soccer. Amiright? Did you see the guns on Ron? No? Couldn’t take your eyes off the Speedo? Well, trust me, he’s no Socialist.

  12. I would have loved to see THAT ad on Craigslist.

  13. This guy looks like Boris Yeltsin. From personal experience, gigantic padded headboards are almost always bad news too.

  14. Future News: Actor Vinnie Chase continues to perform his own stunts well into the twilight of his career.

  15. I now have a raging semi….thanks videogum

  16. Just one man and three glasses of White Zinfandel shy of being the beginnings of a fun and sexy LEMON PARTY.

  17. This isn’t a “strong man” video but is rather a fetish video for something called “Lifting and Carrying.” Y’all are commenting on a dirty video!

  18. “Another satisfied customer!”
    - RentBoy.com

  19. “Another satisfied customer!”

    - RentBoy(dot)com

  20. Is it just me guys, or has Mad Men gone downhill?

  21. My wife just walked in on me watching this video and I just said she caught me watching porn rather than say it was the last videogum post.

  22. Hope everyone else had this much fun during Pride Week!

  23. TWSS overload. Shutting down servers to reboot.

  24. I quite like how he’s decorated his bedroom. Is it odd that I noticed this at all?

  25. I enjoy the “Foggy Monocle”-esque title of this post immensely.

  26. I work out in the exact same way but it never struck me as being odd until I saw someone else doing it. Now I’m at a complete loss as to how you are supposed to get my exercise.

  27. When I work out with my assistant for the first time in 3 months, my assistant is definitely wearing those same boxers. I mean, they’re the standard issue Workout Assistant gear. So they’re right on, there.

  28. This is my first post in three months. I think I’m going deeper then last time.

  29. I kinda think the view of the headboard in the mirror might be similar to “the boss’ favorite part” of the assistant….

  30. Did this remind anyone else of that creepy video of the girl in the office/closet with the tarp on the floor and the watermelons? Not that I watched that. Oh gees.

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