The Taiwanese news service NMA has once again gotten to the heart of a story (Al Gore alleged sexual harassment scandal) using computer animation techniques rarely seen outside of first semester pre-requisite courses at a vocational school. I never noticed Al Gore’s lightning bolt RAGE EYES before!

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  1. That was horrifying.

  2. What’s Pink and Bush have to do with anything. Did I miss something when reading the police report?

    • [Holds up envelope to forehead and pauses meaningfully... Rips open envelope to read.] “What are things that make lightning come out of Al Gore’s eyes?”

  3. She’s looking pretty lithe for 54. She really does everything in her powers to escape his sweaty clutches too right? I haven’t seen a struggle as heartfelt and noble since uh, porn.

    • exactly. i am the last dude to blame people who are the victims of sexual harassment or anything of the nature, but i feel like there were a lot of red flags (and thighs) that that lady should have noticed.

  4. That was the most unnerving GTA4 cutscene ever.

  5. Ok, say what you want, but every time I see “AL GORE SEX ATTACK!” I laugh quietly to myself.

    ha! everything is ridiculous.

  6. Wait, what does it mean when your loins turn red??!! Did he have ants in his crotch? I better be careful next time I’m at a masseuse!

  7. “Al Gore reeling after sex-crazed poodle allegations”?!?!?

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