Teaser trailer for Meet The Little Fockers, you guys:

Sure. Whatever. This exists now. I am curious if there are actually people out there who just cannot wait to see what is going to happen next with this family. “It’s riveting stuff. I just wish the movies came out more often.” I mean, there are probably those people. It’s kind of like how they say that there is porn for every fetish you can think of (just kidding mom, I don’t even talk to people). There are superfans for every garbage movie you can think of. Someone in this world is a diehard Chronicles of Riddick fan, and someone in this world has an attic filled wall-to-wall with Meet the Parents merch. “It’s sort of my private sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of an uncaring world, where I can just be me.” Personally, I just don’t understand what the dramatic tension is at this point. “No, you see, he really doesn’t get along with his father-in-law, and he keeps getting into embarrassing situations with him.” “OK, but, he did marry the daughter, right?” “Oh, yes, they got married and have kids now.” “And he’s a grown adult man with a job and health insurance and owns his own home and takes care of his family and stuff?” “Yes.” “So why doesn’t he just relax. Who cares if some old man doesn’t like him very much?” “But there’s a Viagara joke in it!”

Like I said: sure. Whatever.

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  1. I like the part where Ben Stiller stabs himself.

    • I like the part where Ben Stiller stabs Robert Deniro’s cock.

      • I like the part where everyone has difficulty watching Owen Wilson without remembering how he tried to kill himself.

        • I like the part where Ben Stiller stabs himself and bleeds out his hand and then we see Owen Wilson, and it’s like of course we remember him trying to commit suicide by cutting his wrists.

          Sidenote: I love and miss Owen Wilson. Remember when he was one of the best actors and cowrote Wes Anderson movies? Now he’s just the actor that survived a suicide attempt so he could voice Marmaduke.

          • I like the part where Ben Stiller stabs himself and sprays blood all over his children’s faces. It’s so edgy, so PG13! Push those boundaries, Fockers. Because ART.

          • Ditto the loving and the missing. I think Owen Wilson alone made me think Ben Stiller was a lot funnier guy. Meet the Parents was a movie I actually really, really liked for a while, just because Owen Wilson was in it, and he was so good in it! (Forgive me, folks, I was in ninth grade.) Zoolander, too.

            So anyway, if this movie shows up on Instant Watching on Netflix anytime in the next couple years, I’m not beyond skipping ahead to the Owen Wilson parts with the hope that he’ll as funny as ever.

            Because honestly? It makes me so sad to think that the golden years of Owen Wilson are already behind us. It’s like when I sadly realized a few years ago that no Batman movie was going to live up to my expectations because my expectations for what Batman stories were supposed to be was set back when I was a child by Batman: The Animated Series. So I was forced to face reality and give up hope on Batman movies. I don’t want to do the same for Owen Wilson. :(

        • Ha Ha! Suicide is hilarious!

    • I can’t seem to watch the trailer. Do things go horribly awry despite best intentions? DO HIJINKS ENSUE?

  2. It’s amazing that Hollywood can base an entire movie franchise on a lazy pun (it is not amazing that they can do that).

  3. When you buy your ticket for this will you also immediately get kicked in the dick? Because off course that should happen. I would do it again but I’m still on probation.

  4. They really make it look like the main pivot in this film is Ben Stiller sticking DeNiro’s penis with a syringe… But that would just be too poor, wouldn’t it? Please?

  5. OOOOOhhhhhh, ok, “Fockers” sounds like “fuckers” It took 7 sequeals, but I FINALLY get it.

  6. Does anyone else think this is going to be really good? Where’s my link to Fandango?

  7. I hate zero patience for Ben Stiller in general, yet I have a huge crush on Teri Polo (Sports Night, anyone?). What’s a monster to do?

    “She’s pretty,” is what I would say if I was comfortable with plagiarism, which I AM NOT.

  8. I wonder if kids these days know that there was a time in history (back when computers filled the entire room) where Robert DeNiro was one of the greatest actors of his day. Between this and Sir Billi, I’m wondering if its impossible for icons to age gracefully anymore. Amanda Bynes is right on.

  9. This looks Focking terrible! (am I a writer for this movie yet?)

  10. I make a motion for pictures of cute animals. #donotcare

  11. Jack demanding Greg stab him in the dick with a needle is this generation’s Jake LaMotta demanding that Joey punch him in the face.

    Jack: Come on, stab me in the dick. Harder. Harder.
    Greg: What the fuck do you want? That’s hard. What are you trying to prove?

    I’m jealous.

  12. Careful in that attic, Gabe.

  13. The first movie was kind of funny, but when holiday beats a dead horse and tells the same joke over and over again in increasingly lame ways, the whole franchise is effected and the first movie goes down with the ship.

  14. Oh jeez, not only did they make another one of these movies, but they added Jessica Alba to the cast!

    “I know, I know, I’m terrible, but I can’t stop!” – Hollywood

  15. What I can’t believe is that I waited five minutes for this trailer to load rather than just heed your comments and escape.

  16. I’m just excited to see if Laura Dern can top Blue Velvet/Jurassic Park III.

  17. Why are they using a wax figure of Ben Stiller in this movie?

  18. the sequel to the sequel to one of the unfunniest comedies ever made. swell.

  19. The fact that this is a movie deeply upsets me.

  20. Also, have either of the first two been on WMOAT yet? Because they were made for it.

  21. I don’t have my sound on because…. really, who needs it… But I was curious if they used the old “someone-bumped-the-record-player-sound” because lord knows we ALL know what that sound means!

    I have it as my ringtone and every time my phone rings, everyone stops to hear the next line… because it’s usually funny or embarrassing and then followed by fucKING SARAH MCLAUGHLIN SONG WHY ARE TRAILERS SO FUCKING BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I know this has nothing really to do with the movie, except for a very vague link to Ms Streisand.

    But when the fudge did she spell her name Barbra?!?!?!? I always assumed she was Barbara.

    I swear I have seen her name spelt Barbara in the past and feel this is an elaborate Truman Show joke on me….

  23. OH MY GOD! FOR TEN YEARS I’VE BEEN THINKING THAT WAS GWENETH PALTROW! In my defense I was nine when the first one came out and saw the movie MAYBE once since then.

  24. I still think this movie should’ve been called ‘Baby Fockers’…..then maybe it wouldn’t have gotten made.

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