It was little more than a month ago when Daniel Songer, poet, comedian, dancer, entertainer (in that order), famously announced his retirement in Comedy_Entertainment Act 91.mpg. But today, ladies and germs, Daniel Songer has returned! He obviously learned what all true performers eventually come face-to-face with: once you get that TASTE, it is hard to give it up. In the past few days, Songer has uploaded a ton of new crazy backyard deck videos featuring his signature brand of pre-medicated “humor” (and sometimes, like, these weird pelvic thrust things accompanied by the chanting of some puerile phrase?). Admittedly, he seems to have gotten way more racist and homophobic since the last time we enjoyed his comedy, with rants about “the roaches” (Mexicans), and a video called “Talk Fag, Don’t Do Fag.” But, you know, that is just the EVOLUTION of an ARTIST.

New Daniel Songer after the jump!

Welcome back, Daniel Songer. Never leave us again. Unless you have go to the pharmacy to refill your prescription. But then come right back! (Thanks for the tip, Joel.)

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  1. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We can only hope Amanda Bynes has the same epiphany.

  3. He got new shorts but he’s still the best

    • I miss his old cuffed denim shorts. Those legs can’t be hidden from the world behind a khaki curtain of CRUELTY.

  4. I can’t handle 3 videos from this guy today but I did watch the 1st one and I counted the number of times he said “you know” and it was 18 times.

  5. He’s sewing the seed of the inspiration of joy, fags.

  6. It’s amazing how normally I watch Videogums videos regardless of how much I will suffer for it, but when I can just listen to World Cup all day, I do that instead…I’m happier for it, but soon the joy will leave and I’ll begin laughing at misery again (okay, I’ve still been laughing at misery, but it’s been all French).

  7. He would not get booed off stage at America’s Got Talent.

  8. Glad someone finally harnessed the full power of aneurysms.

  9. What was that website? I wish to buy one of his free dvds or whatever.

  10. methinks Songer doth protest too much

  11. daniel’s ‘comedy act’ is the equivalent of being trapped inside a bullet time atomic blast.

  12. Dear Daniel, it’s not eavesdropping when you’re shouting every tenuous shred of a thought that enters your beautiful, beautiful mind.

    • Indeed! Daniel, please, in good faith, do not deny us the great and necessary pleasure of gleaning the overflow of the bounty of thy genius. What many wise pearls do spill from your lips. Might we not pick them up as dogs grabs scraps ‘neath the tables of kings? O’ to be a fly on the wall of thine mind!

    • I liked how that story stopped being about eavesdropping, and he just sang Pretty Woman for a little bit, and then he sang something else, and then it was over.

  13. “After we get ice cream, let’s go see my friend Daniel’s dad’s helicopter, y’know, just in case there are any gay people there.” – Tom Cruse (1983)

  14. Okay, it’s half-time so I watched one of them and I realized that I’m very, very surprised that his neighbors aren’t lined up watching and laughing at him. Then again, I guess at this point it’s less funny.

    • can you also liveblog which other sites you visit during the half time portion and then share your thoughts and feelings, “Part Time Smith underscore Vermont”?

      • Steve, I consider you a friend now, because I work a full-time job and the only people who accuse me of being a slacker are good friends. I got my yearly review yesterday and was told that I was incredibly awesome.

    • their initial moments of laughter have turned into a constant awareness of his location as to avoid getting caught up in an awkward impromptu driveway/sidewalk/backyard performance.

  15. this guy sure does own a shitload of deck.

  16. I REALLY hope that we get to meet his “sisters” one day.

  17. He could be the Jim Belushi of our generation.

  18. Glad to see this is a Mission of Burma-style comeback and not a Guns N Roses-style comeback. Also: good to see he definitely understands what rap is.

  19. obligatory “fake and gay”

  20. we just felt an earthquake here in the midwest. i know now that it was in fact the return of daniel songer.

  21. I think the magic of Daniel Songer (aside from his overt eroticism) is that you can watch him and be all, “this is hate speech!” – but it’s not! It’s a comedy act! He should add yo-yo tricks.

  22. “The last few years of Songer’s life were commited to the composition of his most demanding and heralded work, ‘Fagegans Wake,’ which, because of his failing eyesight, he dictated to his amanuensis, Justin Bieber. This dictation occured on Songer’s evergrowing deck with the artist shouting his thoughts loudly at young Bieber, much to his neighbor’s dismay, while thrusting his hips, much to Bieber’s dismay. Unfortunately, Songer was not able to see the work through to publication as he was eaten alive one night by the undead corpses of the Notorious B.I.G. and Walt Disney.”

    from “Songer: A Life”
    Available this spring from Duke University Press.

    • I love this comment so much that I feel like I should say that your talents should be directed elsewhere. If you haven’t already written a book, do so. Stop fucking around. We’ll miss you, but we’ll understand. Go forth and create something. I’m saying this with nothing but love.

  23. “Please film indoors.”

    - Daniel Songer’s neighbors

    • Also, his introduction of himself is some depressing shit.

      I’ve got to get outside.

      • Finally, he corrects “crap song” to “rap song,” but after listening to the song it’s clear he does not know what rap is. And I think he means “crap song.”

        Ok, I’m done with these videos, I hope.

  24. Hope you all had fun! I just wish I could have made it. :(

  25. “Anyway, I’m out running with a buddy of mine…”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh man…Classic Songer.

  26. “I talk FAG, but I don’t do FAG. SO I get SCREWED every way but loose, you know?”

    Can someone please call the Dancing Pumpkin Head Guy to go kick Daniel Songer’s ass? Maybe light his stupid porch on fire afterwards?

    That quote is so painfully stupid, as is Daniel Songers entire “act”, that a physical pummeling is the only fitting punishment, and it MUST be administered by someone who actually knows how to entertain with their dance moves.

  27. Why can’t I stop shouting “I’m MASCULINE and FEMININE at the SAME TIME”!?

  28. I always thought “Oh, Pretty Woman” was missing something, and now I know what: Roy Orbison should have kept stopping to catch his breath and say, “Y’KNOW?”

  29. Someone needs to make a mashup of “Crap Song Rap Song Keep On Believing” to the opening credits of the 1960′s Batman tv series.

  30. I’m having a lot of trouble digesting the second video.

    And I think I actually blacked out during the Rap Song/Crap Song.

    I’m so glad he’s back.

  31. oh boy guys, that’s a wedding band.

  32. This hurts to watch.

  33. All right, which of us is going to just suck it up and screw Daniel in the goose? That is what he wants, correct?

  34. Laugh all you want at Daniel’s foolish behavior, but what you don’t know is that his manic outbursts which lead to him creating these videos are usually followed by hours of quietly sobbing alone in a dark room while listening to his Bright Eyes CD’s. Living with bi-polar disorder can be hard.

  35. Where is China when you need it? Repress this guy’s ass!

    *imagines a fleet of Chinese aeroplanes equipped with nets sweeping over the nation and strategically dropping their nets on Daniel Songer and all the nascent Songers inherent in a free society and dragging them off to some camp wherein a perpetual high school talent show is going on before an audience of equally untalented dancers and/or singers and/or zebras too frightened of their own upcoming performance to boo at you but in their minds they’re thinking “BOO BOO BOO” and not at someone else but at YOU, BOO AT YOU. DEAL WITH THAT! Luckily, you’re not psychic so you can’t hear them*

    A Chinese poem:

    I don’t understand it myself -
    for some time now I’ve stopped writing poems!
    Could I have lost the “brush of Magistrate Chiang?”
    Or could the “shuttle of Master Hsieh” have broken my teeth?
    Feelings for the moon? As heavy as wine!
    Love for the flowers? Overflows like waves!
    Spirit of poetry, quickly, come back!
    Don’t let the spring go by without any poems.

    - Chu Yun-ming

    This comment works on so many levels.

  36. I am a stand-up comedi(enne?) and there is a guy at the club I work at who has stolen Daniel Songer’s act.

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