Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser is Kenny “K-Back” Backer!

One of the first rules of journalism is that if you ARE going to interview someone on live television, definitely do NOT Google them first. That is the coward’s way out. News is a journey of discovery! Meanwhile, Kenny Strasser and Zach Anner are now in a head-to-head competition for Person I Would Most Like To Watch On A TV Show Of His Own For At Least Half A Season Before Getting Bored. Good luck, boys.

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  1. “Basically a room.”


  2. Fay (Fake and Gay).

  3. These videos are so bittersweet. They are great, because obviously, but I know that each time he successfully gets airtime on a local TV station, the next one will be that much harder to book.

    • One of the YouTube commenters asks him to go to Kentucky, I bet he can get on there, they don’t have Google yet.

      • As a Kentuckian, let me assure all of you that Mr. Strasser could come to the Commonwealth, get on every newscast and visit every school and at no point would anyone think twice about it. His routine is much higher quality than most of the real presentations that I saw in those schools.

        Once, a band came and played in our gym. My school probably had about 250 students in it, so we are talking about a band playing at 1:30 in a fully lit gym in rural Kentucky to a group of children. The band played versions of popular songs with “don’t do drugs” lyrics–essentially, Weird Al mixed with Nancy Reagan. They wore the full spandex, hair-sprayed-hair, headband outfit and gave it their all. They also were playing again that night in the gym, their own material, if anyone wanted to come. I later heard that the bass player hit on one of my class mates. Again, this was middle school and these men were in their 30s.

        So, Mr. Strasser would fit right in. He could be on the school board.

  4. Everyone knows looking the Grim Reaper in his eyes only makes him more aggressive.

  5. That was the only yo-yo trick that has ever surprised me. So, you know…well-played.

  6. I hope this is some Andy Kaufman shit, because otherwise I feel bad for laughing quite so hard.

  7. It was a struggle to get in some of the schools? Are laws are working!!!! Sort of.

  8. “these yo-yo’s are great for the environment, not so great for yo-yo’s – this keeps happening to me”

    ahh good times

  9. less talk and more yo!

  10. How about we show each other some tricks with our genitals

  11. So what’s his game, then? Is Kenny Strasser conning his way onto local TV just because that’s the sort of thing he does? I’m not real clear on his motivations.

  12. And when a drug addict “gives it his all,” does he set upon the road to recovery (perhaps, through yo-yo’s) or does he like do all the drugs in like one night?

  13. Yo-Yo : It works if you work it!

  14. I literally approve of Kenny’s use of the word literally!

  15. “it was gambling, drugs, uh, women, lotto- well, that’s basically gambling”


  16. Gunsmoke badge.

    • Yeah, my favorite moment is a tie between that and his attempt to retell his visit to a school in real time. 1,000 out of a possible 10, Kenny!

  17. I can’t stop laughing at his delivery of “secret scary story” — this guy is a genius.

  18. I am thinking ahead to October that this guy would be a great Halloween costume. All I need is a yellow baseball cap, blue suspenders, and a yo-yo. That is the retard uniform.

  19. Oh wow, does he ever make me uncomfortable!! He is so awkward – kudos KStrass

  20. I’m glad it was about recycling AND about how to sign in at the local middle school, because I’ve been wondering about both.

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