Slumdog Millionaire feels like it came out a millionaire years ago, and yet, at long last, Danny Boyle has broken his legendary silence regarding the fact that he exploited impoverished children for his “art.” From Express.co.uk (via Vulture):

When asked if he thinks he exploited the kids, Boyle told the Sunday Times, “Yes. But you exploit everyone in a film and I think we’ve been responsible. We set up a lot for them before any fuss started. We put them into school and set in place a trust that will look after them until they are 17.

“When the film became a huge hit, we got money from the profits to buy houses. Rubina has still not moved into the property, but the process is ongoing. I saw them the last time I was there.”

No duh. This is like George Bush admitting he was terrible at being president. WE KNOW! NOW WHAT?! Wait a second, though, Rubina still has not moved into the property? Yikes. Also, is it true that you exploit everyone in a film, Danny Boyle? Everyone? How about this guy? How about this guy? How about this guy? It’s almost as if Danny Boyle had to exploit them! Because D) It was written. Get it, Danny Boyle? Danny Boyle gets it. Asshole.

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  1. Rubina hasn’t moved in yet because she’s being a total bitch about window treatments and refuses to move until they are to her liking. Danny Boyle’s real crime was introducing these kids to residual checks.

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    • You lost me at “Harmony Korine made a good…”

      • I got lost at Harmony Ko…

        I mean, sure, it could have ended up being just about anything, but the risk of wasting my time is too great.

        • Gummo is one of the best films ever made. Worrying about appeasing the PC beasts over accusations of exploitation is just a boring pointless minefield of political hypocrisies and whiny cry baby nonsense. Give me John Waters any day

          • i got lost at candlejack. i’m pretty sure i-

          • Why do people get confused by this so easily? Asking for basic human decency does not equal being an overly politically correct douche.

          • you had me* at “Gummo is one of the best films ever made.”

          • What the hell are you rambling about? What does political correctness have to do with anything at all? I don’t know if I believe that Boyle exploited the kids – I think it’s a more complex issue than Gabe presents – but how does holding that opinion have anything to do with PC?

            The only people more annoying than rigid PC-nuts are those who bitch about everything being too PC. Ugh.

          • * had me laughing and cringing – calling Gummo “one of the best films ever made” is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made.

          • just for the record, it’s possible to think gummo is awesome and still think those kids got effed over.

    • total box office profits from slumdog millionaire: $377 million

      total box office profits from gummo: $116,799

      • … because gummo made so much less than slumdog, the director of gummo’s views on the question of exploitation are meaningless? Or something? I’m honestly confused by your comment, not trying to be a chode.

        • well, considering that gummo made so much less, and a lot of the cast were personal friends who did it for fun, yes. but to have a film that makes 377 million dollars that focuses on poor children from a developing country and find out that 3 years later one of the kids is still living in a hovel next to a garbage dump- yes, that’s exploitative, for fucks sake.

    • So, you posted this comment to brag that you wasted your weekend?

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        • Steve: I think the point is that no one should ever make a movie about people from a lower socio-economic scale because that is reprehensible exploitation but also people like Sophia Coppela should stop making movies about people form their own socio-economic scale because thats boring. Its cruel that Danny Boyle put poor children in his movies, but haha did you see that Amanda Bynes “retired”.

          Got it? Ok, lets do this.

        • This has to be some sort of perverse EGOTgum.com campaign on your part because no one, excepting maybe my grandfather, is still mad about the PC Police. Unless of course it is still 1995, in which case I apologize.

    • I literally just registered so that I could downvote your stupid horseshit, Steve.

  3. This chick knows what he’s talking about

  4. That picture of Jeremy Piven made me want to punch him in the fucking balls. But, then again, what doesn’t?

  5. wait, so has rubina retired from acting too?

  6. I think some of the kids have come out ahead. Dev Patel seemed to be doing alright when I last saw him, modeling $2500 suits in GQ.

    • By Dev Patel you mean the British kid, right? Yeah. I wonder why he’d be doing alright and some of the others wouldn’t. I really can’t figure this one out.

      • #sarcasmo

        • Sorry, I woke up to a loss of power today, then the fire alarm going off because my roomate and I cooked bagels on the stove top, followed by a trip to the corner store to get ice and waiting behind the woman buying a beer at 7 in the morning, then confronting some dude going into my back yard to rifle through the dumpster, then at the grocery store waiting behind the asshole buying fifteen items buy going through the ten or fewer lane when all I had to buy was some goddamned orange juice…so what I’m saying is I forgot to adjust my radar down from Everyone around me is an asshole.

          • Look, if I don’t get my beer in the morning, what am I supposed to put on my cornflakes?

          • Does this stuff happen everyday? because you seem grumpy often.

            (maybe it’s the lack of an avatar? I just picture you as an expressionless blank.)

            (or maybe THE BLANK:


            also: one of your buy’s should have been a by (by the way) #winwooded

          • Naw, I’m just grump, I just don’t suffer fools, and I have a really, really dry sense of humor that I am often using to mess with people, which, if they take themselves seriously becomes me being an ass, but if they don’t, is just having a good time, and on the Internet this may not always translate.

          • Oy. That was supposed to be something like Naw I’m not grumpy, I’m just…

  7. Sounds like Danny Boyle’s angling for a job at McDonald’s corporate.

  8. They should have just hired Jake Gyllenhaal to play the kids and been done with it.

  9. I hate these posts… I just don’t understand the argument, even when Gabe over simplifies it for me.

    • The argument Gabe is trying to make is that Danny Boyle exploited these kids for money, which is an argument that can be made, but I think Danny Boyle has made more of an effort than most other directors would have. Gabe’s problem with him is that, in his eyes, Boyle has not done enough. I’m willing to give him credit for even trying.

  10. A George Bush joke? Really? I thought Sarah Palin was the new George Bush as far as overused targets go.

  11. I guess he shouldn’t have put actual slum children in the movie and just used Asian child actors. Then, certainly, these kids would be a lot better off than they are now.

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