Wait, who won? Did somebody win? Shoot. I am always missing who won. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Yeah… This is pretty good, but I’ll wait for Bay Vs. Boll before I get too excited.

  2. what is this i don’t even.

  3. I think Scorcese won since he’s still alive, but he was also in Shark Tale so I guess it’s a draw

  4. They left out the part where I’m still not 100% sure I pronounce either of their last names correctly. Koo-brick? Kyoo-brick? Scor-say-se? Scor-seh-zee?

  5. Ah, yes. My annual reminder to watch Dr. Strangelove again. Thanks internet!

  6. Wait, what the heck is that top-down angle of the elevator/blood shot at 6:15? If it’s a discarded take (I know Kubrick did a ridiculous amount), why does it look so great? I need answers!

  7. my favorite part is when jesus does kung fu.

  8. Is this even a question? Kubrick.

  9. Well, Scorcese wins on upper body strength, but Kubrick rules in the Bathing James Mason category.

  10. Okay question: What is the one with that naked guy watching tv and then what is the one with that chubby bearded man, it looks like a documentary.

  11. Scorsese and Kubrick are my two daddys.

  12. That reminded me how many dogs Scorsese made. Gangs of New York, Marty? Sigh.

    • i LOVE gangs of new york. it’s flawed but absolutely amazing.

      tell you what, you watch ‘gangs of new york’ and ill watch ‘barry lyndon’ and we’ll see who falls asleep first.

      • I’ve seen both–Barry Lyndon’s pretty awful too. I guess I just hoped for more from Gangs–my ancestors come from the Five Points, actually.

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          • Barry Lyndon was the first movie I watched in my Philosophy of Film class. There is A LOT going on in that movie.

            One interesting note is how Kubrick didn’t use any artificial lighting while shooting it, had to develop a new lens to shoot some of the scenes in which there isn’t a lot of light.

            Question: What movie was it that had the scene where the Nazis are mowing down a mixed bag of people? It was one of the longer shots in the video.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole “you’re an idiot for not liking the same thing I like” more of a Stereogum thing?

          • i respect the craft, but find it insanely boring. scorsese doesn’t though – it’s his favorite kubrick movie.

          • and the nazis getting shot is from Shutter Island.

  13. I’ve only seen about two of the films clipped and it’s completely due to the fact that I have to go watch a happy video now before I sleep. Cause of the nightmares. The bloody, upsetting, nightmares.

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