Rich FourFour has found a documentary that confirms the homosexual tendencies of Nightmare on Elm Street 2. SIDENOTE: Camp Exodus is a dangerous lie perpetuated by assholes, but it would be kind of awesome to send Freddy Krueger there.

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  1. Youtube comment in three, two, one…

  2. This article had me at “recent four-hour documentary on the horror franchise”

  3. The guy who raped me said it was because of Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. But it was rape, not rape rape.

  4. Why do the gay people either need to be serial killers or people who are brutally murdered?

  5. Four Four thinks everyone’s gay. He could probably convince us through a clip show that True Blood is loaded with Gay Vampyrs.

  6. Of course Freddy Krueger was gay. If he was straight he never could have done all the horrific things he did.

  7. I like that they play the bedroom dance scene in gay bars…

  8. one of the guys has a limahl poster in his bedroom, for fuck’s sake.

    totally gay.

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