I like the part when the black girl puts fried chicken on your pizza. Racist-ass garbage pizza. (Thanks for the tip, Emma.)

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  1. I think you should stop. Yes way.

  2. Now we know why Mary Kate developed an eating disorder

  3. With all those jumpcuts, I think this video was directed by Max Headroom.

  4. Mary-Kate’s favorite pizza toppings are shoe leather and banana peels.

  5. Of course, Mary Kate and Ashley went on to be anorexic billionaire cokeheads, but that was the best outcome for any of those involved with Gimme Pizza. Tiny Lulu was indicted for arms dealing after an ill-advised trip abroad her Freshman year at Bennington. Brianne was a junior executive at Goldman Sachs at the height of the real estate bubble and needs three Klonopin and a glass of vodka just to get a few hours of sleep. Don’t even get me started on what happened to Debbie.

    Over the next twenty years, each would look back on that day as when it all started to go wrong. Each wondered if it had been a specific ingredient or the aggregate of all the ingredients that turned away the favor of Fate. Heath Ledger, dead now, of course, was the only one who made out what Ashley was saying as she woke up in a cold sweat in the night. “Gimme…. Pizza….”

  6. The fish grew up to be Lady Gaga.

  7. Visa and soufflé references! Ha, kids love those!

  8. Documented proof of the last time the Olsons ate… anything really .

  9. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2010 +9

    And millions of people around the world continued to starve.

  10. Hey guys, don’t hate! This was my fav jam when I was 6! I totally had “You’re Invited To Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Sleepover Party” on VHS. This was my childhood: P-I-Z-Z-A!

    • Mine too, but I don’t remember the crackhead editing giving me such a headache.

    • Sleepovers during my childhood consisted of nothing but Mary Kate and Ashley videos and Britney Spears sing-alongs, and I remember always falling asleep during the movies and not knowing any words to the songs.

      So basically, super boring and this is why I have no friends.

      • Jesus, what are you like twelve years old?

      • My big sleepover memory is of my mom taking me to get a little lacy undershirt before a big overnight party in fourth grade, because I was embarrassed that some of the other girls already wore bras.

        I don’t give my mom nearly enough credit for being awesome sometimes. I would have been like, “No 9-year-old girl needs a bra – tell your friends to quit caving to the patriarchy!”

        Oh, and at the party we had a dance-off to New Kids on the Block. #80sflashback

  11. I think whoever filmed this was drunk (and should not have been around children!). Their camera-work made me want to throw up even more than either the pizza or the “singing.”

  12. If the pizza doesn’t make you barf the camera movements and editing will . . . I need to go lie down.

  13. Wow the writer/director of this has only done MK&A movies. Or maybe changed to name to Paul Greengrass


  14. this is the most disorienting editng job since dale peterson ran for Alabama Ag-Commish. the kid’s probably had this pizza party after going out and stealing his yard signs.

  15. This is your jail.

  16. I no longer feel bad knowing that I will never have children.

  17. Is Miss High Voice the same girl from So Weird?

  18. P-I-Zed-Zed-A

  19. “That’s racist.”

    -Gabe’s tombstone

  20. Oh my goodness, I used to own that video. Yikes.

  21. Mountains of coke/
    Pills for miles/
    let’s make pizza Olsen-style!/

  22. I’ve been loving this song for a while now, most notably because it is totally indecipherable from any Cibo Matto song.

  23. Nick Cage wants that pizza.

  24. Hipster-mullet girl probably now writes a blog about ironic food combinations.

  25. I don’t know what disturbs me more, the little girl singing about chocolate sauce or how nasty the actual pizza looked. Seriously did they find it in a dumpster.

  26. I don’t want my pizza anymore, Gabe. Please make it go away.

  27. Oh no looks like my pizza came with a side of seizure. I hope you girls like vomit.

  28. This is just a sly effort by Big Pizza to get to our kids before they’re old enough to make adult decisions for themselves…

  29. I had a visceral reaction immediately when I saw the screen cap of the girl and I couldn’t place why. Until i hit play. My younger sister must have watched this an average of twice a day for a solid year back in the day. My brother and I hated the whipped cream girl with a fiery passion.
    I basically had this song in my head for a lengthy portion of my childhood, and I am pretty afraid now that it’s back. So, thanks.

  30. You don’t know what we had to do to get you.
    -The Olsen twins to their Prada boots

  31. Once I was kidnapped and forced at gunpoint to eat a pizza with chocolate sauce, meatloaf and a large raw fish on it.

    • very convenient excuse mister.

      What he’s not telling you is he just got out of a disgusting pizza clinic. What would your son KorterNote think about your behaviour.

  32. So does this get filed in the “for” or “against” category in the case against Fake Rap?

  33. a multi-million dollar child entertainment industry predicated on the fact that western culture is vapid and has no long-term memory which inevitably assumes the early demise of any of its cultural products, discarding them to the sidelines as faint memories and nostalgic artifacts of the recent, endlessly racing to the bottom of a recycled, self-referential wall of noise: PUT IT IN THE PIZZA.

  34. “fucking pizza, how does it work?” -me, after watching that video

  35. I like the part when the lesbian puts a fish on your pizza.

  36. I find it odd how good the video quality is, considering this is from 1995…and VHS.

  37. i just started watching this and SEIZUREOHMYGODWHATJUSTHAPPENED…why do i smell toast?

  38. That’s the most hateful thing I’ve ever seen.

  39. “ON A PIZZA” not “IN”…you do not put things in a pizza, though you can put things in a calzone…WHICH IS NOT A PIZZA
    and lets hire this editor for the next nic cage movie…it can feature megan fox as a pizza delivery robot and have a cameo from the fish in this video

  40. Hey, those green tomatoes were NOT fried!

  41. every single thing about that video is nauseating

    Raw Fish hipster mullet girl (Cara DeLizia) is “Fi” from the popular disney channel original So Weird….look it up.

    Research fees included in the invoice sent to all your jail cells.

  43. The Olsen Twins had a variety-type show where they would do numbers like this and “Brother for Sale” that came on while I was getting ready to go to work. Watching it was kind of like waking and baking when I didn’t have any drugs; it made me just stupid enough to be good at my job.

  44. Education seems so fun in the US; spelling, geography, foreign policy, culture and arts and food technology covered in one video.


  46. they lost me with the eyeballs….i am not eating eyeball pizza.

  47. “Queens of gourmet”, more like the sluts of slops.

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